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Which ‘Star Wars’ Movie Do You Like To Watch With Your Mother?

It’s Mother’s Day and that means it’s of course time to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives; our mothers. On a beautiful holiday such as this, it’s fun to watch a good movie with our mothers and so, for this week’s topic of Who’s Your Favorite?, I’m asking you all which Star Wars movie do you enjoy watching with your mother?

1. The Phantom Menace


The Phantom Menace is a fun film filled with adventure. It’s also one of the few Star Wars movies to have a mother as part of the story which is, of course, Shmi. Her encouragement for Anakin is heartwarming and clearly, on Mother’s Day, one of the highlights of the film.

2. Attack of the Clones


Want to watch something a little more romantic with your mother? Pop in Attack of the Clones and you’ll get romance in abundance as this film centers around Anakin and Padme’s infamous love story, mixed with the incredible action scenes, turning this into a good film for any casual viewer.

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This Is How I’m Celebrating May the 4th

It’s May the 4th and for all Star Wars fans, you know what that means. It’s Star Wars day! This is a wonderful time of the year for Star Wars fans, as it gives us the chance to celebrate a franchise we love so much.

Throughout the world, people are celebrating Star Wars in their own special ways. Some people are trying recipes that end with galactically awesome conclusions. Some are chilling and letting the day pass by, celebrating the holiday in a personally peaceful manner. Some are participating in the Star Wars marathon that’s currently happening on TBS right now.

For me, I’m taking the day kind of easy.

A delicious cup of green tea.

While I write this post I’m sipping on a cup of tea in my amazing Death Star cup because what’s better than drinking a good cup of tea, in a Star Wars themed cup, on Star Wars day!? Yeah.


And this evening I plan to reacquaint myself with a Star Wars movie I haven’t watched in forever and that is the franchise’s latest installment, Solo: A Star Wars Story. I’m actually kind of excited. It’s been such a while since I’ve sat down and watched this film that I can say I’m legitimately thrilled to see this movie.

And that is how I’m celebrating Star Wars day.

What are you doing for May the 4th? Feel free to share your ideal celebration in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Fourth be with you.


Merry Christmas Everyone!

It’s December 25th and that means for millions of people around the world it’s Christmas! For a lot of young children, they’re waking up this morning brimming with excitement, rushing to tear open their presents and see if they’ve been naughty or nice this year according to the ever-present yet fictional Santa Claus. I’m waking up this morning feeling beyond excited to go to the movie theaters and watch the two films that I have been dying to see; Bumblebee and Aquaman.

This day also represents for those who are Christian the birth of Jesus which is easily one of the most important occurrences that ever happened in the world.

And this day also focuses on our chance to truly appreciate our loved ones. So, if you’re reading this, I challenge you to forget your family squabbles or disagreements for this day. Enjoy the people around you, give them a hug (if you’d like) and cherish these moments that you get to spend with your loved ones in your vicinity, even if it’s only your dog.

Special days like Christmas don’t come often and so, while they’re here, it’s a chance to make the best of it and forge a day that’ll live in your memory for many, many years. Because sometimes the greatest present is that everlasting memory. 🙂

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays.)

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a beautiful day. It’s Thanksgiving and that means only one thing (or more like two things); fun and lots and lots of food. I’m going to take it nice and easy today watching football and spending time with my family so this will be my only post but I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all. And even if you don’t celebrate that holiday I’d like to still wish you Happy Holidays!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

My Five Favorite Movie Love Stories

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. I’m a fan of, well, love. It’s a beautiful thing and one of my favorite aspects in a movie. If a film can convey a perfect plot while also illustrating a tear-inducing love story at the same time I always give the movie extra points. So, to celebrate this gloriously romantic day I’m going to share with you the five movie love stories that have always made my heart pang with happy and sometimes heartbreaking emotions. Enjoy!

5. Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean

Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

I knew about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies for a long time but it took me until several years ago to finally see the films and I was pleasantly surprised. Each movie was highly enjoyable, the action was great, the story was engaging, and it featured quite a stirring romance between pirate, Will Turner, and the gorgeous governor’s daughter/future pirate, Elizabeth Swann. Their relationship was filled with leering glances, butterfly-inducing encounters, and plenty of smooching. While their relationship was a little rocky at times due to Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow butting in every now and then they eventually got married (in the midst of a raging battle I might add!) and then moments later Will got killed! I was stunned and mortified at the same time.

Fast forward several minutes, Will was brought back to life, becoming basically the Hades of the Sea, and because of this he had to rule the domain of the dead while he left Elizabeth behind in the mortal world. I have to say, I cried like a baby when he had to say goodbye to her. It was such a saddening ending for the two and after seeing the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies in a matter of well, three days, it was especially hard to see.

Thanks to last year’s latest installment in the continuing franchise they ended up having a happy ending after all. 🙂

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The Top Five Scariest Villains

It’s Halloween and that means there was no way I wasn’t going to write a post acknowledging this frightening but fun holiday. And so to celebrate the festivities I am going to write a list of the five scariest movie villains. Enjoy and…BOO! Ha-ha!

5. Alien


I consider myself seriously lucky that I was introduced to Alien for the first time via the game, Mortal Combat because if I had gone into watching this film without knowing anything about this horrifying extraterrestrial I would’ve been messed up for weeks. For this to have come out in 1979 I am absolutely stunned at how scary this movie still is. Alien is definitely one of the most frightening creations in all of film.

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