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My Five Favorite Stan Lee Cameos

Marvel, the superhero franchise that has changed the movie industry as of late. Every current franchise, even Star Wars, has modeled their productivity after Marvel’s booming success. And the man helping oversee this incredible operation was Stan Lee.

Stan Lee helped create the world of superheroes that I have grown to love so much over the years. But he didn’t let his work go unattended. He made sure to remind us all that he was the one who brought these incredible characters to life as he made cameos in nearly all of his Marvel movie and tv projects. He even made an animated cameo in Big Hero 6 which I just recently found out was part of the Marvel brand as well.

And these cameos have become some of the joy of watching these films. We don’t know where he’ll appear or what he’ll be doing but whenever his cameo arrives it brings a smile and maybe even a laugh to anyone watching.

So, to commemorate this man that can only be heralded as one of the greatest creative minds of the past century, I’m going to share with you my five favorite Stan Lee cameos in the MCU. I hope you enjoy.

5. Avengers: Age of Ultron


Stan Lee’s cameo in Age of Ultron was hilarious, to say the least, as he played an old man (obviously) attending the Avengers party. In this movie, he asked Thor for a sip of his special Asgardian alcohol and it did not bode well for him. It was a very funny cameo and it makes me laugh every time.

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Who’s Your Favorite Marvel Hero?

One of my first segments of Who’s Your Favorite was Who’s Your Favorite Marvel Heroine? Well, it’s time for the male heroes’ turn and there are many of them. There are a wizard and a radioactive spider-ling. An Iron Suit-wearing-billionaire and a patriotic super soldier. A King with a catsuit of vibranium and a God of thunder. The list goes on and on. And that’s why they’re the topic of this week’s Who’s Your Favorite? Enjoy.

Doctor Strange


Doctor Stephen Strange wasn’t the exact superhero type. He was obnoxious, self-centered, and egotistical. Those don’t exactly seem like the traits of an Avenger. But after losing the function of his hands in a horrendous car accident he would become one of the greatest heroes in the world.

War Machine


Colonel Rhodes is a soldier and so it’s no surprise that he would do anything in his power to protect those from harm. Even after a frightening injury he still was willing to suit up and face Thanos’s forces knowing there could be lethal consequences.

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Throwback Friday: A Spoiler-Free Review of ‘Black Panther’

It’s always fun to look back at old movie reviews because at that time the movie in question was still so fresh in my mind. Such as this one. Black Panther wowed moviegoers around the world and this spoiler-free review that I wrote roughly nine months ago proves how incredible this movie truly was and is.

And that’s why it’s part of this weekly segment of Throwback Friday. I hope you enjoy.

I watched Black Panther yesterday and I’m still reveling in how good the movie was. In fact, I watched Captain America: Civil War last night, which is something I haven’t done in over a year, because Black Panther was so great I wanted to look back at how T’Challa was introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the movie had such an impact on me I woke up still thinking about brilliantly fantastic the film was. So, while the movie is still fresh in my mind, here’s my spoiler-free review.

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What’s Your Favorite Marvel Love Story?

Love is a powerful thing. It mends hearts, brings people together, provides happiness to even the most sorrowful, and it is a beautiful thing to observe. Love stories are some of my favorite movie storylines and superhero films always provide a good love story. So, on that note, this is the topic of today’s Who’s Your Favorite? I hope you enjoy.

Vision and Scarlet Witch


While this romance was doomed from the beginning it still is a beautiful relationship nonetheless. Vision, an android looking for purpose and understanding in the world, found love as his relationship with Wanda Maximoff grew. And Wanda, who lost her brother in the Battle of Sokovia, was also trying to find her place among her fellow Avengers. Vision helped fill that void that she possessed and it wasn’t long before her friendship grew into something more.

It’s a shame that we weren’t able to see more with them as a couple but then again, who knows what the future holds.

T’Challa and Nakia


A simple yet perfect relationship. Nakia, as an independent woman, didn’t let her past relationship with T’Challa hold her down to remaining in Wakanda as a Wakandan housewife for the rest of her life. And that is what is so beautiful about this relationship. Their willingness to hear each other out and be there for one another when the need arises is very touching.

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I’ve Just Seen The Music Video for ‘Black Panther’s “All the Stars” and It’s Kind of Amazing

Black Panther was the first film in the MCU to have a movie soundtrack made for the movie by a current artist and that artist was Kendrick Lamar. His movie soundtrack is easily one of the best I’ve heard for a film but the song that goes along with the end-credits (“All the Stars”) has a music video and I’ve just recently seen it. Oh my goodness! It was utterly incredible to behold. If you’re interested, here it is.

Black Panther was already a remarkable depiction of strong, beautiful black people but this music video hones that narrative and takes it to the next level of mindblowing awesomeness.

The artistic factor to the video is riveting and easily one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen (especially in a music video.) And I love that this video paid homage to Black Panther by showing women as matriarchs.

I already loved the song at the end of Black Panther but now I love it even more after seeing this video.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. Wakanda forever!

Will Everett Ross Make a Cameo Appearance in ‘Captain Marvel’?

A couple of days ago I watched one of my favorite superhero films, Black Panther, and one of the characters I really enjoy in the movie is Deputy Task Force Commander Everett Ross. He debuted in Captain America: Civil War with a menial role that didn’t mean much but ended up playing a major role in Black Panther which is so cool. Here was this character that I didn’t really think about and it turns out he kind of ended up being really important.

One of the moments in the movie that stuck out to me while recently viewing the film was when Shuri relays that he is an Air Force pilot. Now, I already knew this of course, but with Captain Marvel becoming the next film to look forward to, the Air Force has suddenly become a lot more important.


Captain Marvel is set in the 90s’ so does that mean we may potentially see a younger version of Everett Ross as an Air Force pilot? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I think it would be a fantastic cameo and would really shine an even greater light on this somewhat important character.

What do you think? Should Everett Ross have a surprise cameo appearance in Captain Marvel? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

Ranking the Marvel Villains: From Worst to Best

The last time I wrote this post was in March of this year which was a full month before Avengers: Infinity War came out. Now, with the Marvel year over and a few new villains under the franchise’s belt it’s time to update this ranking.

20. Malekith


Malekith is still the worst villain in Marvel.

19. Ronan the Accuser


While Guardians of the Galaxy will always remain as one of my favorite Marvel films Ronan is just…corny.

18. Yellow Jacket


I like Yellow Jacket’s suit, I don’t like the man within the suit. He was way too cliché and that can be a problem.

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