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My Movie Classics Binge-Watch Session

It was a beautiful Saturday yesterday and my family did something that we don’t usually we do; watch classic movies all day. It was SO MUCH FUN! We watched four new movies that we had never seen before and because of that I had to share my experience and four tiny reviews of each film. Enjoy!

All the President’s Men


We began our movie marathon with Oscar-winning All the President’s Men which blew my mind by how good it turned out being. As someone who watched The Post a couple of years ago and was very underwhelmed political movies have a chance of being really interesting or really boring.

All the President’s Men was fascinating from beginning to end, specifically when noticing the disturbing parallels between Nixon’s administration and the very administration we’re enduring at the moment with President Trump. Will I ever watch this movie again? Maybe. I definitely enjoyed it enough to perhaps sit down and enjoy it again for a second time.

4.5/5 stars Continue reading My Movie Classics Binge-Watch Session