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Ranking the Marvel Trailers From Worst to Best; Part 1

There have been twenty movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far but at one time all we knew of these films were their exciting or somewhat disappointing trailers. Trailers tell you everything about a movie’s quality and that’s why I’m ranking them. But because there are, well, twenty trailers to rank I’m breaking it up into a two-day series. Enjoy!

20. The Incredible Hulk

Like The Incredible Hulk this is clearly the worst trailer of them all. Maybe I’m being a little biased because I know the movie isn’t that good but still, it’s kind of lame. It could’ve been a good movie but unfortunately it isn’t.

19. Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger is a boring origin story, pure and simple. The story is well told but the movie is poorly made. In the hands of the Russo Brothers it might have been a completely different film but in those days Marvel hadn’t entirely gotten their footing yet. It definitely is #19 in my opinion.

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It’s Fact: Marvel Movies Are Better With Compelling Villains

Yesterday evening I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier after not having seen it in months. I enjoyed it thoroughly of course, for it’s one of Marvel’s greatest installments in the franchise, but as I watched it I realized something. For a while now I have presented the argument that a movie can’t truly be incredible and memorable without a great villain. Take The Dark Knight for example. Many people herald it as the greatest superhero ever made not because of Batman (even though he was clearly awesome) but mainly because we remember The Joker.

Heath Ledger took the iconic Batman villain to the next level, making us believe in the cynical plans he constantly concocted and shaking us with his dark jokes about how he got his scars just before killing someone. He was, at many times, smarter than Batman and he made for a compelling antagonist that took the movie to a whole other level.

Marvel has started to figure that out over the years. Villains are Marvel’s one blaring flaw. Their constant obstacle that has become a suspected hindrance to the franchise. But of late they have tried to change that narrative by incorporating villains that are actually memorable and worth caring about in the past few years. And that’s where I come to the point of this post.

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The Ten Most Kid-Friendly Marvel Movies

Marvel has become a wonderful franchise that people of all ages can enjoy. Some Marvel films are catered to an older audience while others may appeal to younger fans. But which of these movies are the most kid-friendly of the bunch? That’s what I’m here to share with you. Enjoy! (And I’m not ranking these movies by the way.)



As someone who’s a little older Ant-Man can be a little cheesy at times but younger children will have a blast watching this film. There isn’t a lot of profanity, the violence is contained and not that graphic, and it’s a fun film filled with a lot of humor. Children will quickly fall in love with Ant-Man after seeing this movie.

 Ant-Man and the Wasp


Like Ant-Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp is a fun movie that caters heavily toward children. It isn’t dark and gloomy like some of the other Marvel films and it isn’t filled with a whole bunch of profanity. It’s simply a fun movie that’ll have your kids bouncing in their seat with joy.

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Ant-Man or the Wasp: Who’s Your Favorite?

Ant-Man and the Wasp is the latest superhero movie to arrive in theaters and with Marvel releasing a new tag team duo with Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man and Evangeline Lilly’s Wasp what is there not to love? But which of the two heroes may be your favorite? Well, that’s what I’m here to ask you all on this week’s segment of Who’s Your Favorite? Enjoy.



Ant-Man is awesome because he’s a regular dude who just so happened to become Ant-Man and it’s truly what makes him so lovable. He’s all of us and so when he does things like becomes Giant-Man or helps save the world he doesn’t handle it in a way that maybe Captain America would. He’s just as shocked at his abilities as we are and that’s why he’s such a fantastic hero.

We have seen his ups and downs (literally) but he has managed to prevail over every obstacle because he is a hero worthy of being an Avenger. And he’s hilarious too. I’m a definite Ant-Man fan. 🙂

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Is Ghost A Forgettable or Remarkable Character?

Ant-Man and the Wasp introduced us to a new female villain in the form of Ava/Ghost. She hounded the heroes left and right and caused them quite a deal of trouble throughout the film but at the end of the day she was of course defeated (like all Marvel villains, besides Thanos, are.) Her quest in the context of the movie was actually rather valiant and palpable, as she was trying to use Hank Pym’s quantum technology to save herself from death. It showed that once again Marvel was willing to make an antagonist with a comprehensible mission and storyline rather than creating a villain that was the typical I’m-going-to-take-over-the-world antagonist. I liked that. But was she a remarkable and memorable character like Erik Killmonger or was she as forgettable as say, Yellow Jacket?

Major Spoilers Ahead!

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Cassie Lang Is Undoubtedly Going To Be One of Marvel’s Next Superheroes

Ant-Man and the Wasp was a very contained film as it refused to set up sequels, prequels and introduce new or already developed superheroes into the movie. But one thing the writers didn’t mind hinting heavily at was the idea that little Cassie Lang, Scott Lang’s (Ant-Man) daughter, would eventually don a suit of her own one day and possibly stand alongside her father as a crime-fighting superhero.

Minor Spoilers Ahead!


When we first are reacquainted with Scott Lang he isn’t out thwarting bad guy plots and saving the day as Ant-Man but is rather playing with his daughter, Cassie throughout his humble abode. They pretend to be robbers on a top-secret mission to retrieve a special cup and it’s a sweet scene that clearly seems to be setting up more with the potential superhero dad/daughter dynamic.


This is all the more apparent when later on in the movie she presents to Scott that she wants to be his partner and help him fight bad guys. He, of course, tells her that she can’t but her determination to be a hero like her daddy isn’t a coincidence in the slightest. Marvel presents all sorts of hidden references to the future of their movies in their various films (think about the Stephen Strange reference in Captain America: The Winter Soldier) but this was about as blatant as Hope van Dyne being set up to become a hero herself towards the end of Ant-Man.

And what makes this theory even more valid are certain theories surrounding Avengers 4. Theorists believe there will be a considerable time jump between Infinity War to Avengers 4 thanks to some leaked behind-the-scenes photos and it’s been rumored that we’ll get our first look at a teenage Cassie in this next Avengers movie.

In the comics she was a superhero who went by the name of Stature and with the theory that the Young Avengers (this is a group of young superheroes who ended up creating their own Avengers team) are slowly starting to come to fruition the idea of Stature debuting in Avengers 4 seems all the more plausible.

Wouldn’t that be awesome? I think I would lose it (in a good way) if I saw Ant-Man and his daughter taking on Thanos together but rather it happens in Avengers 4 or a later film I think it’s destined that Scott and Cassie will be a father/daughter superhero duo we’ll all love immensely.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.

Where Does ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ Rank in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Ant-Man and the Wasp shrunk into theaters a little over a week ago and I’m SO glad I went to see it. It was not only a ridiculously funny and fun movie to watch but its light tone was so perfect after the heartbreaking events of Avengers: Infinity War. But where did it land in the Marvel pool? I had Ant-Man ranked 12th overall in my list but did its sequel get a higher spot? That’s what I’m here to share with you and I hope you enjoy.

1. Black Panther


Black Panther is such a brilliantly made movie because I’ve watched it, I’d say, at least seven times now and surprisingly it’s getting better with every viewing. The music is so good I can’t help bumping to it and the story is so perfectly woven throughout the film that it still resonates with me as if I’m seeing it for the first time. Black Panther ultimately deserves the praise it received and that’s why it’s my favorite Marvel movie so far.

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