My Review of Transformers: The Last Knight

Before I even get to talking about how I felt about this movie I have to say, I am a huge Transformers fan. To tell you the truth, I didn’t really know anything about Transformers until three years ago when I went to see Transformers: Age of Extinction and I was totally blown away. The Transformers were incredible, the action was mind-boggling, the movie was so loud, I ended up seeing that movie three times in theaters simply because those Transformers were unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Now, of course, the story wasn’t that cohesive and some of the characters were a little irritating but I didn’t even care. That’s how much fun I had watching scenes like when Optimus Prime fought the dinosaur Transformer…in IMAX.

So I, unfortunately, missed seeing Transformers: The Last Knight in the movies this year and, for the most part, I didn’t really care. The commercials were okay, the CGI looked sloppy, and the movie didn’t look that great. And then it became available to watch on Digital. So I watched it and…I loved it!! Here’s why.

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J.J Abrams Is Directing Episode IX: Is That A Good or Bad Thing?

So this is exciting news in the Star Wars galaxy. I have to say, I was very relieved when LucasFilm got rid of Colin Trevorrow for so many reasons. First, I didn’t like Jurassic World that much, and mainly because of the woman in the film. The fact that she was running from dinosaurs, trekking across mud, and never once got rid of those heels she was wearing was not realistic and rather irritating. You can’t have a director who treats their female characters like that in charge of a movie about heroines like Rey, that just doesn’t work. And secondly, the movie he directed this year, The Book of Henry, was so terribly critiqued that I was really starting to become nervous for Episode IX. Would he end this fantastic trilogy in the wrong way? Would it become another blotch in the Star Wars timeline like the prequels? So, obviously, LucasFilm didn’t like what they were seeing and got rid of him and I was ecstatic to see who they would replace him with.

And then it was announced two days ago that J.J Abrams would write and direct Episode IX and I’m two parts excited two parts disappointed. This is why.

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The Six Best Star Wars Hairstyles

I love Star Wars for so many reasons. I love the stories, I love the action, I love the environment, and I absolutely love the characters. And of course, each character has their own special style and part of that style is their hair. So, on that note, here are my six favorite Star Wars hairstyles.

6. Qui-Gon Jin


Qui-Gon is cool for so many different reasons and one of those reasons is his impeccable hairstyle. First of all, it’s totally a look that I would imagine a Jedi Master having. It’s simple yet elegant in a way, it has this kind of Samurai warrior vibe which is totally sensible considering that George Lucas’s inspiration for the Jedi was from Samurai, and it perfectly defines Qui-Gon. He’s also the only character in Star Wars, so far, with a hairstyle like this. Now I think Rey is going to go a little Qui-Gon on everyone with her new look but that’s a whole other topic.

However, at the moment Qui-Gon Jin has the coolest hairstyle as a Jedi so far.

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I Am So Excited for the US Open Women’s Championship Today!

The past week of women’s tennis has been thrilling to watch. From the quarter-final match between Sloane Stephens and #13 Stevaslova to the semifinal match between unranked Stephens and #3 Venus Williams. This semifinal was amazing this year. First of all, all four women were American. When does that ever happen? And secondly, three of the four women had never had opportunities like this before. Stephens managed to, after an amazing last set, beat Williams and advance to the final for the first time. And Madison Keys blew past Coco Vandeweghe as if her competitor wasn’t even good. She had so much focus and control that it was truly incredible to watch. She also has advanced to the final for the first time in her career as well.

This is very heartening for American tennis to see two Americans in the final of the US Open. Not only is it a great accomplishment for our country but Venus and Serena Williams are on their way out, whether I like it or not, and I’ve always wondered when they’re gone who will take their place? Now there are three talented American female tennis players who, if they continue like this, can take the tennis world by storm and I’m just so happy. Of course, this could just be a lucky year and this could possibly never happen again but I’m loving it while it lasts.

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What I Think About These New Additions To The Last Jedi

So, Force Friday has come and gone and now it seems like Lucasfilm is pushing full throttle into the advertising stage. Yay! And with more advertising comes more insight into the movie at hand. And I just so happened to go to and saw that some new additions have been added to the databank. So with no further delay let me talk about them.

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It’s Force Friday!

It’s the first day of September and it’s finally Force Friday!!! Now, I thought Force Friday was just a marketing campaign focused solely for children by bringing out toys based on the upcoming Star Wars film. I have never been so happy to be wrong. Force Friday isn’t just about bringing out toys and other children’s products. There are also new books to read that are vital parts of the new canon and I am so excited! This is truly the beginning of the countdown to The Last Jedi and I’m kind of shocked at how quickly everything is happening. Here are the books I can’t wait to get.

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The Top Five Droids in Star Wars

What would Star Wars be without its droids? C-3PO and R2-D2 were really the first characters to be introduced to audiences way back in 1977 and I have loved them ever since I first saw them in The Phantom Menace. Now even more droids have been created and the list of incredibly cool (and funny) droids just keeps expanding. These are, however, my five favorite droids in Star Wars.

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