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‘The Dark Knight’ Is Hands Down the Best Superhero Movie Ever Made

Ahead of The Batman this weekend I started to binge-watch Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and once again, I was blown away by The Dark Knight. It’s a film that never gets old nor does it ever seem to disappoint. Considering how much I enjoyed it last night, I figured I might as well revisit this review I wrote of one of my favorite movies of all time. Enjoy!

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It’s Batman Day: ‘The Dark Knight’ Is Hands Down the Best Superhero Movie Ever Made

Have you ever seen a perfect movie? A movie so undeniably brilliant and spot on that the more you watch it the better it gets? A movie that’s so good that you kind of can’t believe it’s that incredible? The Dark Knight is that movie for me.

I don’t watch The Dark Knight often. But every so often I get the unshakable desire to see it. And so last night with that fervor upon me I decided to watch it.

For two hours and 32 minutes, I was sucked into the dark and demented world of Gotham where a man as horrifically twisted and brilliant as The Joker resides to wreak havoc on Gotham’s citizens for no reason other than pure amusement. And as the story slowly builds upon The Joker’s madness the movie gets better and better and better until one can only stare at the screen in appreciative awe.


The Dark Knight is unlike any other superhero movie that’s been created. In fact, can we even say it’s a superhero movie? Batman isn’t exactly a hero, as the movie made clear. He’s just a man in a cynical world and sometimes the right choices mean you have to become the villain. Simple as that. But I guess that’s the reason why he’s a hero, right?

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My Review of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’

I am a superhero movie fan. Why? Because I’ve seen so many I sometimes can’t remember all of the ones I’ve seen. I’m talking watching even the crappiest ones like Elektra and I even tried to watch Green Lantern (I didn’t make it very far.)

I have even watched all of the DCEU movies (Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, Justice League, Wonder Woman, The Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman 1984, Shazam!, Aquaman, and Birds of Prey.) My top three are Shazam!, Man of Steel, and Wonder Woman. The rest fall into a pack of not-so-great-superhero-movies with Aquaman just edging out the others as an every-once-in-the-while film.

I went into Zack Snyder’s Justice League expecting it to be better than Whedon’s cut. It was…and that is about it. Snyder’s version is four hours of bloated, testerone-inspired superhero nonsense that left me still confused by the end of the movie even though we supposedly got two extra hours of content to make the story easier to follow.

So, because I have a lot to say I’m going to break this review into pros and cons. And of course, we will take the cons head on first.


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Michael Keaton Is the New Batman?

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Michael Keaton has apparently been cast as Batman in not only the upcoming DCEU movie, The Flash, but also a saga of his own separate from Robert Pattinson’s gritty take on the dark knight.

This is both shocking and wonderful at once. I have always been one to believe that Keaton is the best Batman because he was the one to create that classic bad***ery that has made Batman such a staple in pop culture today on the big screen.

Before him, there was no template for a broody, more serious depiction of Batman who kicks butt and gets the ladies. And considering the fact that Michael Keaton practically still looks the same and is still very current in movies the idea of him returning as an older Batman is honestly one of the best ideas the DCEU could make at the moment.

Now, considering the DCEU’s shaky record for delivering legitimately good movies, will these films actually be good? Geez, I hope so. But for now, I simply can’t wait to see the original Batman don his suit again. It’s going to be epic!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Biggest Flaw is Its Overbearing Goal to Be Complex/Dark

(This is a repost.)

I’ve just participated in a marathon of The Dark Knight Trilogy spanning a week long and today I finally finished The Dark Knight Rises. It was fun but it was nowhere near as entertaining as either The Dark Knight (which is one of my favorite movies of all time) or even Batman Begins. Why? How could the finale of an incredible superhero trilogy fall just a little flat compared to its predecessors? Today, after watching this film for the fourth time in my life, I think I finally have a definitive answer.


The Dark Knight Rises is a great superhero movie which is apparent with its 8.4 out of 10 star rating on IMDb but what it lacks that The Dark Knight has in such abundance is an easy-to-follow, simplistic storyline.

The Dark Knight follows the growing madness of The Joker and his schemes which takes Batman on quite an emotional journey. There are stunning plot twists and fantastic character developments that leave the viewer riveted.

The Dark Knight Rises tries to build on The Dark Knight’s perfect storyline with an equally complex one and ends up becoming a movie that’s too morbid for its britches. We get it. Christopher Nolan wanted to end the trilogy with a bang but it’s swallowed up in an overly long film that takes its complexity too seriously, leaving one bored and slightly disinterested. Continue reading ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Biggest Flaw is Its Overbearing Goal to Be Complex/Dark

All Hail the New Batman!

Batman, he’s a character that is rebooted at least once every decade since Michael Keaton’s portrayal of the character in 1989. And with each iteration comes the fans’ searing disapproval or groveling praise and Robert Pattinson’s take on the dark knight is making fans of the character very, very happy indeedy.

Pattinson has been beloved by pop culture nerds for a while, whether we’re talking about his role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Cedric Diggory or his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies. But over the years, he’s strayed away from the pop culture scene, proving himself to be a formidable actor in other movies. Now he’s playing the role of his life and it looks like he’s going to be quite the treat to behold. Check out the first teaser released last night for The Batman.

Gritty, dark, and so brutal, this Batman looks like he’s on a mission and you don’t want to be in his way. Matt Reeves announced that they only got 25-30% into filming so I honestly expected to see maybe twenty seconds of live-action looks at the characters…not a full-blown teaser!

The internet is roiling over this brand new look at the Batman and I am just so impressed. Plus, his new saying, “I’m vengeance” instead of “I’m Batman” was an extra cool touch.

I was already a bit excited about this movie but now I’m positively over the moon. People are already clamoring for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker to meet Pattinson’s Batman and if that did happen I think it would be one of the greatest things to ever happen in comic book movie history.

Here’s the first poster for The Batman.

Gosh, I’m ready to see this movie next year.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a marvelous day.