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The Australian Open Is Over and It Was Great

Earlier this morning the men’s championship of the Australian Open occurred. It was a superb match. Before I get to that however I have to congratulate Serena Williams for winning her twenty third major title. She did a fantastic job against Venus and it seems like she has a chance to maybe get the calendar slam which would be awesome.

Now back to the men’s finals between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. I am so glad I was able to stay up so I could watch this game. After the first game of the first set I was so excited. Federer was moving well, he won the game easily, and it seemed like he might beat Nadal in straight sets. Then the second set came and Federer was playing at a sluggish pace. He was making unnecessary unforced errors and he wasn’t moving around the court as well as he could be. He returned in the third set and beat Nadal 6-1. I was confident that he would win the fourth set without any sort of problems. I was very wrong. Nadal refused to go away. He broke Federer twice and ended up winning the set 6-3. So this match reaches five sets. I knew if Federer got broken first he would lose. And he did get broken first. He managed to, after digging deep, breaking Nadal back twice near the end of the set and he eventually won the championship cementing his place further in history.

This was a great match that ended perfectly because I wanted Federer to win. Now I can’t wait until the French Open a little later this year. Will there be more surprises that’ll make that tournament just as interesting as this one was? I hope so. The next game I’m excited for however is the Super Bowl next week. I really, really hope the Falcons win.

I Can’t Wait Until This Weekend of Fantastic Tennis

The Australian Open this year has been full of wonderful surprises. From Djokovic losing in the second round to #1 Kerber getting beat by an uprising American player named Coco Vanderway. Now the men’s and women’s finals are set and I am so excited to watch them.

The Women’s Finals

Serena Williams is unsurprisingly in the finals once again. Her opponent however is what makes this championship special. Venus Williams, after seven years, is finally back at a finals and I am so happy. She managed to endure several rounds to get to this point. When she faced Coco Vanderway in the semifinals and lost the first set in a brutal tiebreaker I didn’t think she was going to win. She bounced back and eventually won. Now she’s back in the finals which is so great. The amazing thing is she hasn’t won a final since 2003 which was ages ago. If she could somehow beat Serena it would be an incredible occasion.

Serena on the other hand is looking to beat Stephy Graff’s record of major titles by getting her twenty third win. If she did she would, definitively, be the best female tennis player of all time. The great thing about this finals is I don’t care who wins. If Venus won it would be special and if Serena won it would be historical. The game will be coming on at 3am tomorrow morning but I am determined to be up to watch this match.

The Men’s Finals

This match is just as special as the women’s. Instead of Andy Murray or Novak Djokovic being in the finals as expected Roger Federer is there along with Rafael Nadal, two players who are heading towards retirement. A win for both of them after constantly not being able to get past the quarter or semifinals would be fantastic. I’m pulling for Federer because he’s the oldest of the two and he’s worked so hard to win another major. Unfortunately he’s going against a formidable opponent who, out of their eight encounters in the finals, has beaten him six times. And the only majors Federer has won against Nadal is Wimbledon. Maybe this is Federer’s lucky year and he’ll finally be able to beat Nadal on a hard court. This game is also at three on Sunday morning and I can’t wait.