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‘Black is King’: Yeah…Just Watch It

I’ve watched Black is King twice in two days to see if my initial reaction was the appropriate reaction and yeah, after just watching the visual album again this morning, it is very clear that this is an artistic masterpiece.

Beyoncé hasn’t done much in a while. There was that Netflix film, Homecoming, which was an in-depth look at her 2018 performance of her Grammy-winning album, Lemonade, at Coachella but it still wasn’t giving us anything new. This, however, is what Beyoncé’s fans have been waiting for since 2016, another powerful album that will have people dancing and singing in their houses for weeks to come.

This next visual album, however, is like I said another masterpiece. Continue reading ‘Black is King’: Yeah…Just Watch It

‘Black is King’ Will End July Off With a Bang!

Okay…if you were excited for Hamilton earlier this month then you will definitely be thrilled to learn that Beyonce is dropping a new visual album inspired by The Lion King called Black is King on July 31. The official trailer dropped today and I have to say…I am more than impressed. Take a look.

Beyoncé has never been afraid to tell stories highlighting and uplifting black people and this is nothing short of beautiful. The trailer is visually stunning and, if it’s anything like The Lion King, it has the chance to be something truly spectacular.

Disney+ is giving me a lot of joy this month and with more movie titles arriving this August, it looks like I’m going to have a great time browsing through the streaming service’s databank.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.