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The ‘Avengers 4’ Title Might Have Been Leaked and I Am Excited

Marvel leaks have been quite abundant lately as Tom Holland accidentally leaked the Spider-Man sequel’s title last week on Instagram, Spider-Man: Far from Home, and now it seems that the cinematographer for the upcoming Avengers sequel has dropped a leak of his own as he has told people on his website what the title for the highly anticipated Avengers film is. This is what he said the movie is going to be called.

Avengers: End Game.

The Russo Brothers and Marvel Studios haven’t confirmed this is the actual title of the film so this cinematographer may be simply toying with our minds as we desperately wait for as much news of this film as we can. It does sound like a legitimate name for the sequel though as Doctor Strange told Tony Stark after Thanos took the Time Stone that they’re in the “end game” now.

If this is just a diversion title then I would be okay with that but if this is the actual name for Avengers 4 then I can’t help but be excited for this news.

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The 3 Ways ‘Avengers 4’ Can Be Better Than ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Avengers: Infinity War had a lot of expectations. For years Marvel Studios had been building up a complex, interconnected field of movies that were all leading to one epic showdown; our heroes facing Thanos. Infinity War easily could’ve been an underwhelming experience and instead it met nearly all my expectations. Thanos was actually worth the six year wait, we got to see some great team ups between characters that otherwise would’ve probably never met, and we got an intense two and a half hour story that led to one of the most shocking cliffhangers that I’ve ever seen. Infinity War was so good it has raised a nearly impossible bar to surpass, financially wise and storywise, and yet it’s already been said from the cast and directors that the next film is going to wow us in even more unexpected ways. *chuckling* Really? Avengers 4 is going to be more surprising than Infinity War? Uh-oh, I’m nervous. But besides the shock factors what other elements will the movie need to surpass its predecessor. Well, that’s what I’m here to share with you. Enjoy!

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The Dead Heroes In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Actually May Not Return in ‘Avengers 4’

Avengers: Infinity War is the highest grossing film of the year so far and just recently joined an exclusive movie club as it has become the fourth film in cinema history to surpass $2 billion dollars. And that’s not a surprising fact. Avengers: Infinity War was a film eighteen previous movies had been building to and it delivered on almost every level of sheer enjoyment that we expected from a film that was supposedly the culmination of ten years of work. The only criticism the movie managed to garner from both critics and casual moviegoers was that the tragic ending of the film, as shocking as it may be, was destined to be reversed. I mean, Marvel wouldn’t possibly dare to kill off some of their biggest players…would they? In a recent interview from the Russo Brothers they might’ve just confirmed the unthinkable as they have stated that we should take the deaths of those disintegrated by Thanos’s infamous finger snap seriously. Here’s a following quote from them.

“I think it’s important to remember anything is possible in the MCU [Marvel Cinematic Universe]. Just because there’s a sequel on the books doesn’t mean… people become accustomed to time moving linearly in the MCU. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. There’s a lot of very inventive ways of where the story can go from here.”

So basically they are kind of hinting at the idea that both Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 and the Black Panther sequel are actually prequels that happen prior to Avengers: Infinity War, which actually makes a lot of sense if you think about the time frame both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Black Panther sat in. Each film’s story happened shortly thereafter Captain America: Civil War and so that means nearly two years went by before the galactic ending events of Infinity War. It makes sense that both Spider-Man and King T’Challa would have more adventures within that large stretch of time.

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My ‘Avengers 4’ Title Predictions

Avengers: Infinity War is still dominating the blockbuster season over two weeks into its global box-office run and still blowing moviegoers’ minds around the world but now that the secrets of the film are out people (including me) are already craving for news from the next installment of the two-part series. One of the first things I can’t wait to learn about the new film is the name of the movie. The Russo Brothers are staying extremely tight-lipped about it and that can only mean it’s going to be an amazing title that’ll give us a decent idea of what to expect from the film. So, until the title is finally released, I can only speculate what it could be and I’m here to share with you those speculations. Enjoy!

Avengers: Redemption

With the loss of so many important Avengers in Infinity War it’s kind of destined for there to be a reversal of some kind and this name kind of spurs forward that notion.

Avengers: Infinite’s End

The title, Infinity War, perfectly fits the idea of Thanos raging war on the galaxy by trying to achieve the Infinity Stones. So now that he’s obtained all of the stones and used them to wipe out half of the galaxy the next film should be called Infinite’s End to highlight the idea of Thanos’s defeat. I think it would provide a lot of reassurance to viewers to see a sort of hopeful name so we’ll know not to expect as grim a movie as this previous one.

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