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‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ At Home

For only the third time in my life I watched Shang-Chi this morning and yeah, it was fun. This film is a one-of-a-kind MCU movie with its martial arts and Asian themes. There’s so much to love about this movie but with every viewing there has always been a hitch in the otherwise perfect production.

That hitch is the film’s lackluster second act, the sometimes underwhelming humor, and the sporadic pauses that give way to someone performing a martial arts pose or staring intensely at one another.

The film’s first forty minutes and its last forty minutes are undoubtedly the movie’s best, with the first forty minutes feeling like a non-stop action ride and the last forty minutes becoming the emotional knockout of the story. Every time this film gets to the nitty-gritty in the last act I can barely contain my emotions and the same can be said today.

After my third viewing today, I definitely think I like this movie less than Black Widow, which has become my favorite MCU movie of the year so far. That may seem controversial to some but honestly, Black Widow is a solid movie and Shang-Chi is really good at times and at other times… not so much.

But I am ridiculously excited for the sequel.

Can We Get ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Back in Theaters Please?

How are the movie theaters striving to stay open during COVID? They’re playing old classics that are driving people to the theaters and that’s an exciting thought. Last week I saw The Empire Strikes Back for the first time in theaters and it was an experience I’ll never forget. Yeah, I’ve seen the movie literally a hundred (or more) times but it was a whole other beast on the big screen with the explosions and engines of the ships rumbling around me.

Since that day, I’ve been super excited to see more of my favorite films in my local theater and one such film that I really want to see on the big screen for the first time is The Return of the King.

I was five when it was theaters in 2003 and, well, suffice it to say I wasn’t old enough to go see it. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t watched it plenty of times at home imagining what it was like to see The Ride of the Rohirrim scene on the big screen.

With The Lord of the Rings Trilogy now being released on a 4k format it’s only a matter of time before these films are re-released in theaters during an anniversary or something like that and when that happens, if that happens, I’ll be a happy lady.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Seeing ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ in the Movie Theaters for the First Time

I’m a diehard Star Wars fan, as you already know. I have watched every movie at least five times and the first six films at least three hundred times combined (at least.) The Empire Strikes Back is considered the best of the Skywalker Saga and Star Wars stories and after seeing it in theaters for the first time yesterday I understand why.

The movie, once it gets rolling, is nonstop! I was blown away as I sat in my local theater taking in a film that, in 1980, was truly a masterpiece. Even now, after seeing so many movies, this film stands out as a marvel, a true achievement of movie making that has passed the test of time.

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Throwback Friday: Why I Love My Local Indie Theater

I love movie theaters because every single one is different. The AMC theater in Times Square is nothing like the AMC theater in Disney World. Two theaters under the same franchise in the same town can be completely different. So when I went to my local indie theater for the first time to watch a beautiful documentary called The Eagle Huntress I was excited. You see, I had never been to such a small theater. How would my experience be, I kept asking myself. Would I like it?

I was pleasantly surprised. At the ticket counter, unlike regular movie theaters, there are special shirts specifically for the theater that you can buy. The popcorn bag sizes are cute and petite compared to the usual giant bags of popcorn. The soft drink sizes are also a lot more reasonable than a small soda you would get at AMC. There was local candy that I could get as well as the obvious candy choices like M&M’s.

The service was great; everyone was very friendly and helpful. That’s something you don’t experience in regular movie theaters. The theater only had three studios but they were very impressive. Two of the studios were large enough to fit about sixty people while the third studio that I went to could only hold about thirty people. The studios and the theater’s bathroom were very clean which is always nice.

As nice as this theater was I still love regular theaters because that’s where you can go see blockbusters in IMAX which is one of my favorite things to do. It’s refreshing to watch indie films though because they aren’t like normal blockbusters where something is exploding every twenty or so minutes. They instead are good movies that you really have to listen to which I love. If it wasn’t for my local indie theater I would’ve never known about Ahshopan’s great story in The Eagle Huntress. I can’t wait to go see another wonderful documentary or a lovely indie film that manages to engage me in its quiet storytelling.

I will always love IMAX theaters for the wonderful memories they have given me all of these years but my local indie theater now has a special place in my heart.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.

The ‘Star Wars’ Trailer Has Left Me Stunned

Breathe. Just breathe. That’s what I keep telling myself as I try to write anything that makes sense for this trailer review because my brain is scrambled right now. Oh my goodness, how do I begin? Well, I guess I’ll start at the literal beginning.

Remember this?

Like the teaser for The Force Awakens, it begins with someone breathing heavily. Last time it was Finn.


And now it’s Rey. And both of these characters, who are essential to this final chapter, are seen on sandy planets. The last being Tatooine and the new potentially being…Jedha?


Next, we see Rey standing with her lightsaber in hand, Kylo Ren in the distance. At this point, as someone who has watched many, many Westerns in my life, it feels like an old-fashioned standoff. Oh, I love it!

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Throwback Friday: The Best Birthday Ever!

For the past two years, I have celebrated my birthday by going to watch a movie that I’m really excited about. Last year for my twentieth birthday I went to watch Solo: A Star Wars Story and I had an absolute blast! Two years ago, however, I managed to see Wonder Woman on my super fun birthday and so for this week’s Throwback Friday I’m looking back on that special day. Enjoy!

I love movies! I love superheroes. I’m a fan of DC Comics. And I love Wonder Woman. So what’s the perfect way to celebrate my nineteenth birthday? Going to watch Wonder Woman in IMAX. And it was perfect.

First of all, I am a fan of movie theaters because every single movie theater is different. Some are okay, some are really beautiful, and others are just fun to go to. This happened to be a really nice theater.

This mural is so awesome.

As you can see there is a giant mural showcasing classic films in the lobby of the theater. I happened to immediately recognize Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan from one of my favorite comedies, Rush Hour, as well as Dorothy and her companions in The Wizard of Oz. The mural was so large in fact that I wasn’t able to fit it all in the picture I took. So that was the first surprise of the night.

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