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Who’s Your Favorite Marvel Heroine?

The MCU may have an abundance of awesome male heroes but over the years there has also been a rise of incredible heroines who manage to steal the show simply by their commanding presence. But which of these fascinating, crime-stopping, alien-annihilating ladies is your favorite? Here’s the list.



Mantis is extremely lovable because of her sweet and innocent personality. She’s played a smaller role than most of these other heroines but her presence is undeniable and she is an asset to the team.



Nebula hasn’t had the easiest journey but she has found a way to endure. She fought by Ronan’s side in Guardians of the Galaxy and after being reunited with her beloved sister she turned down a different path; one of revenge and redemption. How her journey will end, no one knows, but she will play an integral role in the fight against Thanos.

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The Women of ‘Mission: Impossible-Fallout’

Ever since the first Mission: Impossible 22 years ago this franchise has become a favorite of anyone who loves a good action movie. Now the franchise has six movies and with its latest and best installment yet this franchise is easily one of my favorites of all time. But what really made Fallout stand out was its incredible inclusion of women in the film.

Up to this point we have only ever seen, at the max, three women in a single Mission: Impossible film and most of the time those women are killed off before we can get a good grasp on their character (remember Keri Russel’s character in Mission: Impossible III?) Fallout didn’t do that. In fact, it gave us an all-time high in terms of its inclusion of women with four awesome females who stole the show and took control of their various situations. So, I’m going to celebrate these women and all of the importance they brought to this film.

Erika Sloane


Erika Sloane, the newest director of the CIA, is a boss! She’s so awesome. Her character doesn’t appear often in the film but when she does she steals the show with her authoritative personality and Angela Basset portrays the character perfectly. Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt isn’t usually intimidated by anyone but there is definitely a respect he holds for her that is beautiful to observe.

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My Full Analysis of the ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer

As you may know the second trailer for Captain Marvel dropped the last night, wowing viewers around the world. The trailer, however, still managed to keep the movie’s overall plotline a secret while still providing us with enticing shots and awesome implications for what we should expect from the film. I appreciate that. Trailers are supposed to intrigue the moviegoer into watching the movie, not share with us the entire plotline, spoilers and all. And that’s what this trailer did in a phenomenal way.

While there wasn’t anything overly telling in the trailer I’m still going to share with my full analysis of the trailer and all of the things that stood out to me. Enjoy!

1. Nick Fury


This is just as much as Nick Fury’s origin story as Captain Marvel’s as we get to see him in his earlier stages working at S.H.I.E.L.D. I love how the trailer highlighted his naivety, a trait that usually isn’t associated with the stern, one-eyed Nick Fury that we have grown to know. Seeing a younger Nick Fury whose experience with superheroes and their frightful enemies is absent is an exciting prospect for the film and an exciting setup for Nick Fury and Captain Marvel’s potential reunion in Avengers 4.

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My Reaction to the ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer: Ahh!!!

The official trailer for Captain Marvel just dropped and I am beyond excited! It looks awesome, as expected, and yet it still feels so secretive. There are many more enticing shots that make the trailer especially delightful mixed in with things we’ve already seen before but I’m telling you, I can’t wait to see this movie. To think that Captain Marvel is going to be a part of Avengers 4 is just…ah, I’m trying to process this calmly but my mind is racing!

Tomorrow I will share with you all my full analysis of the trailer but until then…*squealing*

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

‘Captain Marvel’ Gets An Awesome New Poster

Since the teaser for Captain Marvel, there hasn’t been much else for us to enjoy when it comes to any information for the film. Well, it looks like Marvel is finally starting to ramp up their marketing for the movie as this incredible poster just dropped for us all to gawk at. Here it is.


This is easily one of the most captivating Marvel posters I’ve seen in many years. It’s simple but it is beautiful to look at. Brie Larson stands front and center, unaccompanied by any other characters to highlight that this film is indeed about her and her alone. On either side of her, you can see the poster also featuring the two worlds within her; her Kree side and her Earthly human side. And the fact that Captain Marvel is glowing with power on this poster shows just how incredible of a character she is going to be.

What excites me the most about this poster is that I have a feeling it’s connected to the second trailer. The second trailer hasn’t come out yet, of course, but with this amazing poster dropping I’m sure we won’t have very long to wait. 🙂

What do you think of this poster? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

The Power of a Princess

Princess Leia, one of the greatest heroines to ever be conceived in film, is celebrated worldwide. Her strength inspires, her iconic looks are worn by millions of female Star Wars fans every year, and even though Carrie Fisher has passed on her legacy still lives on.

I wasn’t going to write a post about Princess Leia today, that wasn’t my intention, but as I rummaged through photos of Return of the Jedi on I bumped into one of the most beautiful photos of Carrie Fisher as Leia that I have ever been lucky enough to lay my eyes on.


Leia’s iconic golden bikini look has received many opinions. Some love this look for its revealing nature and Carrie Fisher’s incredible skill of pulling it off so well. Some believe that it’s a degrading look for Princess Leia, as it symbolizes her unwillingly portraying a slave who must dance for the nasty slug named Jabba the Hutt, which is all the more justifiable in this #MeToo era.

For me, I’m caught between both worlds. On one side I think it is a bit demeaning seeing Leia, a woman, forced to wear a metal bikini which sounds all the more horrid when you hear of Carrie Fisher’s accounts of filming those scenes and the discomfort of it all. But then there’s another side of me who loves that even though she was forced into such humiliating servitude for Jabba the Hutt she soon changed that narrative, fighting against him with every turn and eventually choking him herself. Girl power!

This photo represents that power. That independence, that strength that reminds us of the reason why she’s one of the greatest heroines and actresses ever to grace our world. It’s a very simple photo too.

She gazes off to some unknown location, the photo set in black and white, providing an air of mystique to the photo. Her form, half bare for all to see, is a symbol of the confidence she bears in herself, mentally and physically. And with the flow of the wind, the photo becomes 100% epic.

So no, I wasn’t going to write a post about Princess Leia today, but this photo inspired me with its unwavering beauty and I hope it brings a bit of joy to your day as well.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

R.I.P Carrie Fisher and May the Force be with you, always.

Throwback Friday: My Ten Favorite Movie Heroines

Another week has passed and today’s topic for Throwback Friday is a fun one for me, for it’s focused on an old post I wrote about my ten favorite movie heroines. And with more incredible heroines like Captain Marvel appearing in the near future, there isn’t a shortage of awesome female movie characters in the future. So, on that note, I hope you enjoy this week’s Throwback Friday! 🙂

I love movies. I love seeing stories play out onscreen, I love watching actors portray different characters that I will either love or despise, I love action films, but most importantly, I love a movie with an off-the-chain heroine. There are hundreds of great films with male heroes but when a woman can come into the fold and kick butt that’s when a movie, for me, becomes really awesome and lately that’s become a regular occurrence.

Last year Wonder Woman finally got her own blockbuster film after being around for decades and there have been a bunch of critically acclaimed indie films and television shows led by women in the past year. Three of the last four Star Wars films have been led by women (and each film has made over a billion dollars), an idea that at one time would seem preposterous to the Hollywood elite. And last year’s highest grossing films were all female-led, Beauty and the BeastWonder Woman, and The Last Jedi.

So, because women are clearly awesome, I’m going to share with you the ten movie heroines that I have come to love the most, at least, so far.

10. Dorothy

The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies of all time. I remember seeing this film as a child and it was one of the most magical films I have ever seen still to this day. To think that this movie was made in 1939! is beyond incredible and in the center of this epic tale is Dorothy.

Dorothy is a special character. She has those ruby slippers, she sings like an angel, she has the cutest dog ever, Toto, and she’s so sweet.  She faces flying monkeys, an evil witch, and many other obstacles but at the end of it all she survives the adventure and helps save the Land of Oz while never refraining from being herself. If you really think about it, Dorothy is very brave. To face all of that strange stuff; a talking scarecrow, a talking lion, a tin man, munchkins, witches, etc. without utterly freaking out is very impressive.

Without Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz would not be the same magical movie that it has been for almost a century and that’s why she is one of my favorite heroines.

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