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The Three Greatest Millennium Falcon Action Scenes in ‘Star Wars’

The Millennium Falcon, it’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. The ship that captivated the eyes of millions of viewers since 1977, the Millennium Falcon is a beloved vessel. When one thinks of iconic vessels in science-fiction you may be easily drawn to say the Nostramo or the USS Enterprise but the Millennium Falcon will always be a part of that conversation because it is so iconic.

This year may be the last time we ever get to see this dazzling hunk of junk on the big screen, which is truly a depressing thought, but I’m sure J.J Abrams will deliver a fascinating action scene that’ll highlight the Millennium Falcon in the best way possible.

Today, I want to celebrate this incredible ship by highlighting its three best action scenes. Enjoy! Continue reading The Three Greatest Millennium Falcon Action Scenes in ‘Star Wars’

QI’RA: Chapter Nineteen

Old Friend, New Enemy

As soon as Dart landed the ship was bombarded by blaster fire but as Qi’ra charged from the craft, her blaster in hand, a passing ship overhead took care of the enemy forces immediately facing them. She continued forward, her gaze absorbing the burning buildings covered in long banners providing bursts of color through the soot and ash left behind by the fires. Her army of warriors, led by herself, T-38, and Nienye, followed close behind while her ships continued to fly overhead, providing aerial support. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Nineteen

QI’RA: Chapter Eight

A Fierce Confrontation

Nienye absorbed the massive warrior’s blow as he barely managed to parry his destructive attack. As the warrior pressed Nienye back with the might of his strength, Nienye released his grip on the spear, dropping down into a crouch, grabbed the spear as it fell into his hands, and rolled out of the way of the warrior’s massive feet that stomped where he had just been kneeling.

As he took this quick moment to catch his breath he looked to his left. There, Ventra Dune lay awkwardly, her armor torn across her bodice and her face covered with blue blood from where the warrior had punched her in the face, breaking her nose. He didn’t know if she was dead but, judging by how still she was laying, she probably was.

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QI’RA: Chapter Six

Nienye’s Story

Nienye loved the exhilaration of battle. At home on Takodana hunting in the dense forests with his father had been a daily pleasure. The sheer adrenaline flowing through one’s veins while taking on a Jorker; a fierce boar with lethal tusks and spike-covered skin, was a feeling unlike any other. One day, when his father was too ill to join him, he left to go hunt alone. That day a bunch of mercenaries arrived at his village looting and pillaging. No one in the village survived.

Devastated and heartbroken, Nienye headed west, eventually reaching Maz Kanata’s castle where he found work and left Takodana with a group of smugglers. For a few years, he worked alongside the smugglers until they too would find misfortune. Apparently, one of the crew had stolen from a major crime boss and the gang wanted revenge. Nienye almost died that day but he was spared, taken as a prisoner instead and sold on the black market. By wits and strengthened resolve, he managed to escape.

He then ventured across the galaxy, surviving off of scraps and his admirable fighting skills. When all hope seemed lost he met Qi’ra.

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QI’RA: Chapter Five


Ventra Dune knelt on the edge of a cliff, the world before her reddened by the goggles’ tint that she was wearing.

“I hate this planet,” she grumbled.

“This planet” she was speaking of was Symtora; a bleak place with flatlands of grey stone, vaulting caverns and sheer cliffs that fell into steep canyons and roiling oceans. What vegetation that could be found grew deep in the caverns where the underground rivers ran freely. Above ground, there was nothing but grey land and the sky that for some reason was always filled with storm clouds.

Beside her knelt Nienye, Qi’ra’s top lieutenant. He was a tall man with unblemished skin the color of charcoal and striking green eyes that were native to his people from Takodana. His head was close-shaven and his face was beardless, allowing his sheer beauty to shine freely. Ventra Dune wasn’t one to get flustered over men but he definitely was a looker.

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Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-SEVEN)

Dr. Frost stepped out of the HYDRA headquarters, a feeling of triumph covering her senses. She spread her arms, looking at the sky as she took a deep breath. She was about to tell the Winter Soldiers “Let’s rule the world” when suddenly the Winter Soldiers’ stances shifted in preparation for battle as they raised their guns stolen from the fallen Deputy Task Force soldiers.

Dr. Frost followed their gaze. Her eyes widened as she beheld thirteen individuals standing in a row in the near distance staring straight her way. As she recognized the people she gasped. There were The Avengers and Wakandans, former S.H.I.E.L.D agents and a woman in striking yellow. Their expressions looked like they were ready to fight. A snarl distorted her features.

“Well, it looks like my plan to wipe you out will come sooner than expected,” she said confidently, her words masked by the whistle of the wind. “Great. I like a good fight!”

King T’Challa, still red-hot with rage over his grief over Nakia’s death, charged forward at the doctor’s words, and General Okoye and Shuri followed him with a mighty yell. It was official. The fight had begun.

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