My Awesome Magazine Collection

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is coming out in less than three weeks and yesterday I suddenly got a fabulous idea. After getting my latest issue from Entertainment Weekly last week featuring The Last Jedi I decided I wanted to head down memory lane and look at the Entertainment Weekly issue I obtained two years ago featuring The Force Awakens. What was going to be a simple trot into the past ended up turning into a fantastic excavation of all of the magazines I have collected featuring upcoming Star Wars and Marvel movies over the past two years. It was so mind blowing and exciting in fact that I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

My Marvel Movie Collection


These issues are all in alphabetical order and date back to December 2015. Can you believe that?! So many Marvel movies have come out in that time. You’ve got first looks at Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange. There’s Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and Black Panther. I mean…it’s just amazing. What was even better about rediscovering all of these covers is the fact that I forgot nearly 75% of these fantastic issues.

I can’t wait until I get my Entertainment Weekly issue featuring a first look at Avengers: Infinity War. That’s going to be a wonderful day.

So out of these eight marvelous covers I broke it down to the four I like the best. Here they are.

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My Review of the Turtle Beach Stealth 700

As a gamer you want to have the best experience possible while you’re playing your games and what’s better than to have some incredible headphones while you’re playing your XBOX One or your PS4? Let me tell you, these headphones are amazing!


First, they’re very appealing. The black and green really make these headphones feel like they belong with the XBOX One. Secondly, they’re very, very comfortable. You’ll never have to worry about your ears getting overheated or the actual headphones begin to get uncomfortable. I mean, look at that padding.


These headphones could put you to sleep they’re so snug but what’s really the star of these beauties are two things.

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Which Is The Best Poster for The Last Jedi?

It’s a beautiful Thanksgiving Eve and what better to talk about and celebrate on this wonderful day than Star Wars. There have been several posters that have debuted for The Last Jedi throughout the year and I’m here to talk about them all. Enjoy!


This, of course, is the teaser poster and even now just nearly three weeks away from the film finally hitting theaters this poster still resonates strongly with me, maybe even more so now that I understand the plot for this film a little bit better. It’s also a very powerful poster. It harks back to the original poster back in 1977 depicting Luke in the same fashion that Rey is standing now. That shows how she’s really become the modern age Luke but she has an impactful choice. Whose side will she choose? Will she stay with the light or drift into darkness?

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The Last Jedi Releases A Sprawl of New Photos To Fawn Over

It’s getting closer and closer until the day The Last Jedi finally comes out and we can get all our answers, well, answered but a new spread of photos from Entertainment Weekly for the highly-anticipated film have come out to help satiate our thirsts until that time. Enjoy and be warned…one of these pictures might be a HUGE SPOILER so I advise you to proceed with care.


This the first of four Entertainment Weekly covers and this happened to be the one I got today in the mail. And I’m so glad too. This is frankly my favorite of the four covers, for it implies so many things. It’s also just kind of wild seeing Kylo Ren and Rey on a magazine cover not facing against each other but instead standing as if together. And the sentence, Could REY Turn To The Dark Side? is so powerful and telling. Rey’s journey in The Last Jedi is, in the words of the wise Luke, “Not going to go the way we think.”

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The Ten Coolest Aliens in Star Wars

Star Wars is known mainly for its fantastic human characters and its wildly imaginative worlds and stories but a part of the reason why Star Wars is such an amazing franchise is because of the various species throughout its vast topography. And there are a LOT of incredible aliens in Star Wars. So, here are the ten aliens I find are the coolest in Star Wars. Enjoy!

10. The Infamous Sarlacc

databank_sarlacc_01_169_c5356bf9Ever since I saw Return of the Jedi I have been strangely fascinated by the Sarlacc. The fact that it digests its unfortunate victims over an agonizing thousand years is not only horrifying but kind of interesting. First of all, it shows that this terrifying creature has evolved to survive in the brutal, arid world of Tatooine due to its only having to eat every thousand years. Secondly, I would just love to know what exactly happens to the things it eats. I bet it would be horrifically fascinating.

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The Coolest New Teasers for The Last Jedi

It’s less than four weeks until The Last Jedi finally comes out and advertisement for the film is finally starting to ramp up. There are special Last Jedi Nissan commercials, Vizio commercials, and there are tv spots featuring new footage for the movie left and right. So here are the newest teasers that I have were the best so far. Enjoy!

So this is the first teaser that I’m sharing and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome simply because we finally get to see the moment when Finn wakes up. That’s so exciting. Yes we’ve seen him fighting Phasma, which they did show more of in this teaser, (yay,) but seeing him wake up feels a lot more special to me. This teaser also shared some other footage of Rey and Poe but Finn was definitely the star of this teaser.

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A New Planet Has Been Revealed on Star Tours!

If you’ve ever been to Disney World or DisneyLand and you’re a Star Wars fans you’re definitely going to go to the Star Wars section and get on the area’s ride, Star Tours. The last time I got on Star Tours it was two years before The Force Awakens even came out and so the worlds we flew through were of the original and prequel trilogy but it was still an absolute blast. And now a new planet has come to the marvelous and very fun attraction, Star Tours, and I’m excited to share it with you.


This is the planet, Batuu and it’s a remote world that’s home to smugglers, adventurers, etc. and because it’s a little off stream it’s also a very good hiding place for those who want to escape the expanding reach of the First Order. Hmm, maybe I’m reading into this new planet a little too hard but I think Disney is secretly showing everybody another new location that’s going to make its debut in The Last Jedi and this is why I think that.

First off, if this is a planet that’s safe from the eyes of the First Order then wouldn’t this be a lovely refuge for the fleeing Resistance? I would think so.

Secondly, there was reports that they were filming some scenes in Croatia and in the behind-the-scenes video that appeared this July there was a moment where it showed cameramen making a beautiful shot of Croatia. If you look at this new planet the buildings do look very Croatian and if you add some CGI they could easily make Croatia a beautiful planet in the galaxy of Star Wars.

And third, it said in the original article, which was on, that Batuu is a place where people go off to epic adventures. That definitely sounds correct when it comes to The Last Jedi because I’m sure they’re going to be lots of epic adventures in the movie.

Now I might be completely wrong about this theory but when does Star Tours just get a new planet added to its long list of planets less than a month before a Star Wars movie comes out? That’s kind of a huge clue that this really is a new planet from The Last Jedi if you ask me. And there’s also the fact that they aren’t really showing anything when it comes to the Resistance side of the story for The Last Jedi. We know Rey is training with Luke, we know a little bit about Kylo Ren, but the side with Finn and Poe and General Leia, they’re keeping us pretty much in the dark about that side of the story…for some particular reason. If I’m right and this is a new planet that’ll be in The Last Jedi I’m going to be the happiest person ever.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force Be With You.

I. Love. MOVIES!