Thor: Ragnarok vs. Justice League: Which Movie Looks Better?

Marvel Studios and DC Universe have had quite the contest with their movies for years, with Marvel’s movies, of course, winning 100% of the time. But lately after the widely acclaimed success of Wonder Woman, the DC Universe has kind of been able to place their mark in the superhero world with a legitimately decent film while Marvel’s films this year haven’t stood up to the standard, financially and storywise, that they usually do. Guardians of the Galaxy was an unfortunately underwhelming sequel and SpiderMan: Homecoming, while it got positive reviews, didn’t make as much money as expected. Now it did end up becoming one of the highest grossing films this year but it took a long time to get to that point. Now Marvel Studios and the DC Universe have a movie coming out in November to directly combat each other and I’m excited to see how things play out.

The question is, so far, which movie looks more enticing to watch? Is Thor going to steal the show with his short haircut and rad new buddies or is Justice League taking the world by storm with their incredible assemble of beloved characters facing off against a seemingly unstoppable force? Here’s what I think.

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These Teasers for The Last Jedi Trailer Will Get You Pumped

So, as you may know, the new trailer for The Last Jedi is going to debut tonight during the halftime of Monday Night Football and to get us all hyped LucasFilm has some pretty exciting teasers to satiate Star Wars’ fans excitement until tonight. Take a look.

There are so many things that are awesome about this teaser and it isn’t really showing anything! I mean, it’s just Rey training with her lightsaber but that’s the point. It’s Rey! When I see Rey I get so excited. And her practicing with her lightsaber means that when she sees Kylo Ren again she won’t be as unfamiliar with the ancient weapon as she was in The Force Awakens. And that means that the next lightsaber duel is going to be ten times as epic! Oh my gosh, I’m excited.

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This New Justice League Trailer Screams Epic!

So it’s nearly a month until the Justice League movie comes out and a new, and most likely, final trailer has debuted on this magnificent Sunday. And I am pleased to say that this was Justice League’s best trailer yet. It had me riveted from the very beginning to the very end and the music didn’t take away from the trailer’s epicness. Take a look.

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The Five Most Tear-Jerking Moments in Star Wars

So yesterday I watched Rogue One and it was fantastic, to say the least. But then as the credits were rolling I thought to myself, what are the moments in Star Wars that always brings a tear to my eye, from either the sheer happiness I feel for the moment or the immense sadness that the situation entails. Great Star Wars films are like emotional rollercoasters, that’s why they’re so enjoyable. There are certain times in the movies that can make me the happiest person on Earth while there are other moments that can literally leave me in a bath of tears. And so, here are the five instances in Star Wars that happen to always make me at least a little emotional.

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The Coolest Props for The Last Jedi From NYCC

New York Comic-Con is happening right now and while LucasFilm isn’t releasing anything special at the event such as a new trailer for The Last Jedi or possibly some more concrete Han Solo news they have developed a slight presence at the event by revealing new Star Wars books that will be coming out and by having a booth entirely highlighting some props, models, and costumes for The Last Jedi. And so, thanks to, I am going to tell you which props I found the coolest to see.

Two Praetorian Guard Weapons


I am already a huge fan of the Praetorian Guards before I even see them in action in the actual film so these weapons are definitely just mind-blowing to me. One is a Praetorian long-axe and the other is an electro-chain whip. Doesn’t that sound awesome?! Electro-chain whip, what is that?! Oh my goodness, I’m so excited for this movie.

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My Thoughts After The Second Viewing of Wonder Woman

I watched Wonder Woman back in June and I loved it. I thought it was a great introduction to the Amazonian warrior and I thought it was a huge step in the right direction for the DC Universe. Wonder Woman was beautiful, smart, benevolent, powerful, everything that you would want Wonder Woman to symbolize and to be. The movie had its flaws but overall it was an enjoyable film.

So, Wonder Woman is now available to watch at home and I was excited to see it again. And I watched it hoping that it would be just as great as it was when I watched it in the movies. And for the most part, it was.

I absolutely loved the section of the movie when Diana was still at her home, Themyscira.


I mean who doesn’t love seeing a land where there are countless powerful women, of all colors, shapes, and sizes, in one place? It’s a girl’s dream to see something that powerful and epic and it involving only women. So the first portion of the film is hands down my favorite section of the movie but the movie still was rather enjoyable even after that.

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My Review of The Mummy

This was another one of those movies I happened to miss this summer but I wasn’t too bummed about it, considering that the movie had received horrendous reviews. I figured that the movie couldn’t be too bad, especially with the fact that it starred Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise doesn’t make bad movies. In fact, I love all of his movies, except for the first Jack Reacher, but that’s a whole other story.

So I decided to watch The Mummy to see if it really was as bad as everyone said it was. And…at first…it was kind of interesting, storywise. Ahmanet was this Egyptian princess who was destined to become queen of Egypt but then her father had a son and so the little baby boy took her place as heir to the throne. So, to enact revenge, she sold her soul to the God of Death, Set, and became this evil death lady. She slit her father’s throat, killed her mother, and murdered their newborn son, and then to complete her mission, she needed to plunge this special dagger given to her by Set into the stomach of a man to bring the God of Death to life. But she was prevented from doing so, she was wrapped up like a mummy and buried alive in a casket, never to be found again.

So that was basically the prologue and then the movie started.

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