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Our First Look at ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2

It’s back! The Mandalorian is coming and our first look at Season 2 is finally here, via an article in the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Now, as with the first season, Jon Favreau is keeping a lid on what to expect from his show so these photos are very miniscule in details and surprises. We’re basically just getting fresh new looks at the four good guys we saw in the last episode of the first season; Mando, Baby Yoda, Cara Dune, and Greef Karga.

So, here’s a look at the pictures.

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Throwback Friday: This Is a Fantastic Issue of ‘Entertainment Weekly’

I’m a proud subscriber of Entertainment Weekly and every once in a while there’s an issue arrives that blows. My. Mind! Well, this was one of those particular issues and because it was so great I had to share my experience reading it with you all. Enjoy!

The Cover

Eddie Redmayne shines in this brilliant Entertainment Weekly cover.

When I got the issue I was already excited. It’s a beautiful cover in its simplicity. Eddie Redmayne graces the front as Fantastic Beasts hero, Newt Scamander, and just behind him lingers Jude Law as a young Dumbledore. What’s cooler than that? It didn’t take very long for me to begin reading this with gleeful excitement.

And the Journey Begins

Love it!

Turning the page and finding this brilliant photo to welcome me was a sign that this was going to be one of the greatest Entertainment Weekly reads I’ve ever had. The words weaving out of Newt’s wand is a downright stroke of genius and the title Beastie Boy is perfect. This article truly got me at hello.

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Entertainment Weekly Reveals Eight New Photos for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

It’s exactly a month away from The Rise of Skywalker entering movie theaters and Entertainment Weekly is celebrating the milestone with a fascinating spread and article featuring the film of the year, The Rise of Skywalker. So, with no further delay, here are those photos.


Poe piloting the Millennium Falcon?! Oh heck yeah. To see who I feel is the greatest pilot in the galaxy behind the controls of what is undoubtedly the greatest ship in the galaxy is going to be quite the ride. Continue reading Entertainment Weekly Reveals Eight New Photos for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

‘The Rise of Skywalker’: A New Photo of Zorri Bliss and a Confirmation on the Reylo Phenomenon Has Arrived

The Rise of Skywalker is drawing ever closer with each passing day and with a new trailer on the horizon, Entertainment Weekly has delivered a tease for the film to only bolster our excitement.

Here’s the Entertainment Weekly photo that came out this week.


It’s a photo of one of the newest characters to join the franchise, an old friend of Poe Dameron’s named Zorri Bliss. Apparently, the heroes will locate her on a new planet named Kijimi where she seems to hold a tidbit of information that they will need in their secret scavenger hunt.

What I’m garnering from this photo is its nostalgic Attack of the Clones vibe. Maybe it’s her helmet or maybe it’s the cinematography. Whatever the case, I’m liking this picture a lot. Continue reading ‘The Rise of Skywalker’: A New Photo of Zorri Bliss and a Confirmation on the Reylo Phenomenon Has Arrived

What’s Your Favorite Empire Magazine Cover for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’?

Empire Magazine’s next issue arriving on October 3 is all about the upcoming Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker, and of course the issues have three tantalizing covers to observe. For this week’s Who’s Your Favorite? I wanted to delve into these covers and ask you which is your favorite? Enjoy!

Kylo Ren Cover


Kylo Ren looks expectedly fierce with his pieced together helmet and his red lightsaber drawn and clashed with Rey’s in a shower of sparks. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Empire Magazine Cover for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’?

Throwback Friday: My Awesome Magazine Collection

At the end of the year I will have to share my updated list of awesome magazines that I’ve collected but until then, take a look at these old magazines that are a part of my ever-growing collection. Enjoy!

I love collecting awesome Entertainment Weekly (and other) magazines that feature covers of my favorite upcoming movies. So, on that note, take a look back at these fascinating magazine covers.

My Marvel Movie Collection


These issues are all in alphabetical order and date back to December 2015. Can you believe that?! So many Marvel movies have come out in that time. You’ve got first looks at Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange. There’s Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and Black Panther. Oh, let me tell you a little bit about my experience when I got the Thor: Ragnarok issue.

I had seen bits and pieces of Thor: Ragnarok concept art (only of Hela) in the movie news but I had no idea of the changes that would be made to the Asgardian God of Thunder. So imagine my surprise when I get my Entertainment Weekly that week and saw Thor with his short hairdo, wielding two swords, and flanked by these two AWESOME looking women. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen with Thor and I practically exploded with excitement. It was a great day.

To revisit these issues brings me so much joy as I think about the excitement I obtained with every collection.

So out of these eight marvelous covers I broke it down to the four I like the best. Here they are.

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