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‘The Rings of Power’ Will Be a Masterpiece…We’ve Just Got to Get There

We’re five episodes into The Rings of Power and that counts as five hours of storytelling and yet the series has been met with a lukewarm reception so far. There are either people who are enjoying the film for its gorgeous visuals, slow-burn dramatics, or its sweeping score. And then there are others who find the show tediously boring or are not fans of the divisive diversions from canon. We’re not going to even delve too deep into the people who are still mad because the show had the audacity to make Galadriel a warrior (which J.R.R Tolkien described in texts about her in the First Age) or to include Black characters in a fantasy world they wanted to claim as all-white.

For me, the first two weeks of viewing were fun but I was still skeptical about the story. The first two episodes undoubtedly sucked me in with their impressive visuals and apparent attempt at setting the groundwork for what could be one of the most epic series ever made. The third episode took a couple of viewings to really embrace. I liked the addition of Numenor and its cast of characters but it almost felt like it was too much to take in at once. Then the fourth episode happened.

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‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’: Another Week, Another Fun Episode

First off, there was no Daredevil which I totally expected and was perfectly okay with. Secondly, this episode wasn’t as funny as last week’s episode but it was still fun and delightfully goofy. Third, this might be the shortest review I’ve ever had of a series episode before but I don’t have much to say other than that ending gave me WandaVision vibes and now it feels like the series is starting to get into villain territory. And that, of course, has me intrigued to see what’ll happen in next week’s episode (where Daredevil will, once again, not appear.)

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‘Andor’ Is Going to Be Real Good!

This is not The Mandalorian. It doesn’t begin with an episode filled with action scenes. This show is about building storylines, introducing a bunch of characters, and letting these stories coalesce into something that will become a great television series.

Cassian Andor, in the first three episodes, is a man with a lot of problems. He kind of reminded me of Han Solo when we first met him in that regard. He’s Wanted by the Empire, he’s got a bunch of outstanding debts, and like almost every character in Star Wars in one way or another, he’s got a haunted past.

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‘The Rings of Power’ Fourth Episode Just Wowed Me

Okay, The Rings of Power has been on for three weeks, and here are my quick thoughts for each week.

The first two episodes: Ooh, it’s so pretty, each race feels like their race (yay), I’m loving it so far.

The third episode: Okay, there’s a little bit of slow-motion in weird parts, Elendil is my new favorite character in the show, and Isildur’s storyline is kind of weak.

The fourth episode: Okay, I get it. This show is deliberately dramatic and you know what? I am so here for it. Oh my goodness, I love this show!!!

After the fourth episode, it is very apparent, that this show will not be for everyone. Unlike The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, there is no eagerness from the writers and editors to quicken the pace. If you haven’t realized the show is going to be slow and dramatic as heck by now then this show won’t be for you because this episode leaned full-tilt into that vibe and I loved every second of it.

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‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Made Me Really Happy This Week

Okay, I like this show now. It’s got me. It’s hilarious, it’s fun, and it’s becoming something I’m looking forward to on my Thursday mornings.

I love that this show has fully committed to being silly. It really works with She-Hulk as a character while allowing this series to feel hilariously different and the humor in this episode was actually great.

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‘The Rings of Power’ Is Jam-Packed With Storylines and It Is Exhausting

I can definitively say I have never watched anything with as many characters and as many storylines as The Rings of Power because yesterday’s episode was completely draining.

I’m going to just get this out of the way, the show isn’t bad. Far from it. It’s just…tedious. There are so many things happening in the latest episode that at times it’s hard to keep up, and that is saying something considering I’ve been doing my research and have been watching plenty of Youtube videos so that I would be able to understand the various storylines.

And yet despite its exhausting storyline, I’m still as invested as ever in this show. There are characters that I like more than others. The characters I’m most interested in right now through the series’ first three episodes are Nori, Elrond, Prince Durin, and his wife, Disa, Elendil, and Arondir. Their stories are not really interesting but their presence in the show is magnetic.

And that cliffhanger was so frustrating! Once again, I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

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