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My First Golf Championship

The Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, NC is happening right now and I just so happened to be lucky enough to go to it on the first day during the pro-am because guess what? Tiger Woods was there and there was no way I wasn’t going! And I had quite the experience too. And so, as I depart from my usual movie talk, I’m here to share with you the remarkable time I had at the Wells Fargo Championship yesterday. Enjoy! 🙂

The Beginning of my Day

So in order to enjoy the full experience of the first day at the Wells Fargo Championship one must get up before the birds and head to the Golf Course at 5am, which I did with my family, and so when we finally arrived at the Golf Course it was still mainly dark outside (a rather chilly 55 degrees) and the workers were just getting there. Yeah, we were at the Golf Course before the workers even arrived. So it was about 6am in the morning, there were amateur and I think (I don’t know the golfers very well) some professional golfers practicing at the driving range but there wasn’t any sight of Tiger anywhere to be seen so we continued walking around and figuring out where the holes were and just wasting time. A little while later we went back to the driving range at another spot and first Justin Thomas came out which caused a bit of excited arouse. (I don’t know anything about him but I saw him. Yay!) And then…Tiger arrived! *jaw drop*

This is Tiger at the Driving Range! *squeal* Yes…it’s Tiger Woods…in the flesh.

It was amazing! This was my first golfing championship I’ve ever been to and I was seeing Tiger not ten feet away. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. But that wasn’t the end. It was only the beginning.

After getting a few pictures of the golfing legend I went with my family and got some Wells Fargo Championship souvenirs and after my sister and I put on our brand new visors we went to the 1st tee where Tiger would begin the pro-am day at 7am.

And here’s yet another fascinating up close shot of Tiger as he prepares to hit the first shot of the day.

I was so excited to see Tiger at the first tee and when he swung and hit the ball all I could say was, “Woooow!” I still kind of can’t believe I saw one of the greatest golfers of all time at such an up close level yesterday. Awesome!

After that we rushed down to the 1st green where we took some more pictures and then zoomed to the 2nd green where we knew the crowd wouldn’t be yet. We got ourselves a great spot and I was able to take some more fascinating shots of the Tiger Woods.

_DSC0195 (1).JPG
Tiger at the 2nd green waiting for an amateur to putt.

After that we continued down the golf course and after following Tiger through the 3rd and 4th hole we decided to go to Hole 7 and camp out a bit so we could see Tiger and some of the other golfers.

As I was walking I just happened to look at how stunning the golf course was on that cool and breezy morning so my sister and I had to take some pictures displaying some of the beauty of the course.

_DSC0196 (1).JPG
This is on our way to Hole 7.

And then we walked a little bit and saw another area to take glorious pictures.

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An Awesome Find

I was riding around yesterday enjoying a gloriously peaceful Sunday morning with my family when my mother happened to spot this jaw-dropping, ginormous mural of Yoda just sitting on the side of a building. There was no way we weren’t going to stop and take a picture.

Isn’t this awesome?

I mean look at the sheer size of this mural. It’s profoundly stunning. This was literally made early last year as you can see from the date on the brick (5/4/17) and I can honestly tell you I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Not only is Yoda humongous but he’s so perfectly drawn and detailed as well. And the way Yoda is sprouting from the flames is utterly perfect (to me the meaning of Yoda in the fire represents him coming back from the ashes of death to grace this wall.) At the time this mural was made I’m sure the painter had no idea that Yoda would really return in The Last Jedi? The force was strong with whoever painted this fantastic piece of art. Awesome.

I love Star Wars and everything Star Wars and to find this breathtaking mural was the perfect beginning to my morning yesterday. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force Be With You.

My Cleveland Extravaganza

After the NBA game last Tuesday I enjoyed the rest of the week in Cleveland seeing the sights and smells and tastes of the city. And so I’m here to talk about my wonderful trip to a new city that I loved visiting so much. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday Evening

I was enjoying a wonderful vacation in a brand new city that I was having an absolutely fantastic time visiting and one of my magnificent family members up there said one of the places we had to check out was a place called Happy Dog. Oh, my goodness, this place had one of the best dogs I have ever had in my entire life.

But I’ll get to how the actual hot dog tasted in a little bit. First I have to talk about how Happy Dog’s interior looked.

We went to the restaurant around 5:00pm and it was a lovely crisp Cleveland evening. We parked around the corner from the restaurant and when we went inside I absolutely loved the interior.

Look at these cute balloons and rad pictures.

Where we sat in the restaurant there were all of these colorful balloons and I absolutely loved them. And this was such a rock and roll place, there were so many amazing pictures of musicians from the 60s’.

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