John Adams: A Beautiful Historical Nonfiction

I am a fan of books, mostly fiction. One day several months ago I started reading this book, John Adams, which was written by the Pulitzer Prize author, David McCullough. Within the first few pages I was riveted. This was unlike any nonfictional book I had ever read. David McCullough brought a sort of fictional feel to this real story that happened centuries ago.

The Amazing Pictures in John Adams

One thing that made this book so fun to read were the pictures. There are three sections that show you some amazing pictures pertaining to that part of the book. There are paintings of historical figures like King George III, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and many other people. There are also letters you can read written by John Adams himself as well as drawings of some of the places he visited. These fabulous drawings and paintings were a quarter of the reason why I loved this book so much.

annlyelja2x (1).jpg

The People in John Adams

Not only did I learn a great deal about John Adams but I also got an in depth look at the people around him. One of my favorite bits about this book is his relationship with his best friend, Thomas Jefferson. It was fascinating reading about them taking trips through rural England, which from David McCullough’s descriptive storytelling, allowed me to envision the gorgeous places they visited. His love for his wife, Abigail Adams, was just as palpable. There were many love letters John Adams wrote that gave me a personal insight into their relationship. The growth of his children was another wonderful thing to read. It felt like by the end of the book I knew the children as well as I had gotten to know John Adams himself. David McCullough also gave a fascinating a detailed look into the people around him who founded Congress as well as the french leaders who he negotiated with as an American diplomat during the turbulent times of the American Revolution.

The Story of John Adams

It was amazing following John Adam’s journey throughout his ninety-one years of his life. From when he was but a young man traipsing after girls at Harvard to when he was a wise elder residing with his family after years of hard work for his country. It was enthralling reading about his diplomatic journey throughout Europe. My favorite part of John Adam’s story was when he was running to become president. It was exciting, riveting, and very interesting to learn of how he became the second president of the United States. Throughout all of these fantastic achievements he obtained he never stopped loving his past and where he came from. He always dreamed of returning back to his hometown of Braintree, Massachusetts and living a simple farmer’s life. His love of his humble beginnings never swayed and allowed him to never be corrupted by the fancy living he had during his diplomatic years in Europe. After I finished this beautifully written book I felt like I got to truly know John Adams as a person and his ideals as one of our founding fathers.

My Overview of John Adams

At the end I did grow emotional. Some things that happened near the end of his life were sad and unfortunate. It, however, was such a beautifully written nonfiction book that I am definitely going to read it once more. There were so many things that I missed that I would understand a lot more if I read it again. Another reason why this book is so good is it has made me curious to know a little more about the American Revolution, George Washington, the French Revolution, and Thomas Jefferson. Even though these events and these people were in John Adam’s life they were only on the periphery of his story.

This book is very thick and consists of 634 pages telling John Adam’s story. The rest of the pages are for the acknowledgements, the source notes, index, bibliography, and just the beginning of the book which contains a family tree and so forth.

It’s priced perfectly at less than twenty dollars and is well worth the buy. David McCullough’s work is one to admire and I will definitely read some more of his books.

When To Expect Doctor Strange on Blu-Ray

On November 4th Doctor Strange graced the big screen with its mind boggling visual effects, fantastic characters, and a funny new superhero who will eventually join the Avengers’ ranks. I only watched Doctor Strange once and I loved it. It was a great movie that I couldn’t wait to own on Blu-Ray. Well if you’re like me and is just as excited to see it at home you’ll be ecstatic to know that it’s coming out on Blu-Ray on February 28th. If you don’t really care about Blu-Ray and you just want to own it digitally it will be available on February 14th. Yes, it will not be long until the red cape wearing sorcerer will be back to bring happiness to a boring day.

Why I love Blu-Ray is I love tangible things. Having a DVD that you can hold and look at is special. I also love the bonus features that come with Blu-Ray. Captain America: Civil War had a terrible set of bonus features with content that was less than an hour long. Star Wars: The Force Awakens had nearly two hours of amazing content worth watching. Doctor Strange is said to have over an hour of bonus material and I am so excited to see it. I hope there is a section on the work they put into the visual effects. That’s what I’m most excited to see. I also would love to see concept art and how they created the dazzling world of the sorcerers.

So yes, it’s less than two weeks until Doctor Strange is available digitally and less than four weeks until it’ll be on Blu-Ray. I’m very excited and I can’t wait.

My Top Ten Star Wars Characters

I love Star Wars and part of the reason why I love Star Wars so much are the characters. When there are awesome characters like Darth Vader or Rey I can’t help but love this franchise. Still there are some people I like more than others and that’s where I begin this post.

10. Emperor Palpatine a.k.a Darth Sidious

emperor-palpatine_7ac4a10e Palpatine is one of the most evil villains in film history. How he managed to hide right beneath the Jedis’ noses even though they were desperately looking for him is amazing. And he was so crafty. He waited patiently like a spider for his prey for a little over two decades before he overturned the Republic and created the evil Empire. Not only did he do that and wipe out nearly all of the Jedi but he took one of their strongest Jedi, Anakin, and with some serious manipulation turned him into a Sith. Emperor Palpatine is to me the most evil villain in Star Wars. He doesn’t have the swagger of someone like Darth Vader but he definitely is a true Sith Lord. And to top off his incredible power he can summon lightning without even thinking. He definitely deserves a spot in my top ten list.

9. Chirrut Imwe

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Donnie Yen (Chirrut Imwe) Behind the Scenes on set during production. Ph: Footage Frame ©Lucasfilm LFL 2016.

Chirrut managed to grace my top ten list because he is so, so very cool. He’s the first character in the Star Wars films to be one with the Force as well as he was without being a Jedi. I remember watching Rogue One and thinking to myself what if he was a Jedi? That would have been pretty awesome. The fact that he wasn’t however was what made him really special. He’s also the first blind character which added to his originality and made me like him that much more. If there is a Star Wars story in the future that’ll explain Chirrut and Baze’s story I would be so happy. Until then I’ll enjoy him in Rogue One.

8. Captain Cassian Andor


Cassian was my favorite character in Rogue One so of course he would be in my top ten list. I loved that when I saw him in the commercials and trailers they didn’t really show anything with him so his story in the movie was a complete surprise. I liked his accent because it made him different and added a sort of grit to the movie other Star Wars films haven’t had. He is another character in Rogue One whose story will hopefully be explored a little further in future anthology Star Wars films.

7. Han Solo


Han Solo is a great character. He’s funny, pretty talented in terms of his flying and shooting skills, and he’s rather heroic in his own Han way. When I watched The Force Awakens the first time I was so glad to see him back in a Star Wars film and he was just as great as he was in the original trilogy. When he was killed by Kylo Ren I was so distraught I cried like a baby. I still can’t watch that scene without getting a little teary. As great as Han Solo is (and he is awesome) the next six characters are to me better than him. There was no way he wasn’t going to be in my list though.

6. BB-8


BB-8 is definitely my favorite droid because he’s so cute. K-2SO was great in Rogue One and C-3PO and R2-D2 are the classics but I really love BB-8. I can’t wait to see what new gadgets he might use in the next Star Wars and what he’ll be up to. I didn’t expect it but yes, he’s my sixth favorite character in Star Wars.

5. Obi-Wan


Obi-Wan is the coolest Jedi in Star Wars. He was great in the prequel trilogy. In fact he made the prequel trilogy worth watching. I loved how he would go on clandestine missions, he was very wise, and he was awesome. There’s a reason why he was, besides Yoda and a few others, one of the last Jedi remaining. And not only did he survive the horrible massacre but he taught Anakin a hard lesson in that epic fight on Mustafar. That’s pretty cool because Anakin was and still is so annoying.

Then in the classic trilogy he was just as great. He was older, wiser, but still the same Obi-Wan. Yes he is part of the lamest lightsaber duel in the history of Star Wars but it doesn’t degrade him because he’s still awesome. I really, really hope that in the near future Obi-Wan will get his own movie because since I was a little girl I have always wondered what he was doing between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. It’s also perfect because Ewan McGregor has gotten older as well so he could easily reprise the role as Obi-Wan. And after seeing Rogue One I am even more excited for there to be a standalone Obi-Wan film. It would be perfect if Gareth Edwards directed it.

4. Luke Skywalker


Luke Skywalker is one of the most iconic characters in film history. Luke is great. His story in the original trilogy was fantastic and his story nowadays is even better. I didn’t realize just how magical Luke’s presence in a Star Wars film was until I watched The Force Awakens and I saw him at the end. I still get goosebumps and grow teary eyed every time I see that scene. After the next Star Wars he might end up higher on my list.

3. Kylo Ren

kylo-ren_fa163069 This was very, very difficult for me to decide. Kylo Ren is so ridiculously cool, I mean look at this picture. This picture emanates awesomeness. Still he’s third on my list just because the next two characters are a little cooler but he’s third only by a smidgeon. Now that the title of the next Star Wars has been announced I know the teaser will be coming sooner rather than later. I am so excited to see Kylo Ren again. I remember when I saw him for the first time in the teaser for The Force Awakens I about lost my mind. He was and still is the first person to have a lightsaber with a crossguard. And the sound of his lightsaber is awesome because it’s not made correctly so it emerges from the hilt with this sort of electric noise. Who knows what he’ll be doing in The Last Jedi but I’m so excited.

2. Rey


Rey is one of the coolest heroines of any movie. She’s powerful, independent, and simply awesome. The fact that’s she a Jedi only solidifies her greatness. I can’t wait to find out the mystery of her parents. I think Luke is her father but I might be wrong. If she is Luke’s daughter that would be so cool! Come on December 15th! So she’s definitely second on my list. Maybe after The Last Jedi she’ll be my favorite Star Wars character. Who knows.

1. Darth Vader


Yes, as great as the other nine characters are (and they are great) no one, at the moment, can top the one and only Darth Vader. Ever since the first time I saw Darth Vader I have been fascinated by his shiny black armor and his muffled voice. He was already legendary from the original trilogy but after Rogue One I love Darth Vader even more now. If there is ever a Star Wars story about Darth Vader I will be the happiest person on Earth. He is definitely my favorite Star Wars character and probably will be for a long time.

Who knows, maybe after The Last Jedi comes out there’ll be new characters in my top ten list.

Destiny: A Fantastic Game You Should Definitely Play

I love games. Years ago I had Nintendo’s console, the Wii, and I loved playing games such as MarioKart, Super Mario Bros. and many other fantastic Nintendo games. In 2014 I switched to the XBOX 1 and one of the very first games I got was Destiny. Destiny is made from the creators of Halo and the company who has created Call of Duty. After three years and four amazing expansions Destiny has become, to me, the best shooting game on any console. So on that note let me tell you why I think this it’s the best.

The Game Is Beautiful!


You see this picture. Usually games have pictures that look a lot prettier than the actual game. This is how Destiny really looks. I don’t know how many times I’ve walked around the world and just stopped to look at everything around me. And there are so many beautiful locations to explore that it’ll take a long time to discover every nook and cranny in the worlds. I’m literally still finding stuff.

The Guardians


The Guardians are the characters you play in Destiny. There are three classes that you can use: the warlock, a titan, and a hunter. They each have three subclasses to learn and enjoy. My favorite class is the hunter and the subclass I like to use the most for the hunter is the Nightstalker. The Nightstalker is a hunter that relies on grenades and smoke bombs to face its enemies. There are also three types of species you can create to be your guardian. You can be a human, a colorful alien that is called an Awoken, and a robotic character called an Exo. You can create a male or female of each and there are various ways you can make your character look. This is another reason why I love Destiny. It’s such a customizable game. You can pick between a variety of beautiful gear and guns to make your guardian the coolest in Destiny. There are also dozens of shaders you can use to color your guardian’s clothing.

The Story


Not only is this game remarkably beautiful but after the first game and four expansions this game has a story that is very long and very fun. There dozens upon dozens of quests, small and large, and each gives you cool prizes. I’ve been playing for years and still have not finished all of the quests because some are very difficult to complete.



This is my favorite part of Destiny, the pvp. It’s called The Crucible and there are over a dozen different modes to play. The Crucible rewards gear, ships, speeder bikes that on Destiny are called Sparrows, guns, and shaders. The competitive multiplayer can hold up to twelve players with two teams of six. Some modes only allow six players with two teams of three. There’s one mode called Rumble where you are not on a team at all and have to fight five other players. There is also a weekly tournament that players can play to show their pvp skills. All in all The Crucible is very, very fun.

Dungeons and Raids


Another mode that makes Destiny so fun are the dungeons and raids. You play the dungeons with two other players and you go through an area filled with groups of enemies and at the end of every dungeon you have to fight a very tough boss. These dungeons are not easy and sometimes can take over an hour to finish. The raids are even more complicated. To do a raid you have to create a group of six people. Once in the cooperative six-player mode you’ll have to face hordes of enemies, challenging puzzles, and brutal bosses. If you manage to finish a raid you will be rewarded with the finest prizes Destiny has to offer. I love the fact that after all of these years there are now so many different dungeons and raids to play. And the amazing thing is they’re still very difficult.


So this is Destiny. If you haven’t played it yet I urge you to try it. You will not be dissapointed. This game is playable on the XBOX 360, XBOX 1, and Playstation 4. To be able to play the Crucible, dungeons and raids you will need to have XBOX gold. If you have poor internet connection Destiny might be a little difficult to play because you’re constantly online. Destiny’s servers sometimes crash when a lot of people are on but other than that the game is nearly perfect. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you end up getting Destiny I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.

These pictures were found on Destiny’s official site. If you would like to know a little more details about this game go to Destiny’s site. There are tons of things to look at that’ll give you a better insight into the game.



The Australian Open Is Over and It Was Great

Earlier this morning the men’s championship of the Australian Open occurred. It was a superb match. Before I get to that however I have to congratulate Serena Williams for winning her twenty third major title. She did a fantastic job against Venus and it seems like she has a chance to maybe get the calendar slam which would be awesome.

Now back to the men’s finals between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. I am so glad I was able to stay up so I could watch this game. After the first game of the first set I was so excited. Federer was moving well, he won the game easily, and it seemed like he might beat Nadal in straight sets. Then the second set came and Federer was playing at a sluggish pace. He was making unnecessary unforced errors and he wasn’t moving around the court as well as he could be. He returned in the third set and beat Nadal 6-1. I was confident that he would win the fourth set without any sort of problems. I was very wrong. Nadal refused to go away. He broke Federer twice and ended up winning the set 6-3. So this match reaches five sets. I knew if Federer got broken first he would lose. And he did get broken first. He managed to, after digging deep, breaking Nadal back twice near the end of the set and he eventually won the championship cementing his place further in history.

This was a great match that ended perfectly because I wanted Federer to win. Now I can’t wait until the French Open a little later this year. Will there be more surprises that’ll make that tournament just as interesting as this one was? I hope so. The next game I’m excited for however is the Super Bowl next week. I really, really hope the Falcons win.

I Can’t Wait Until This Weekend of Fantastic Tennis

The Australian Open this year has been full of wonderful surprises. From Djokovic losing in the second round to #1 Kerber getting beat by an uprising American player named Coco Vanderway. Now the men’s and women’s finals are set and I am so excited to watch them.

The Women’s Finals

Serena Williams is unsurprisingly in the finals once again. Her opponent however is what makes this championship special. Venus Williams, after seven years, is finally back at a finals and I am so happy. She managed to endure several rounds to get to this point. When she faced Coco Vanderway in the semifinals and lost the first set in a brutal tiebreaker I didn’t think she was going to win. She bounced back and eventually won. Now she’s back in the finals which is so great. The amazing thing is she hasn’t won a final since 2003 which was ages ago. If she could somehow beat Serena it would be an incredible occasion.

Serena on the other hand is looking to beat Stephy Graff’s record of major titles by getting her twenty third win. If she did she would, definitively, be the best female tennis player of all time. The great thing about this finals is I don’t care who wins. If Venus won it would be special and if Serena won it would be historical. The game will be coming on at 3am tomorrow morning but I am determined to be up to watch this match.

The Men’s Finals

This match is just as special as the women’s. Instead of Andy Murray or Novak Djokovic being in the finals as expected Roger Federer is there along with Rafael Nadal, two players who are heading towards retirement. A win for both of them after constantly not being able to get past the quarter or semifinals would be fantastic. I’m pulling for Federer because he’s the oldest of the two and he’s worked so hard to win another major. Unfortunately he’s going against a formidable opponent who, out of their eight encounters in the finals, has beaten him six times. And the only majors Federer has won against Nadal is Wimbledon. Maybe this is Federer’s lucky year and he’ll finally be able to beat Nadal on a hard court. This game is also at three on Sunday morning and I can’t wait.

My Top Ten Marvel Superheroes

Marvel has been spitting out great blockbusters for the last nine years. With those great films come an awesome array of amazing superheroes. After last year’s introduction to three new heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a.k.a MCU my excitement to see more newcomers appear in later films has grown. Until that time these are my ten favorite Marvel superheroes.

10. Spider-Man

538cd3628a05e Spider-Man is awesome and with Tom Holland’s latest version of the iconic character this web slinging hero has become that much more enjoyable. I, however, am not a super fan of Spider-Man. Yes he is funny, his abilities are great, and seeing him alongside characters like Iron Man is goosebump inducing but I happen to like nine other superheroes more than him. I am still very excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming this July. I hope it’s good.

9. Ant-Man

54ad72b6084a0 When Ant-Man was coming out in 2015 I didn’t know if I was going to like this new superhero. The name Ant-Man sounded silly and didn’t make me overly excited. After watching the movie I was impressed with Ant-Man’s abilities but he still wasn’t Iron Man or Captain America caliber…until Captain America: Civil War. When he turned from Ant-Man into Giant-Man I about lost it. It was totally unexpected and definitely one of the highlights of the entire film. His role in Civil War might’ve been limited but after that jaw dropping moment he has deservedly risen in the ranks of cool superheroes.

8. Falcon


Falcon was an awesome addition to the MCU. When Sam Wilson showed up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier I had no idea that he was going to become a superhero, let alone an Avenger. When he fought Ant-Man it was cool because his suit was different and better. His abilities in Civil War however were amazing. I loved his wings which could turn into a shield. How awesome is that! I also loved his drone, Red Wing. That was another nice addition to his character. Even though he still would’ve been my eighth favorite superhero without these great new abilities it definitely cemented him in the eighth spot.

7. Vision


Vision is awesome. He is so ridiculously powerful he can pick up Thor’s hammer! Wow. Unfortunately he’s still trying to discover the depth of the power he wields from that destructive mind stone lodged in his forehead so he basically doesn’t do anything except pass through solid objects, shoot yellow lasers, and fly. I mean during the airport fight in Civil War he barely did anything. He was basically the referee of the dispute. He was there to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. That shows how cool he is because he doesn’t even have to have the best abilities in the world and he’s my seventh favorite superhero. I hope he’ll unlock a little more of his potential and do something really cool before he (and hopefully this doesn’t happen) comes to his demise at the hands of Thanos.

6. Scarlet Witch


Scarlet Witch is pretty cool. After Avengers: Age of Ultron I was excited to see a new female superhero join the Avengers ranks. Then I was even more excited that she would be in Civil War. She was great too. I loved that they displayed more of her abilities. It’s also really cool because she’s so powerful she can beat Vision which is extraordinary. I can’t wait to see what she’ll be up to in the next Avengers.

5. Black Widow


Black Widow is awesome. When she first showed up in Iron Man 2 I didn’t like her that much. Then after the first Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier I was still wasn’t that impressed. She was, at the time, only a little cooler than Hawkeye. After Age of Ultron they finally started to reveal her background a little more and I was able to truly understand who she was. Then in Civil War you can really see how she’s become such a leader in the Avengers. She’s no longer the only female Avenger whose abilities are kind of boring and whose story is so-so. She is actually one of the toughest superheroes because she’s not like Captain America who has been scientifically enhanced. And she doesn’t have very impressive abilities like being able to shoot lasers or summon lightning. She only has her athletic skills, electric bracers, and her tiny black sticks to use and she can literally fight Ant-Man. That’s pretty awesome. I can’t wait to see her again in the next Avengers and I really hope that she gets her own movie soon. She deserves it.

4. Iron Man


If you would’ve told me five years ago Iron Man would end up being my fourth favorite superhero I would’ve laughed. Iron Man is great but he has, surprisingly, diminished in awesomeness. While there were old characters getting cooler and great new characters appearing Iron Man has stayed the same since the very first Iron Man. Tony Stark has changed in the last nine years because he has faced a whole bunch of difficult challenges. Unfortunately as the list of Avengers grows larger Iron Man’s spot in the top drops further.

3. Captain America


I was first introduced to Captain America in the first Avengers which was not a great introduction. He was overly stern, didn’t fit in well with the team, and his outfit was horrendous. I didn’t like Captain America very much. In fact he was my least favorite Avenger. After The Winter Soldier my view of Steve Rogers was changed forever. He was actually a great leader and the most impressive thing about him is all he has is a shield and his scientifically enhanced endurance and strength. That’s why he rose to top three in the list. After the conflict he faced with Iron Man I can’t wait to see him in Avengers: Infinity War. Will he still be Captain America or will he be something different? I’ll have to wait and see.

2. Black Panther


Black Panther is ridiculously cool. I had no knowledge of Black Panther until last year and I was so surprised. When I saw him on the trailers and commercials for Civil War I knew he was going to be awesome but he was even better than I expected. I still get excited every time I watch Civil War when he first attacks Bucky and he unfurls those deadly claws. That is an awesome part. He’s so cool that I can’t wait to see his standalone movie next year. I’m so excited to see his homeland of Wakanda and the people of that secluded country.

1. Doctor Strange


I had no idea that after November 4th Doctor Strange would be my favorite superhero but he is. His powers are so amazing that I was stunned. I also loved that even though he could make mirror dimensions and could rewind time he still has his basic weapons like the fire lasso he used to fight those sorcerers. And not only is he cool but he has the best companion ever, the cloak. That cloak is so funny and great that it’s kind of a superhero of its own. Doctor Strange was so awesome that as I was watching the movie all I could think was how will he be with the Avengers? I mean can you imagine him floating in the air and while a great battle is happening around him with heroes like Captain America, Iron Man and The Hulk he’ll be up there making the world around him shift and bend in mind boggling ways. I’m so, so very happy that he’s going to be in Thor: Raganarok so I can get a taste of what him alongside The Avengers will be like. Until then I’ll enjoy watching him face off against Dormammu on Blu-Ray.

Well those are my ten favorite Marvel superheroes…for the moment. I can’t wait until May to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. Who knows. Maybe there’ll be another new hero from that movie who breaches my top ten list.

I. Love. MOVIES!