Survivor Game Changers Delivers Yet Again

Last week’s episode contained a historic tribal council that sent an unsuspecting Malcolm home way before he deserved to. The preview for this week’s episode of Survivor consisted of an exploding Debbie but boy was there so much more to this hour-long episode. Let’s get to it.

The Traitorous JT Finds An Idol

After what happened to Malcolm last week I was really upset with JT. Not only did he perform one of the most ridiculous moves in Survivor history during Season 20: Heroes vs. Villains by giving Russel his idol after that covert letter but now he had gotten rid of Malcolm by spilling Nuku’s plan. When they got back to camp I was slightly angry at JT. He tried to act like he didn’t tell Culpepper about their plan to vote off Sierra (which he did) but everyone knew he was the rat. Sandra was especially upset and vowed that she was going to get him back but I didn’t take her words too literally. If I only knew how the episode would end.

So the next day JT knows that he’s on the chopping block so what does he do? He goes and finds the idol! All I could do was shake my head in annoyance. The last person I wanted to find an idol was JT. And is it just me or does it seem like the players are finding these idols a little too easily? Either because they’re all alumni and know what to look for or the idols are being placed in easier to find locations. Whatever the case JT found the idol and I was bummed out.

Debbie Goes Bonkers

There of course was a reward challenge and the reward was mouth-watering. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, cookies and milk! Yummy. The challenge was difficult enough and consisted of a few simple but challenging steps. They don’t usually show the tribes designate who’s going to do what in the challenge but it was central to an upcoming moment later in the episode so they showed it. Debbie on the Mana tribe insisted that she should be the second person to cross the balance beam because according to her she’s taken gymnastics for ten years.

So the reward challenge begins. Tavua flies through the balancing portion of the challenge due to Ozzy and Andrea. Mickaela digs like a gopher through the sand to get those bags because she refuses to lose the challenge. Everything seems to be going smoothly for the Mana tribe. They’re even in the lead at one point. And then Debbie had to cross the balance beam and their chances to win the challenge fell away like a comet. They ended up losing the challenge but that was the least of Mana’s troubles.

When they got back to camp Debbie was furious. Hali and Sierra tried to console her and figure out what was wrong but Debbie is mad, and I don’t mean the angry definition of that word. She convinced herself that Hali took too long to get across that beam whereas she zoomed across it in “thirty seconds” which is false. And she blamed Culpepper for being disrespectful and forcing her to be the one to cross the balance beam even though she was the who stepped up to take the responsibility. Now maybe Culpepper is slightly disrespectful to her around camp but in terms of this situation she was obviously in the wrong. She’s already a little odd but I think after they lost those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches something in her brain snapped. I’ll tell you this, I wouldn’t be able to handle being on a tribe with Debbie because she can be very infuriating at times.

Sandra Concocts A Sugar Trap

So we go back to Nuku. It’s the day after the reward challenge and Mickaela wants seven drips of coffee and a scoop of sugar. JT’s upset about the request and Sandra sees that this is her chance to get JT voted off. So what does the queen of Survivor do? She eats the rest of the sugar. Wow, she was titled as a villain for a reason. And it worked. No one in the tribe is looking to get Sandra if they lose the immunity challenge because she diverted all of the attention to this suddenly realized feud between JT and Mickaela. It was a brilliant move that leads to an incredible tribal council later in the show but I’ll get to that in a little bit.

The Immunity Challenge

This challenge was full of suspense at the end. I’m sorry to say this but I was hoping for Nuku to lose. I really wanted to see what would happen after Sandra did that mind-boggling move with the sugar. I also didn’t want a scenario where Tavua would lose and Ozzy or Cirie get voted off because of some outrageous plan Troyzan and Sarah have concocted. When Tavua barely won in that nail-biting conclusion of the challenge I was so relieved. Yes, the showdown between JT and Mickaela would come to fruition and I was excited.

JT Gets Some Instant Karma

So Nuku lost the challenge and when they went back to camp JT just knew everyone was on board to vote the “sugar stealing” Mickaela off of Survivor Game Changers. He had no inkling that Sandra was concocting a plan to vote him off instead. She got Mickaela on board to vote JT off but Jeff Varner was the swing vote. Which path would he choose? Would he stick with Mickaela who is a strong player but can sometimes rub people the wrong way or would he go with JT who is also a tough contestant during the challenges but is truly a pain in the rear end at times? I was so anxious to see.

This was an ugly tribal council with a gorgeous conclusion. JT was so confident that Mickaela was going home. He treated her with so much disrespect I was livid. I’m so glad Sandra helped speak up for her because Mickaela is not a lazy person, I can tell that just through the television. And did he forget how she performs at the challenges? She’ll outwork most of the men. Just because she’s not smiling all the time and treating JT like a king doesn’t mean she’s a deadbeat. And yes, maybe her request with the seven drips of coffee and one scoop of coffee was a little too much for JT to handle. If I was as hungry as they are and slightly cranky it might’ve rubbed me the wrong way too but still, come on JT.

When they had to go vote I was so nervous. Would JT play his idol? Would Jeff choose JT over Mickaela? What was going to happen?! When Jeff Probst was about to read the votes I could barely breath. Was JT about to pull his idol out of his bag? When he didn’t I was beyond excited. Yes, if Sandra’s plan worked JT would be going home. Jeff read the votes and as always in these situations it came to a tie between JT and Mickaela. It was time to see what Varner’s decision would be. When Jeff turned that slip of paper around and it said: JT I went running and screaming with complete and absolute joy.

Not only was that a spectacular turn of events but Mickaela taking that cup out of her satchel and drinking her water like as if she was sipping tea was brilliant. If she had gotten kicked off it would’ve been an embarrassing move but I loved her confidence. She knew JT was going home and that’s all there was to it. With that tribal council JT has officially become the dumbest player to be on Survivor. Not only did he give Russel his own idol, get Malcolm kicked off for running his mouth, but he also got sent home even though he had an idol. Can you believe that? I think JT is the least deserving winner of Survivor because I mean come on. How can you make three ridiculous moves in Survivor and have two of them happen in one season? Wow.

That episode of Survivor last night became an instant classic, it was that outrageously entertaining. Now they’re saying next week someone’s going to be headed to Exile Island and a former Survivor will be returning. That is mind-blowing! First of all if they bring a player into the game in the middle of a season that’ll be a twist that’s never happened before. Secondly, who could the mystery person be? Is it Boston Rob, Coach, Russel, Joe, Parvati, who is it?! This is going to be the longest week ever. Whoever it is I hope it’s somebody who’s worthy of making an appearance on Survivor: Game Changers.

Well this was so much fun. I am a big fan of Survivor and so episodes like these are really special. A lot of times seasons of Survivor are hyped up but really aren’t that great but this season is turning out to be everything I knew it had the potential to be. I hope you enjoyed that episode of Survivor last night just as much as I did. As always I will be writing a summary next week as well about the new Survivor episode so you definitely won’t want to miss it. Thank you for reading my post and have a beautiful day.

Spider Man Swings Into Action With A New Trailer

Three days ago Warner Bros. released a new trailer for their highly anticipated Justice League movie and it was pretty entertaining. DC Comics is known for their epic superheroes and it looks like Warner Bros. is going to make sure that continues to be the reputation of characters such as Batman or Wonder Woman. Marvel is the rival in this huge superhero genre and so of course they have released a new trailer for one of their most beloved characters debut film, Spider Man. That’ll definitely divert some attention from the incredible looking film DC Comics will be presenting later on this year. Here is the new trailer for Spider Man: Homecoming.

My Summary of this New Trailer:

First off, this trailer was way better than the first one. There was much more action which looks spectacular, there’s more Tony Stark which is always exciting, there’s more humor, and there’s more of the villainous Vulture. So on that note let me talk about these four elements of the trailer.

The Action

Marvel’s movies are known for some of their incredible action sequences. Take Captain America: Civil War for example. Part of the reason why I came away from that movie so pleased was the extraordinary airport battle between the Avengers. There were so many fascinating elements to that one sequence in the film that it alone made Civil War one of the most enjoyable blockbusters I’ve ever watched. I’m happy to say it looks like this Spider Man film will definitely deliver on the action scenes.

First of all those little spider drones Spider Man now has are so cool. I can’t wait to see what they can do. Secondly the main fight between Spider Man and The Vulture is going to be something to witness. That part where it showed the two fighting on a crashing plane looks exciting and there’s no doubt it’s going to be very loud in IMAX. Third, did you notice that in the second half of the trailer it shows Peter Parker fighting Vulture without his special Spider Man suit Tony Stark made him? It looks like after whatever happens with that boat incident Iron Man is going to have to take away his heroic privileges because of those Accords all superheroes are supposed to abide by. That means Peter Parker is going to have a lot more trouble facing Vulture when he’s obviously only able to wear his old suit.

I’m glad to see that this trailer didn’t show all of the plot points of this movie. All I know is a lot of trouble is about to hit New York City.

There’s More Iron Man!

I feel bad saying this because this is a movie that’s supposed to be all about the new Spider Man but my favorite part of this trailer was when it showed Iron man helping to push that boat back together. It was so cool it literally gave me chills. Yes I love Tom Holland’s version of Spider Man. He looks like what you’d imagine Peter Parker looking like, he’s funny, and he’s simply the perfect Spider Man but Iron Man is an amazing character. First of all I’ve been watching Iron Man since 2010 and throughout all of those years he’s always stolen the show. It’s just until recently when there have been stellar new heroes such as Black Panther or Doctor Strange that he’s lessened in the ranks of incredible Marvel characters. When I saw the new clips of Iron Man in this trailer I momentarily forgot about Spider Man. That’s a little worrying. I hope Tony Stark will be more of a secondary character that only shows up here and there because he will definitely slightly steal the spotlight from this new hero that I can’t wait to see a little further. And I’m really hoping that Spider Man will be the one to defeat Vulture because if he’s aided by Iron Man it’ll diminish his ability to be an independent superhero who can save the world just as easily as Captain America.

The Humor In This Spider Man Trailer Is Perfect

I love a trailer that can make me laugh, for the right reasons. I loved the humorous moments such as when it showed Spider Man swinging through a neighborhood and he splashed a whole bunch of people at a pool party. That was a perfect Spider Man move. And secondly I thought it was very amusing seeing his friend try on his mask. Those little clips remind us that this version of Peter Parker is just a teenager with some pretty awesome abilities. I think it’s going to be great having this new dynamic to the line of heroes in these films because everyone else, besides Scarlet Witch, is over the age of 28. That makes Peter extra special once he eventually joins the Avengers in their fight against baddies throughout the galaxy.

The Angry Vulture

Judging from this trailer Vulture is going to become part of that list of lackluster villains. Yes his suit is gorgeously frightening but besides that he seems to be the cliché villain with that repetitive speech most villains have. Everything was taken from me and so I’m going to take everything from you. What this villain’s true motive will be interesting to see, like is he an angry Hydra officer that has been plotting his revenge or is he just some crazed individual who wants to see superheroes perish by his hand? There’s also the question if he’s working alone or is there some other behind the scenes villain that they’re keeping for a surprise?

My Overall Opinion of this Trailer

I think it’s going to be another successful entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has the formula and I’m thankful to see they’re not letting up on delivering enjoyable films to all us movie lovers. The main thing that excites me about this new movie is what the surprise of the movie will be because there’s always a surprise. Age of Ultron’s surprise was the debut of Vision. Ant-Man’s was having Falcon in the film. And Civil War’s surprise was Captain America dropping his shield at the end. That jaw dropping moment still has me wondering if he’ll reprise his role as Captain America or if he’ll have a different identity. I’m also excited to see the post-credit scenes because those are always fun to watch. After July 7 all of my questions will be answered.

Well thank you for reading for my post. It’s been fun writing about this new trailer and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Have a beautiful day.

DC Comics’ Redemption Tour Begins With The New Justice League Trailer

Marvel has been the king of blockbusters for the last seven years and for good reason. Their movies have been sensational to watch and besides the Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan which ended this decade there haven’t been any superhero flicks to top the Disney owned franchise. DC Comics has tried to become a competitor in the superhero genre with their occasional films like Green Lantern. That flick failed terribly and to make it even worse Ryan Reynolds, the actor who portrayed the green wearing superhero, played Deadpool, a character in Marvel, and it was a smashing success. DC Comics kept trying to make epic films but audiences did not respond well to the movies. Now I enjoyed Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel. I thought that Man of Steel was a well made movie with an epic score and an awesome villain. Batman vs. Superman was enjoyable because it had a lot of dialogue and there was an intenseness about the movie I enjoyed. There were mistakes like Lois Lane being in the middle of everything and their casting for Lex Luthor but all in all I truly enjoyed this film.

Now it’s a new year and DC Comics has decided to come swinging with two movies this year. The first is Wonder Woman which will be coming out in June. It looks like the first half of the flick will be very enjoyable but the second half seems to be filled with slow motion, a semi-epic fighting sequence, and not that great of a story. It’s been nearly two weeks since the latest Wonder Woman trailer came out and now DC Comics has brought out their first official Justice League trailer. Take a look.

After watching this trailer I was thoroughly impressed. I’m not a fan of epic movie trailers containing guitar style music but this worked. There were so many great elements to this trailer that I’m seriously pumped.

First of all, did you see Aquaman?! I have never thought Aquaman was cool from the cartoons with that blond hairdo and his orange and green scaled suit. I guess Warner Bros. didn’t think that would be too cool as well so they got this new guy to play Aquaman and he is incredible. He’s tall and lean, his suit is a very appealing color, his trident is so cool it’s undoubtedly going to become a great prop for Haloween, and his abilities seem to be very powerful. I can’t wait to see him in action in the film.

The second coolest person in the movie was once again a surprise because it was Flash who I thought looked amazing. Flash’s action scenes are going to be so much fun to watch and his suit looks great.

I also enjoyed seeing them put a little bit of humor into the trailer because a lot of peoples’ complaints about these DC films were the fact that they are so dour.

There were also some great moments in the trailer like a flash of what looked like two huge armies facing off in what seemed like an appalling battle scene. There was the last bit with Aquaman on top of Batman’s car which screams EPIC! And there was just a lot of beautifully CGI’d fighting scenes that had me beaming with excitement.

The main reason why I believe this movie is going to be a success is because they didn’t really show anything. Yes it looks like they’re going to have to defend Earth from a bunch of scary looking aliens but who’s going to be the main villain? And obviously Lois Lane is going to be in the movie so that’s interesting because you know, wherever she is there’s always something happening.

Not only was the trailer’s content fun to observe but it was aesthetically appealing to the eyes. It was so gorgeously epic and clear that whether the story will be good or not it’s going to be spectacular to watch in IMAX.

Is there anything negative about this trailer? Not really. I do hope there’s some reduction on the slow motion for Wonder Woman’s fighting scenes. Cyborg could definitely be a little cooler. I never imagined Cyborg looking like that if he was real but I guess it’s difficult to make a man/robot look as epic as someone like Aquaman. Everything else however was five stars.

Yes Wonder Woman is the first DC film to come out this year but I think Justice League is going to be the movie that’ll redeem the epic brand. This movie wasn’t at the top of my must-see list but after that incredible trailer I’m excited for November.

Well that’s my thoughts on the new Justice League trailer. Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed the trailer and I would like to wish you a beautiful Monday.


The Game Changing In Survivor Continues

Last week on Survivor the big twist that I’ve been waiting to see is the double elimination. Who would get voted off? Which alliances would crumble and who would be on the hot seat? Well, the conclusion of this groundbreaking episode was something I would’ve never guessed would happen in a million years and so, on that note, let me begin my summary of this week’s episode of Survivor.

The Reward Challenge

I was glad to see the first reward challenge of the season. I love the reward challenges in Survivor and the prize for this episode was well worth it. The first team to win would get coffee and chocolate chip cookies while the second team to finish would get iced coffee. I love iced coffee so that would be perfect to have on the blistering island of Fiji.

It was an exciting challenge to watch. I liked that they raised the stakes of the challenge with only two people on each tribe being able to participate. On the dominant tribe Nuku they chose J.T and Malcolm to partake in the challenge, Tauvau had Ozzy and Troyzan, and Mana had Tai and Brad Culpepper. Of course Ozzy was the first person to get through the front half of the challenge even after he dropped his ball because he’s a beast at challenges. Then it was up to Troyzan to finish the job. J.T, due to Ozzy’s mistake, was close behind and so Malcolm easily overtook him in the second half of the challenge. That wasn’t what was surprising. Culpepper, when it was his time to do the challenge, went through it like a mad man. He was throwing those bags at the sand filled sticks with such determination and focus that it was kind of amazing. Troyzan had only two sticks left but he grew flustered under the pressure and Malcolm ended up coming in first place and Culpepper in second.

Troyzan already has a huge target on his back but after his blunder on the reward challenge the bullseye is even larger. The hilarious but frightening thing about this situation is the fact that he has an idol. If everyone goes after him, which they will when they lose, he’s got a defense mechanism they’ll never see coming. I predict Ozzy taking the punishment for this and getting voted off simply by a tricky move Troyzan will make.

When they went back with Tauvau to their camp and they started to focus on Ozzy I was nervous. This was a double elimination episode. Would Tauvau be one of the tribes that lost and Ozzy be a victim to this new twist in Survivor: Game Changers?

The Historic Tribal Council

So of course there was the immunity challenge. As advertised throughout the week two teams were going to lose and would have to go tribal council to vote some people off. Because the stakes were high the challenge was suspenseful as expected. Even though I like everyone on Nuku I was pulling for Tauvau throughout the entire challenge because I really didn’t want to see Ozzy go home. At first it seemed like Nuku was going to win the challenge with flying colors. They got through the blindfolded section of the challenge far before anyone else did. J.T and Malcolm are good at challenges and their participation on that last part of the challenge was stellar. Ozzy and Sandra managed to close the gap and so it came down to the third and final ball in the maze. When Jeff Garner decided to be the one to finish off the challenge I knew they were going to lose. And they did, just barely, and I was so relieved.

This was of course when the game changing twist happened. Yes both tribes lost but they wouldn’t have to individually vote off a tribe member. Both tribes would have to go to tribal council and vote off only one person. That was a mind-blowing twist that I knew was going to result in an epic, exciting, historic tribal council. And did it ever.

Nuku, with their first loss, had to figure out who they would go after on the Mana tribe. They all decided to go after Sierra because she was the strongest female on Mana and they figured she would not have an immunity idol. J.T and Malcolm, however, had other more devious plans. They wanted to get Sandra off because who doesn’t? She’s a two-time winner. She’s like a disguised assassin who sits in the midst of a crowd waiting for their prey and J.T and Malcolm knew this. They figured Mana would be going after Sandra as well which they were. They were outnumbered six to five and yes they could hope J.T would flip over to their side but how could they be certain he would?

So what did Tai do? He went and found an idol in the nick of time. Now Mana had the advantage going into this tribal council because if they could figure out whom Nuku was going after they could save that person and vote off whoever they wanted.


Well the tribal council was at first like any other tribal council. Then Hali spoke about getting rid of physical threats and it turned into a tornado of whispered discussions, plan changes, secrets revealed, and just a lot of confusion. I didn’t know what was going on. I was just watching in utter bafflement. In Survivor: Game Changers I hoped there would be moments like this that have never happened before. This was definitely one of those moments. There have been whispered discussions during tribal council but never like this. There were people from opposing tribes making plans, the two tribes changing plans of their own, it was bonkers.


When they went to go vote after that frenzy of last-minute conversation I figured, from the way they edited the episode that Sandra was finally going home. There was no way she was going to escape getting voted out again, especially with her overconfident behavior even at the tribal council. When they finished voting Tai wisely gave his idol to Sierra and sure enough everyone on Nuku voted for her. So, it was the moment of truth. Who did Mana vote for? I figured it was Sandra because there was no way they wouldn’t vote for her. She was at her most vulnerable and it was the perfect chance to finally rid the queen of Survivor her throne. When Jeff Probst held up that slip of paper and slowly opened it I wasn’t even anxious. I just knew he was going to say Sandra’s name. Yet he didn’t. He instead said Malcolm’s name and I’m still stunned.


What happened? When, in the midst of all that frenzied whispering, did Mana decide to get rid of Malcolm of all people? It was terrible and yet amazing at the same time. Think of it. There have been four people to get voted off so far and three of the four contestants have been strong males. First it was Tony, then Caleb, and now Malcolm. This is definitely a different season of Survivor. These players don’t care about strength. They’re being a lot more strategic and instead are getting rid of these physical threats long before they can get to the merge. That means people such as Ozzy, Mickayla, Culpepper, and J.T will have to watch their backs because this group of contestants does not care about strong players at all. Ozzy has to worry the most because he’s the strongest male left and obviously that leaves a huge target on his back. When Tauvau sees Nuku at the next challenge they are going to be just as stunned as I was. Poor, poor Malcolm, I really didn’t see him going home any time soon. The hashtag for that tribal council was #Wow and it was the perfect description of that historic moment in Survivor.

This week it looks Debbie is going to be very angry at everybody. What about, I have no idea, but it looks like it’s going to be a mess. I’ll of course share my summary of that episode this Thursday. Thank you for reading my post and have a beautiful Monday!

Here’s A New Look At Thor

Yes, Thor Now Has Short Hair

is (20)

This is so exciting! I’ve been waiting paitently for some news about Thor: Ragnarok since I heard it was coming out. There was an incredible tease at Doctor Strange joining Thor in the mid-credit scene for Doctor Strange which was great news but that was all. What was Thor going to be up to in this next movie of his? The last time we saw him he was going to search for answers after his vision in that pool. This past week Entertainment Weekly released the first pictures of Thor: Ragnarok (this was one of them) and I was stunned. Not only did Thor have a completely different hairdo (which I think looks much better) but as you can see on this photo he doesn’t have his hammer. Now I know why he doesn’t have his iconic weapon but I won’t spoil the surprise for you. If you would like to know just go to Entertainment and you’ll find out all you need to know about this installment into Marvel.

I was already excited about this new Thor movie but after this week it’s truly become the Marvel film I’m really anxious to see. I think it’s going to be very entertaining but of course I won’t know for sure until the teaser comes out. Hopefully that’ll be sooner rather than later.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and like I said earlier, if you would like to know more about Thor: Ragnarok go to Entertainment Weekly. They have lots of other cool pictures of characters in the movie that’ll have you even more excited. Until tomorrow, have a great day.

The Second Episode of Survivor Did Not Dissapoint

Last night Survivor aired and even though it was only a one hour episode it was packed with all sorts of plotlines and a first time moment in Survivor history. So on that note let me write my summary of this “Game Changing” episode.

The Tribe Swaps


It was exciting to see the episode start immediately with the tribes having to swap. They split into three tribes of six and the most shocking change-up was the fact that Caleb and Tai ended up on the same tribe, Mana. It was a fateful occurrence that I knew couldn’t be a coincidence because nothing happens in Survivor by coincidence. Unfortunately for Caleb we know how this ended up but I’ll get to later in the post.

Ozzy and Cirie were placed on the new tribe, Tauvau which is another team-up I’ll be watching carefully. After last week’s two-hour episode it seemed like Ozzy was still sore at Cirie for her helping to vote him off in Season 16. Will them being on the same team be a detriment to each other or will they put their differences aside and become a force to reckoned with? I can’t wait to see.

The dominant tribe, Nuku, has three people from the old Mana tribe, Sandra, Malcolm, and Mickayla. It’ll be interesting to see if they’ll stay together or if they’ll start going after Sandra because she is a legitimate threat that, if not voted off early, will definitely have the chance to get to the final tribal council.

The swaps are thrilling to witness and I can’t wait to see throughout the weeks how it plays out.

JT and Malcolm Catch Some Goats

This was an interesting sequence in the second episode of Survivor. Now, on old seasons people have tried to catch an animal that’ll provide much more food than the occasional fish they get but they usually can’t. Well, for the first time in Survivor history JT and Malcolm actually managed to catch two goats but one was a baby and one was the baby’s mother. It was an intense moment because Sandra really wanted to eat those goats no matter the fact that it was a family. They kept going back and forth on whether they would eat the goats or not and I was watching it with so much anxiety. I was so relieved when they let the goats go. When they showed the baby goat walking off calling for its mother it slightly made me tear up, that’s how sweet it was.

Troyzan Finds An Idol

This was an entertaining portion of the episode. The survivors on the new tribe Tauvau had to start creating a camp. Troyzan was clearly on the bottom and so what did he do? He went and found the idol. It, however, was only a clue and the only way he could obtain it was by getting it during the immunity challenge. I watched that entire challenge with an excited smile upon my face. It was interesting to see Nuku win again even with different people on the tribe but when the new tribe was doing the puzzle at the end I was watching Troyzan the entire time. What was he going to do? Was he going to be able to get that idol? When they barely beat the still losing Mana tribe and he went over to the side of the table where the idol I was so anxious. He got the idol though and now that’s an interesting development in the season because let’s say they lose next week and have to vote somebody off. Everyone’s going to be going after Troyzan not knowing that he has an idol. I suspect next week there’s going to be a lot of exciting, jaw dropping moments with big consequences for the rest of the season.

Caleb’s Fate Is Sealed Again

I feel really sorry for Caleb but before I get to that let me talk about his road to being the third person kicked off of Survivor: Game Changers. So when Mana’s tribe was swapped and there were three people from Season 32 on it, Caleb, Tai, and Debbie it undoubtedly showed that they could become a powerful threesome. Culpepper was not going to have that happen. Hali seemed to clearly be on the outs because she didn’t have any alliances but Culpepper decided that they should get rid of Caleb. When they lost the immunity challenge they had to make a decision. Did they want to keep the team strong and save Caleb or did they want to get rid of that physical threat and keep Hali? Tai was the deciding factor and even though he felt bad about it he slyly gave the order at Tribal Council to vote off his friend. I couldn’t believe it. Caleb was off of Survivor on the ninth day again. This shows that no matter how nice and sweet Tai pretends to be he’s really about as ruthless in this season as someone like Sandra. This season is going to be full of surprises.

Next week there’s going to be a double elimination and I can’t wait to see all of the things that are going to happen. I will of course write about the turn of events that will happen in that episode and you definitely won’t want to miss it. Thank you for reading my post and have a beautiful day.

My Ten Favorite Moments In Star Wars


Star Wars is one of the greatest movies in film history and what makes this sci-fi flicks so beloved are the iconic moments in these movies. I have watched every single Star Wars film many, many times and each movie, even the prequels, have some scenes that are simply fun to watch. There are of course instants that are better than others and this is where my post begins.

10. When Rey Force Pulls Luke’s Lightsaber (The Force Awakens)


This is definitely one of my favorite moments out of all the Star Wars movies. Rey, throughout the movie, was already an incredible heroine. She was tough, resourceful, didn’t need anyone to save her, and she was starting to realize she had the force. I remember when I watched The Force Awakens for the first time I didn’t truly realize she was a Jedi until she pulled Luke’s lightsaber towards her instead of Kylo Ren. That moment was and still is, so powerful. It’s a fantastic part because she’s just as dumbfounded as Kylo Ren when she’s holding that lightsaber. I love the petrified look on her face because she remembers what happened the last time she held that weapon. When she turns it on though she’s ready to fight and it’s such a goosebump-inducing moment. This was definitely one of my favorite moments.

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