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What I Would Like To See In A ‘Solo’ Teaser

We will undoubtedly see a teaser for Solo in at least the next couple of weeks (I hope) and so, in anticipation for the new Star Wars film, here are the things I hope to see in the teaser that’ll hopefully get me a tad bit excited to see this movie.

1. Chewbacca


Chewbacca will undoubtedly be a major part of the Solo movie considering he’s been Han’s friend for so many long years and what would be more exciting than seeing the iconic Wookie grace the teaser with at least one fantastic Wookie cry? This movie will probably showcase how the charming smuggler and hairy alien became inseparable buddies and I can’t wait to see Han’s reaction when he first meets Chewie. I bet it’ll be one of the highlights of the film for me.

2. Lando Calrissian


Another iconic Star Wars character that will be in this movie will be Lando Calrissean and that’s exciting. He wasn’t a major character in either The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi but he placed his stamp on the trilogy by being the only person of color in those three movies and having such an unforgettable personality that he became an instant fan favorite. Now Donald Glover, writer, creator, and actor in the hit FX series, Atlanta, is going to replace Billy Dee Williams as the smooth smuggler and I’m very skeptical.

Billy Dee Williams’ performance as Lando was impeccable and is going to be very difficult to replicate. Maybe one or two shots of Donald Glover’s version of Lando in the teaser will relieve me of my worries. Like maybe they could show a quick shot of him piloting the Millenium Falcon. That would be very exciting. All in all, I’m just hoping he doesn’t look corny.

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These Are All of the Movies I’m Excited To See in 2018

2017 was a fun year for movies and this year is going to be even better in terms of all of the incredible films that are coming out. And so, here are the movies I can’t wait to see this year. Enjoy!

Black Panther


When Black Panther debuted in Captain America: Civil War I was an immediate fan of this marvelous superhero. His suit was sleek and beautiful and his character was a perfect addition to the film. When I found out he was getting his own movie I was so excited! Now it’s coming out in little over a month and I can’t wait to see it break records left and right.

Next week there’s going to be a special preview of Black Panther during the College Football Championship and I believe that it’s probably just going to be an extended commercial but it if is something like an official sneak peek at the movie I’m going to be ecstatic. I can’t wait to see this movie!

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This Trailer for ‘Black Panther’ Promises Some Incredible Action

It’s less than two months until Black Panther comes to theaters and a couple of weeks ago the third international trailer debuted (yes, I’m two weeks late) and I have to say, it looks very awesome. Check it out.

I was already excited for Black Panther but this trailer only increases that excitement. Marvel Studios has a formula that no other franchise has discovered yet and it is brilliant to watch. The action in this movie is going to be some of the best out of all of the Marvel movies and I’m simply excited to see it.

This is also going to be one of the more beautiful Marvel films which is always very refreshing considering that most Marvel movies are rather drab to look at. The locations are amazingly vibrant and the outfits are incredibly designed. I simply can’t wait to see this movie.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a gorgeous day.


There’s A New Movie To Possibly Look Forward To

One of my favorite things about going to see a movie is seeing the new trailers. When I went to go see The Last Jedi most of the trailers I had seen before. And then there was this special trailer that had me engaged, interested, and kind of fascinated all at the same time. The movie is called Alita: Battle Angel and here’s the trailer for it.

One thing I love is an original science fiction movie and this movie feels unlike anything I have ever seen. When I saw this trailer I felt like I was watching a book come to life. The idea of a half-robot woman who has to save the world sounds so cool.

Another thing that makes this trailer very good is the music. The music is stellar and covers me in chills. They have some amazing actors in this film too. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the surprise movies next summer, it’s that amazing looking.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this trailer as much as I have and I thank you for reading.

My Reaction to ‘The Last Jedi’

Okay, I have finally seen The Last Jedi and I have to say, my feelings for this film are all over the place. There were several parts that really excited me in this movie and then there were other moments that just left me bewildered. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the movie because it has only been out for two days and I know some of you haven’t seen this film yet but I will say this, the trailer is basically the entire movie. If you’re suspecting a huge shocker in this film to happen like in The Empire Strikes Back I’m sorry to say there aren’t any.

The main problem with this film aren’t exactly the characters, yet there is some terrible character development in this movie, but it instead is the fact that you can truly tell two different minds were behind The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. A lot of the story lines that were developed in The Force Awakens kind of got lost in the hodgepodge of dire situations within The Last Jedi.

While the movie isn’t close to perfect I can matter-of-factly say that it was better than the prequels. The characters are more engaging and the overall story is lightyears more interesting than the prequels could ever be. I unfortunately came away from this film not celebrating its triumphs but instead scratching my head over some of the decisions made in this movie. Like I said before, I’m not going to go into great detail about the movie’s plot, but The Last Jedi could have been a whole lot better than it was.

Now don’t let this post possibly dissuade you from wanting to see the movie. It is a good film and it deserves to be seen. There are some interesting things that happen in the film that does move the story forward and for the most part it was an enjoyable film. I mean what Star Wars movie isn’t enjoyable, to some extent. There were, however, some flaws in this movie that can’t be fixed and that’s a serious bummer. I will say this though. The Praetorian Guards are AWESOME!!!! They single-handedly were part of the best scene in the movie.

Overall, I would like to see The Last Jedi a second time so I can truly absorb the story and everything that happened but I’m most likely not going to go see this five times like I did with The Force Awakens.

I thank you for reading my reaction and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force Be With You.




It’s Only One Day Left Until ‘The Last Jedi’!

The moment has finally arrived! Tonight in movie theaters throughout the country The Last Jedi will debut and while I won’t be one of the many thousands of Star Wars fans to see it tonight I am going to see it tomorrow and it’s a stunning realization. For two years I have waited for this moment and now that it’s here I can’t believe it. *squeal* The time has finally for me to see this movie and I am so excited.

Here’s the teaser for today.

I’m putting up the official trailer because, well, the movie is coming out tomorrow and what better teaser to celebrate this milestone with than the trailer that started this incredible journey a few months ago.

This isn’t just a fantastic trailer but it implies so many things. I can’t wait to see if this trailer was just a giant trick that’s misleading us to think one thing when really something else entirely different happens or if this trailer is very accurate. And I’m excited to see what Luke’s words, “This is not going to go the way you think” will truly mean. The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived and I am patiently waiting to see this highly anticipated sequel to The Force Awakens.

And the Character Today Is…


Of course, everyone’s favorite scavenger turned new Jedi prodigy, Rey.

The Force Awakens was a tale about the Force literally awaking in each of the major characters of the last movie. Kylo Ren, while he already knew and had trained in the ways of the Force, was still learning to tap into his full power. I believe Finn has a slight amount of the Force and there is proof that he does within the movie but that’s another topic. And then you had Rey, this scavenger who was waiting on this desolate planet for her parents to return and take her from that horrible place.

When you first meet her in the movie she didn’t even know she had the Force but as soon as she came into contact with Luke’s old lightsaber everything changed for her and we’ll still witnessing the aftereffects of that first encounter. At the end of The Force Awakens she seemed to be the second Luke coming but after seeing the marketing and some interviews for The Last Jedi I’m not so sure she’s going to take the route that I thought she would.

It’s been implied that she’s going to team up with Kylo Ren but what does that tell us about Rey’s journey in this film? Are they basically telling us that she is going to turn to the dark side or is it, like Luke said, “Something bigger.”? Rey’s journey ahead of her is only going to become a lot more complicated and I’m anxious to see where she will stand, allegiance wise, by the end of this next film.

Tomorrow I’m going to share my first reaction of the film and I’m hoping it’s mostly positive, which I think it will be. You definitely won’t want to miss it. I also made some bold predictions on the directions The Last Jedi might take and I’m excited to see if they actually come true or not. If I get any of my predictions correct I am going to be a very excited woman.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have an absolutely splendid day. May the Force Be With You!


I’m finally going to see The Last Jedi tomorrow!!!! *fist pump* Yes!

Only Two Days Remain Until ‘The Last Jedi’!

I can’t believe it but it literally is only a couple of days until all of my questions for The Last Jedi will finally be answered. Like who are Rey’s parents? Why did Kylo Ren turn to the dark side? Why does Luke say, “It’s time for the Jedi to end?” What is going to happen in this film that is so shocking? All of these questions have been nagging at me and I’m stunned that they will be answered in two days. It really is an incredible thought.

So here’s the teaser for today.

Yes, it is the actual teaser for The Last Jedi. I decided to put it up because the movie is coming out in two days and what better to celebrate this day than with the teaser we saw back in April of this year.

I remember when I saw this teaser for the first time. I was blown away like millions of other fans. Now December 15th is right around the corner and this teaser feels ancient yet relevant at the same time. I can’t wait to see this next chapter in the Star Wars saga.

And the Character Today Is…

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Kylo Ren! In The Force Awakens Kylo Ren was a Darth Vader-wannabe. He hid behind his mask to make himself appear more menacing because he wasn’t confident in himself. He also used the mask to try to conceal the light within him even though it was there all of the time. When he murdered his father, Han Solo, it seemed like he had truly turned to the dark side but according to these trailers and tv spots it seems like he’s more confused about his place between these two sides of the Force than ever before and I love it.

In the two previous trilogies the stories were focused solely on the heroes of the movies but in this trilogy Kylo Ren’s story is just as important as Rey’s. That’s exciting because from a storyteller’s point of view you have to bring something new to the table and that’s difficult when it comes to Star Wars. Kylo Ren might be a villain in this film (or is he?) but his story isn’t being reduced because of that. In this next film I feel that we’ll know more about him than in the previous movie and I can’t wait to see what happens.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force Be With You.