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These Are All of the Movies I’m Excited To See in 2018

2017 was a fun year for movies and this year is going to be even better in terms of all of the incredible films that are coming out. And so, here are the movies I can’t wait to see this year. Enjoy!

Black Panther


When Black Panther debuted in Captain America: Civil War I was an immediate fan of this marvelous superhero. His suit was sleek and beautiful and his character was a perfect addition to the film. When I found out he was getting his own movie I was so excited! Now it’s coming out in little over a month and I can’t wait to see it break records left and right.

Next week there’s going to be a special preview of Black Panther during the College Football Championship and I believe that it’s probably just going to be an extended commercial but it if is something like an official sneak peek at the movie I’m going to be ecstatic. I can’t wait to see this movie!

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‘The Last Jedi’ Has A Bunch of Amazing New Posters and They Are Awesome!

It’s only six days until The Last Jedi comes out and there are a whole bunch of new posters to look at. Here are my favorite ones. Enjoy!

‘The Last Jedi’ “Pop Icon” Posters

Poe Dameron’s Helmet


I like this poster because it’s a simple background but Poe’s black and red helmet is very well drawn. He really does have the coolest helmet a rebel pilot could have.

The Dreadnought


The Dreadnought is already one of the most exciting new ships to make its debut in The Last Jedi and this poster accentuates that. I love the combination of the dark blue and the steely grey. This is a rather awesome poster.

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Which Is The Best Poster for The Last Jedi?

It’s a beautiful Thanksgiving Eve and what better to talk about and celebrate on this wonderful day than Star Wars. There have been several posters that have debuted for The Last Jedi throughout the year and I’m here to talk about them all. Enjoy!


This, of course, is the teaser poster and even now just nearly three weeks away from the film finally hitting theaters this poster still resonates strongly with me, maybe even more so now that I understand the plot for this film a little bit better. It’s also a very powerful poster. It harks back to the original poster back in 1977 depicting Luke in the same fashion that Rey is standing now. That shows how she’s really become the modern age Luke but she has an impactful choice. Whose side will she choose? Will she stay with the light or drift into darkness?

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It’s Only One Month Until The Last Jedi!

It is literally November 15! Yes everyone, the time has come. We are finally in the last month until The Last Jedi premieres and I am as ecstatic as I could possibly be. Since December 18 way back in 2015 I have been waiting for this movie. Rogue One was the intermission film, and it was very, very enjoyable, but this is the movie that I couldn’t wait to see. I remember back in January of this year when I found out this film was going to be called The Last Jedi I totally lost it. That was an exciting milestone. Then in April the first teaser debuted and once again I went a little bonkers for about a month or so. Then a month ago the official trailer debuted during Monday Night Football and it’s been a fabulous ride ever since.

Now it’s a month until the highly anticipated day and I just can’t believe it. Time moves so fast. It feels like yesterday when I was waiting for this day to come and now it’s here. So to celebrate this incredible milestone a special IMAX poster appeared on  and I am glad to show it to you. Here it is:


This is a simply gorgeous poster. I love the red and white, I love how Rey’s cloak is bathed in that intense red, I love that they put that gleam on Phasma’s suit because, yes, she is that shiny. I mean, it’s just a really, really good poster. Can I get any more excited?

Well, this is my post celebrating the one month mark. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

My Favorite New Black Panther Posters

Now that Thor: Ragnarok has come out the Marvel Cinematic Universe can now turn their full attention to their next installment, Black Panther, which I am so glad is coming out in February. This past weekend a whole bunch of awesome Black Panther posters surfaced online and I am here to talk about my favorite ones. Enjoy!


The first one I found was really great is this poster featuring Killmonger and I have to say, it’s pretty marvelous. The two weapons, the downcast head, I mean it’s a perfect poster and it really showcases Killmonger not so much as the movie’s villain but as a man who didn’t get the opportunities that others might have obtained. He’s broken and he wants revenge, that’s what this poster speaks to me.

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My Experience Going To See Thor: Ragnarok

So yesterday I went to watch Thor: Ragnarok and I had a marvelous time. One of my favorite parts about going to see a movie in the movie theaters is seeing the trailers. When The Last Jedi trailer came on I watched it in quiet awe. There’s a certain feeling Star Wars has that’s beyond any other movie experience. I’m predicting that The Last Jedi is going to be a very intense movie. Black Panther’s trailer was also remarkable too. The technology, the world, the characters, I mean Marvel is just refusing to back down and make a mediocre movie. Black Panther is going to be an absolutely fantastic film.

The movie itself was spectacular, the atmosphere was fun, and I just simply had a wonderful experience watching Thor: Ragnarok.

When the movie was finished I couldn’t help but take a picture alongside Thor and his buddies.

This was a great movie!

And then when I had first come into the theater I had seen this incredible poster for The Last Jedi and so there was no way I wasn’t going to take a picture with it.


Isn’t this the coolest movie poster you have ever seen? Oh my goodness, it’s better than the actual official poster for The Last Jedi. And Luke is on both sides of the poster! What is that about? It’s also interesting seeing the sizes of the characters. Captain Phasma is rather large which means it looks like she’s going to have a much bigger role in the film than expected. And Kylo Ren is so cool with his long black cape and his awesome lightsaber. Oh, I could go on and on about how cool this poster is but I’ll just stop there.

All in all, I’m counting down the days until December 15th. I am so excited for this movie!

Well, I hope you enjoyed and I thank you for reading my post. Have a wonderful day.


The Last Jedi Has A New International Poster and Trailer

It’s a month and a half until The Last Jedi comes out and that means LucasFilm is pretty much ramping up their advertising campaign. So yesterday an international poster and trailer were dropped and I am here to convey my excitement about it. I hope you enjoy.

The New Poster

Okay, brace for impact.


Boom, there’s the new poster. It’s basically the same as the official poster for The Last Jedi except there’s one huge difference…Luke’s holding a lightsaber!!!! Oh my goodness, this is incredible! For the longest time, I’ve been wondering if Luke would have a lightsaber in this next film and this poster seems to insinuate that Luke will do more than just hold this weapon. It’s so exciting. The question is, however, is this poster just providing a fan service and Luke is not really going to wield his father’s lightsaber in combat or is this for real and we are destined to see a rather epic lightsaber duel involving Jedi Master Luke Skywalker? I can’t wait to find out.

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