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My Review of Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection

Last night while scrolling through Netflix for something to watch I came across this fascinating movie focusing on twelve Disney short films. Some are old, some are new, some involve characters you know and love while others feature fresh stories with never-before-seen heroes and heroines. As I sat entranced with these various movies for over an hour I couldn’t wait to share my experience with you. And now that time has arrived. I’m going to individually review each short and at the end, I will share which three shorts ended up being my favorite. Enjoy!

“John Henry”


The first short film was about the inspiring tale of John Henry, a former slave turned West Virginia hero who singlehandedly built a railroad and thus the blissful freedom of his hardworking, blue-collar compatriots. While I thought the story was really good and I enjoyed the music it felt borderline racist if I’m being honest.

As the only short film that focused on people of color John Henry’s story of triumph was shortlived as the conclusion saw him literally work himself to death. It was jarring and a harsh reminder of a time when, as a black woman in America, I would’ve been forced to perform hard, arduous work ’till the point of my ultimate demise, whether that death would be caused by exhaustion, childbirth, or by the hands of those wanting to inflict harm upon me.

To make matters even worse, the short film was not created nor given a thumbs up by an African-American, making the message of hope and inspiration they may have tried to convey a bit confusing. Continue reading My Review of Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection

‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures’ Continues To Impress With Its Latest Shorts

Disney released a new animated series focusing on some of the most iconic Star Wars characters and their most memorable moments and five more entries in the series have arrived. So, of course, I’m here to share them with you. Enjoy!

Chewie vs. Holochess-Let the Wookie Win

I liked this short but I didn’t love it. Chewbacca is, more than anything, a very nice character but if you’ve never watched Star Wars before this short makes it seem like he’s mean. I don’t know if I exactly that.

Chewie can have his moments but he’s nowhere near as ferocious as this short makes him seem.

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My Favorite New Episodes of ‘Forces of Destiny’

When Disney announced that they were making new animated shorts featuring some of Star Wars‘ most prominent characters I was totally on board. Since then there have been over two dozen of these fascinating shorts and now, with a Season 2, Forces of Destiny is bringing new incredible characters and providing them tantalizing backstory that is undoubtedly a blast to watch. So, here are the latest batch of new episodes that happen to be my favorite. Enjoy!

Porg Problems

Porgs are really cute and so it’s no surprise to see that this was one of my favorite episodes so far in Forces of Destiny. We get to see Rey learning how to use the Force, which is always awesome, and then her interaction with the Porgs is downright one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen from the delightful little furballs. I love Porgs! 🙂

Bounty Hunted

I liked this episode because not only do we get an exciting interaction between Princess Leia and Maz Kanata but we also get to see how Leia obtained the bounty hunter disguise that she used to save Han from the vile clutches of Jabba the Hutt. Leia is in full awesome mode in this animated short and I loved it.

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