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I Have a Question: Is There Too Much Spider-Man?

In Hollywood, there are certain superheroes that can’t go very long without being rebooted. Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, these heroes are the ones that have been played by tons of different actors, have been given tons of different shows, live-action and animated, and will always remain in our eyes. And Spider-Man seems to have outgrown both his superhero buddies in the last few years with his growing presence.

We have an animated Spider-Man show on Disney XD. There’s Tom Holland’s rendition of the web-slinging hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We had a Venom movie, which isn’t technically Spider-Man but because he’s part of the Spider-Man universe and the because they’re already calling for Spider-Man to appear in the Venom sequel it feels like a Spider-Man movie. And now there’s an animated film focusing on not just one Spider-Man, not two Spider-Men, not even three Spider-Men, but I think five! Spider-People. It feels like a Spider-Man invasion.

What makes it all the more confusing is that all of these stories featuring the teenage hero seem to be in their respective universes. Kevin Feige has said that he wants to bring Miles Morales to the MCU but of course, that story won’t be connected to the animated movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. And then there’s the idea that, like I said before, Spider-Man may make an appearance in the next Venom movie which is even more confusing. To have one single hero be in so many places at once can be very confusing.

Now I don’t exactly care that Spider-Man is everywhere but is there a point when there’s an overload? That’s like if there were three different James Bond stories this year. It would be a bit weird.

How do you feel about the multiple Spider-Man movies and the television show? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Is the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer Too Lackadaisical For Comfort?

I’ve watched a lot of trailers in my time. Some have been unforgettably awesome. Some have been downright forgettable. One of the best trailers I have ever laid my eyes on, however, was the Avengers: Infinity War teaser. It was on another level of epic. I have watched that trailer at least twenty times and every time I have ever seen I am covered in chills and utterly blown away by the trailer’s amazing tone. It presented the clear idea that Infinity War would be the climactic movie that we had been waiting six years for and I had no doubt that it was going to be the franchise’s most enjoyable installment. And it was.

Last Friday when the Avengers: Endgame dropped I screamed. I was that excited. For months I had waited and waited, hoping that at least the title would be dropped, and yet Marvel didn’t give us anything. Rumors kept appearing that the trailer was coming but as the weeks went by and the rumors continued turning up false I started not to care anymore.

When the trailer arrived I watched it with a wide-eyed carefulness, clinging to every word, every shot with the passion of someone desperate to get information from the new movie. To get a glimpse of what to expect. At the end of the two minutes, however, I found myself flabbergasted by how underwhelming the trailer turned out to be. I began to think that it was a teaser for the real trailer but then when I discovered that it was the official trailer I was at a loss of words. Continue reading Is the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer Too Lackadaisical For Comfort?

My Fun Weekly Twitter Poll Has Gone Live!

Another seven days have gone by and that means it’s time for another weekly Twitter poll. Today I’m straying from the topic of Star Wars and focusing on another, more pressing subject; the Avengers: Endgame trailer. The highly-anticipated teaser has already broken records, becoming the first film to ever get 289 million! views in a single day. And so, because it was such a hit last Friday I couldn’t help but make it the subject of my weekly Twitter poll. Here’s the tweet.

Feel free to help contribute to the conversation if you’d like. Of course, I can’t vote (because I made the poll) but if I could I would vote Kind of Excited. The trailer had its exciting moments but overall it was a lot less impressive than I’d imagine it to be.

And if you need to be reminded about the trailer here it is.

I thank you for reading (and potentially contributing) and I hope you have a beautiful day.

Who’s Your Favorite Marvel Heroine?

The MCU may have an abundance of awesome male heroes but over the years there has also been a rise of incredible heroines who manage to steal the show simply by their commanding presence. But which of these fascinating, crime-stopping, alien-annihilating ladies is your favorite? Here’s the list.



Mantis is extremely lovable because of her sweet and innocent personality. She’s played a smaller role than most of these other heroines but her presence is undeniable and she is an asset to the team.



Nebula hasn’t had the easiest journey but she has found a way to endure. She fought by Ronan’s side in Guardians of the Galaxy and after being reunited with her beloved sister she turned down a different path; one of revenge and redemption. How her journey will end, no one knows, but she will play an integral role in the fight against Thanos.

Continue reading Who’s Your Favorite Marvel Heroine?

Breathe, Just Breathe, the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer Just Dropped!

Remember the other day when I posted about a rumor that the Avengers 4 trailer was going to drop on Wednesday and then it didn’t? Well, I did share with you all that there were also rumors that it would drop today on this glorious Friday but, of course, they were merely that; rumors. Well, it seems that finally the rumors have come true and the Avengers (Endgame) trailer is here. So, hold yourself together, take a deep breath, here it is.

Okay, okay, okay. Marvel is awesome and this is why. They gave us a teaser and yes, it was a teaser. They know we are clinging to every word, every shot, so they gave us abso-lute-ly nothing! I love it! But, because there is legitimate footage before me, here are the five things that stood out to me the most in the trailer.

1. Tony Stark Is In a Desperate Situation


Iron Man is in desperate need of aid as he floats through space deprived of food and water. Tony obviously feels that his end is imminent, reminding us of the direness of the situation that we were left with at the conclusion of Avengers: Infinity War. He’s seen recording a message to Pepper just in case she somehow gets it, sticking to the theme that has remained throughout the franchise of Tony’s immense love for her.

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False Alarm: We Still Have To Wait for the Trailer for ‘Avengers 4’

Yesterday I wrote a post displaying a rumor that the Avengers 4 trailer would drop today. It didn’t. And now we must go another day knowing that the trailer is out there and yet Marvel doesn’t seem to want to drop it yet.

Of course, it makes total sense that it wouldn’t be released today. Captain Marvel needs her moment to shine (or glow) before we start flipping over the undoubtedly exciting contents of the Avengers 4 teaser.

But, to potentially appease your disappointment another rumor (yes, it’s a rumor) has arrived saying that the trailer will drop on Friday. This sounds much more reasonable on Marvel’s part and could very well be true. And then it could be absolute nonsense as all of the other rumors have been.

All in all, we’re getting the trailer sometime this month. It’s only a matter of when.

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