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What Could’ve Been: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

I’ve loved the Harry Potter movies since I was four-years-old. As a child, I would watch Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets almost every day and my parents took me to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when I was five (which was a bit traumatic considering how scary the movie is but that’s another story.) You could say, I grew up with Harry Potter. But then as elements of the films got older and I was still rather young there was a sizable section of my life where I had stopped watching Harry Potter movies.

But now as an adult, I have watched every Harry Potter film and I’m glad to announce that I finally fully understand what’s going on with the story. But while most decisions J.K Rowling made for this incredibly magical series are 100% brilliant there are some choices she made (particularly one) that I just can’t get my head around. And that, of course, has everything to do with J.K Rowling’s decision to not let Harry and Hermione get together.

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What’s Your Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Love Story?

Last week on this weekly segment of Who’s Your Favorite? the topic was about Marvel’s love stories and so it only seems right that this week’s segment focuses on another incredible franchise’s love stories; Star Wars. There are a lot of enjoyable elements to Star Wars but for those who love a good romance, this franchise has that too. So, on that note, let me list these memorable love stories.

Han and Qi’ra


Han, as a young man, was madly in love with his fellow Corellian sweetheart, Qi’ra but this romance was not to last. Qi’ra moved on and became loyal to the Crimson Dawn, eventually leaving Han and ending their relationship. It was a shocking moment for Han and it would be a turning point in his young life.

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What’s Your Favorite Marvel Love Story?

Love is a powerful thing. It mends hearts, brings people together, provides happiness to even the most sorrowful, and it is a beautiful thing to observe. Love stories are some of my favorite movie storylines and superhero films always provide a good love story. So, on that note, this is the topic of today’s Who’s Your Favorite? I hope you enjoy.

Vision and Scarlet Witch


While this romance was doomed from the beginning it still is a beautiful relationship nonetheless. Vision, an android looking for purpose and understanding in the world, found love as his relationship with Wanda Maximoff grew. And Wanda, who lost her brother in the Battle of Sokovia, was also trying to find her place among her fellow Avengers. Vision helped fill that void that she possessed and it wasn’t long before her friendship grew into something more.

It’s a shame that we weren’t able to see more with them as a couple but then again, who knows what the future holds.

T’Challa and Nakia


A simple yet perfect relationship. Nakia, as an independent woman, didn’t let her past relationship with T’Challa hold her down to remaining in Wakanda as a Wakandan housewife for the rest of her life. And that is what is so beautiful about this relationship. Their willingness to hear each other out and be there for one another when the need arises is very touching.

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Romance Is Part of the Reason Why ‘The Hobbit’ Trilogy Isn’t That Great

The Hobbit Trilogy can be perfectly compared to The Lord of the Rings like the Star Wars prequel trilogy is to the original Star Wars trilogy. There are things about the films that work but it is plagued overall with too many unforgettable mistakes or silly moments. One of the aspects of the films that is one, unnecessary, and two, a bit unbelievable, is the romance.

I’m right now rewatching all of the Hobbit movies and as I’ve reached the second installment in the trilogy that’s when the romantic aspect awakens as Kili and Tauriel first meet and honestly, a while back I used to like their relationship but now it’s just annoying.


Kili is an important character, we all know that, but in the first installment, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, he is treated as a side character who isn’t given much to do other than be a part of the company. It’s only until The Desolation of Smaug that he is given a larger role and it’s a bit jarring. Especially that the role upgrade was only to incorporate needless romance into the movie.

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Have You Ever Seen ‘Labor Day’?

I don’t watch romance movies often. In fact, I can count on one hand all of the romance movies I have ever watched. But this is one that easily stands out among all genres of movies for its complex yet incredibly creative and thoughtful tale of love and all of love’s trials and tribulations.


To be honest, it’s a rather cynical love story. Kate Winslet plays the role of a lonely single mother named Adele whose husband has had an affair with his secretary and left her to fend for herself off of child support. Josh Brolin plays newly-escaped convict, Frank, who takes Adele and her son, Henry, hostage.

What was supposed to be a simple pit stop for Frank before he moved on to his next destination ended up turning into the wildest Labor Day weekend story you’ve ever seen as both he and Adele gradually began to fall in love with each other.

Labor Day, at its core, is a story about simply that; love. It tells the faults of love. The beauty of love. The passion of love. The emotional rollercoaster of love. The drastic mistakes caused by love. And the desire for love.

The son, Henry, wants a father to love so he sees Frank as a somewhat surrogate daddy. Adele is about as lonely a woman can get so just the idea of someone loving her for who she is takes for a smitten spin. And Frank, like Adele, is also just wanting to have a woman who loves him and only him.

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Should Poe Have a Love Interest in ‘Episode IX’?

When you think of Star Wars romance may not be the first thing that comes to mind but it’s, surprisingly, one of the franchise’s greatest aspects. The reason why the original trilogy was such a well-rounded trio of movies is because every aspect of those films were perfect, especially the romantic side of things. Han and Leia’s love story is, in my opinion, the greatest romance in science-fiction movies and it helped make The Empire Strikes Back easily one of the best (or best) Star Wars films ever made.


Since then the aspect of romance in this franchise has been a little sub par. The love story between Anakin and Padme was straight down icky for a couple of reasons. One; Padme knew Anakin when he was a boy and she was a teenager so to think that she fell in love with him when he grew up is kind of weird. And two; their chemistry was so off watching them together just didn’t look right. You could tell Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman were acting like they liked each other and that’s bad.

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Now I Know Why ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Is A Disney Classic

A little over four months ago I watched the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson. For the most part I really enjoyed the live-action Beauty and the Beast for its beautiful cinematography and its dazzling songs and characters. Then a couple of days ago I decided to watch the classic animated version of Beauty and the Beast for the first time and I can honestly say, I was blown away.


Disney makes amazing animated films (The Lion KingTarzanMulan, etc.) and Beauty and the Beast is not an exception in the slightest. I was riveted as the movie told the classic fairy tale of how Belle learned to love the cursed Beast in such an impeccable fashion.


And the songs. Oh my goodness, the songs had me singing and smiling and covered me in chills. I LOVE Disney songs for all of the above reasons and Beauty and the Beast has some rather magnificent melodies to listen to.


By the time end came around with “Beauty and the Beast” playing I was sitting in a pool of tears. I don’t know what came over me (it was probably Disney magic) but I just couldn’t hold the waterworks in. I’m a sucker for love stories and I love happy endings and so this was a double whammy. Woo, it got to my emotions hard.

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