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Is the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer A Spoiler for the ‘Black Panther’ Movie?

I watched the new Avengers trailer yesterday a bunch of times and as I took time to think about it yesterday evening I thought to myself, is this trailer spoiling the events of Black Panther? Here’s a great example of that.

They waited for Thor: Ragnarok to come out before they brought out this Avengers trailer, and for good reason. While Thor: Ragnarok didn’t provide any major changes to the overall story of these Marvel movies like Captain America: Civil War, SPOILER ALERT, Thor’s missing eye and Loki secretly obtaining the Tesseract were significant spoilers that had to be seen before this Avengers was able to be released.

So does that mean Black Panther’s movie is that outside of the realm of the Avengers and so forth that they don’t mind showing the outcome of King T’Challa’s world before the movie even comes out?

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My Favorite New Black Panther Posters

Now that Thor: Ragnarok has come out the Marvel Cinematic Universe can now turn their full attention to their next installment, Black Panther, which I am so glad is coming out in February. This past weekend a whole bunch of awesome Black Panther posters surfaced online and I am here to talk about my favorite ones. Enjoy!


The first one I found was really great is this poster featuring Killmonger and I have to say, it’s pretty marvelous. The two weapons, the downcast head, I mean it’s a perfect poster and it really showcases Killmonger not so much as the movie’s villain but as a man who didn’t get the opportunities that others might have obtained. He’s broken and he wants revenge, that’s what this poster speaks to me.

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Black Panther Has A New Trailer!

February is not a month where movies are known to be to anticipated but this February is going to be an entirely different story with the arrival of Black Panther’s standalone film. I am beyond excited. Black Panther stole the show in Captain America: Civil War with his beautiful feline suit and his vibranium claws and now his movie looks so amazing. Check it out.

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The Coolest Marvel Posters from San Diego Comic-Con

Last week was Comic-Con and there were so much amazing announcements, interviews, etc. that I’m still writing about it, yay. One of my favorite elements about movies are the posters. Posters tell you everything about how epic a movie is going to be and Marvel released some pretty cool posters for their upcoming movies for me to analyze. So on that note let me start talking about them.

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A Surprise Trailer Refreshes My Excitement for Marvel

It was Friday night and I was watching Game 4 of the NBA Finals (congratulations to the Warriors, by the way, they deserved to win.) There were a whole bunch of commercials for movies such as Transformers, Spider-Man, Baby Driver, etc. And then out of nowhere the world premiere trailer of Black Panther debuted and I momentarily lost it. This is why.

Okay, so that was amazing. First of all, I love surprise trailers. And it’s even better when the trailer is one you’ve been waiting for. Secondly, Black Panther is already my favorite new edition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His suit is so beautiful and even though he appeared in a Captain America film he pretty much stole the show. The new king of Wakanda had a lot to deal with the last time we saw him. His father had just died and he had embarked on a path to revenge. At the end of Civil War, he decided not to let his anger take him to that dark place of hatred and he let the murderer of his father live while also giving refuge to Steve Rogers and his companions in the mysterious world of Wakanda. Now he is being faced with a new challenge and I can’t wait until next February. Until that time I’m going to talk about my favorite aspects of this trailer.

All of the Strong Black Women

Women are not usually a huge part of films. They are either love interests or damsels in distress. They’re never the lead character or the hero who will save the day. Now movies have started changing the way they incorporate women into their movies. First, there were the Hunger Games series which was helmed by a woman. Then Star Wars broke boundaries by having two female leads in both of their newest films. And just a week and a half ago DC Comics took a step further with not only having a movie about the amazing Wonder Woman but they also got a woman to direct the film. It was so nice to see a woman direct the first big budget movie about a female hero because we got to see Wonder Woman through a woman’s eye which is only fair. It actually started to make Marvel look shameful.

Here we are nine years into the world of Marvel and there hasn’t been one movie about a female superhero yet. Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow has been around since 2010’s Iron Man 2. She has become a fan favorite and has plenty of potential of having an enjoyable Marvel film. The Marvel executives have somehow found ways of introducing lesser known characters with their own blockbusters such as Ant-Man and Doctor Strange instead of slipping in a Black Widow film, for some reason. And on top of that, the margin between female and male superheroes in Marvel is staggering. And the women who are in these films are predominantly white. They’re just now starting to introduce women of color into the picture.

This teaser trailer for Black Panther fixes all of those problems in one fell swoop. Not only is this trailer filled with strong female characters left and right but they’re black. Their hair is natural, their style is so African, it’s simply beautiful. I’m an African-American woman and it’s very rare to find black women who are portrayed as strong, smart heroes in movies. This trailer had over five of those women in it and I’m just beaming with joy. Yeah DC Comics had Wonder Woman but Marvel is clearly punching back with this new teaser for the highly anticipated Black Panther.

The Design of the World

This trailer was also chock full of beautiful looking places and costumes. The garb of the female warriors, the Dora Milaje, were fantastic. Wakanda itself was more magnificent than I could’ve ever imagined. The city, the landscape, it was truly beautiful stuff. It looked like something right off of some concept art. And the culture seems to be very apparent. Marvel is not going to shrug away from Black Panther’s grass roots. I can’t wait to see the more native side of the movie.

The Music of the Trailer

Music for trailers is very, very important. If the music is really good and matches the trailer perfectly it can enhance a movie greatly. And if the music is terrible I won’t watch that film. Well, whoever decided to put Kendrid Lemar’s song to this Black Panther trailer was a genius. I loved the hip-hop aspect it brought to the trailer and how bold a statement it kind of presented. It was like as if Marvel was subliminally telling everyone this film has arrived and they don’t care what anyone thinks about it.

The Action

One of the reasons why Marvel has gripped my excitement about their films so much are because of some of the incredible action scenes the films have presented. Black Panther provided one of the best action sequences in Captain America: Civil War and so I have no doubt there are going to be many jaw dropping moments in this film. And this trailer was not short of action. I am so ready for this movie, can I just fast forward to February?

So those were my favorite aspects of the trailer. I can’t wait to find out a little bit more about this movie as the months go by. Until another trailer comes out I can’t wait to see this teaser in the movies. I know for a fact it’s going to be incredible.Tomorrow I’m going to write another review about the Wonder Woman movie, spoilers and all. I’ll tell you how I felt about some of its best and worst moments. Until then

Tomorrow I’m going to write another review about the Wonder Woman movie, spoilers and all. I’ll tell you how I felt about some of its best and worst moments. Until then I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and have a wonderful day…or night.

The Top Ten Suits of Marvel’s Superheroes

Every year since 2010 there has been at least one Marvel movie to grace the big screen and with each movie comes new superheroes with fresh, innovative suits that seem to get better than their predecessors. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe a.k.a MCU there are currently over twenty superheroes and each hero has either one suit or multiple versions of their iconic character. I’m going to list my ten favorite suits from the MCU.

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My Top Ten Marvel Superheroes

Marvel has been spitting out great blockbusters for the last nine years. With those great films come an awesome array of amazing superheroes. After last year’s introduction to three new heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a.k.a MCU my excitement to see more newcomers appear in later films has grown. Until that time these are my ten favorite Marvel superheroes.

10. Spider-Man

538cd3628a05e Spider-Man is awesome and with Tom Holland’s latest version of the iconic character this web slinging hero has become that much more enjoyable. I, however, am not a super fan of Spider-Man. Yes he is funny, his abilities are great, and seeing him alongside characters like Iron Man is goosebump inducing but I happen to like nine other superheroes more than him. I am still very excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming this July. I hope it’s good.

9. Ant-Man

54ad72b6084a0 When Ant-Man was coming out in 2015 I didn’t know if I was going to like this new superhero. The name Ant-Man sounded silly and didn’t make me overly excited. After watching the movie I was impressed with Ant-Man’s abilities but he still wasn’t Iron Man or Captain America caliber…until Captain America: Civil War. When he turned from Ant-Man into Giant-Man I about lost it. It was totally unexpected and definitely one of the highlights of the entire film. His role in Civil War might’ve been limited but after that jaw dropping moment he has deservedly risen in the ranks of cool superheroes.

8. Falcon


Falcon was an awesome addition to the MCU. When Sam Wilson showed up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier I had no idea that he was going to become a superhero, let alone an Avenger. When he fought Ant-Man it was cool because his suit was different and better. His abilities in Civil War however were amazing. I loved his wings which could turn into a shield. How awesome is that! I also loved his drone, Red Wing. That was another nice addition to his character. Even though he still would’ve been my eighth favorite superhero without these great new abilities it definitely cemented him in the eighth spot.

7. Vision


Vision is awesome. He is so ridiculously powerful he can pick up Thor’s hammer! Wow. Unfortunately he’s still trying to discover the depth of the power he wields from that destructive mind stone lodged in his forehead so he basically doesn’t do anything except pass through solid objects, shoot yellow lasers, and fly. I mean during the airport fight in Civil War he barely did anything. He was basically the referee of the dispute. He was there to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. That shows how cool he is because he doesn’t even have to have the best abilities in the world and he’s my seventh favorite superhero. I hope he’ll unlock a little more of his potential and do something really cool before he (and hopefully this doesn’t happen) comes to his demise at the hands of Thanos.

6. Scarlet Witch


Scarlet Witch is pretty cool. After Avengers: Age of Ultron I was excited to see a new female superhero join the Avengers ranks. Then I was even more excited that she would be in Civil War. She was great too. I loved that they displayed more of her abilities. It’s also really cool because she’s so powerful she can beat Vision which is extraordinary. I can’t wait to see what she’ll be up to in the next Avengers.

5. Black Widow


Black Widow is awesome. When she first showed up in Iron Man 2 I didn’t like her that much. Then after the first Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier I was still wasn’t that impressed. She was, at the time, only a little cooler than Hawkeye. After Age of Ultron they finally started to reveal her background a little more and I was able to truly understand who she was. Then in Civil War you can really see how she’s become such a leader in the Avengers. She’s no longer the only female Avenger whose abilities are kind of boring and whose story is so-so. She is actually one of the toughest superheroes because she’s not like Captain America who has been scientifically enhanced. And she doesn’t have very impressive abilities like being able to shoot lasers or summon lightning. She only has her athletic skills, electric bracers, and her tiny black sticks to use and she can literally fight Ant-Man. That’s pretty awesome. I can’t wait to see her again in the next Avengers and I really hope that she gets her own movie soon. She deserves it.

4. Iron Man


If you would’ve told me five years ago Iron Man would end up being my fourth favorite superhero I would’ve laughed. Iron Man is great but he has, surprisingly, diminished in awesomeness. While there were old characters getting cooler and great new characters appearing Iron Man has stayed the same since the very first Iron Man. Tony Stark has changed in the last nine years because he has faced a whole bunch of difficult challenges. Unfortunately as the list of Avengers grows larger Iron Man’s spot in the top drops further.

3. Captain America


I was first introduced to Captain America in the first Avengers which was not a great introduction. He was overly stern, didn’t fit in well with the team, and his outfit was horrendous. I didn’t like Captain America very much. In fact he was my least favorite Avenger. After The Winter Soldier my view of Steve Rogers was changed forever. He was actually a great leader and the most impressive thing about him is all he has is a shield and his scientifically enhanced endurance and strength. That’s why he rose to top three in the list. After the conflict he faced with Iron Man I can’t wait to see him in Avengers: Infinity War. Will he still be Captain America or will he be something different? I’ll have to wait and see.

2. Black Panther


Black Panther is ridiculously cool. I had no knowledge of Black Panther until last year and I was so surprised. When I saw him on the trailers and commercials for Civil War I knew he was going to be awesome but he was even better than I expected. I still get excited every time I watch Civil War when he first attacks Bucky and he unfurls those deadly claws. That is an awesome part. He’s so cool that I can’t wait to see his standalone movie next year. I’m so excited to see his homeland of Wakanda and the people of that secluded country.

1. Doctor Strange


I had no idea that after November 4th Doctor Strange would be my favorite superhero but he is. His powers are so amazing that I was stunned. I also loved that even though he could make mirror dimensions and could rewind time he still has his basic weapons like the fire lasso he used to fight those sorcerers. And not only is he cool but he has the best companion ever, the cloak. That cloak is so funny and great that it’s kind of a superhero of its own. Doctor Strange was so awesome that as I was watching the movie all I could think was how will he be with the Avengers? I mean can you imagine him floating in the air and while a great battle is happening around him with heroes like Captain America, Iron Man and The Hulk he’ll be up there making the world around him shift and bend in mind boggling ways. I’m so, so very happy that he’s going to be in Thor: Raganarok so I can get a taste of what him alongside The Avengers will be like. Until then I’ll enjoy watching him face off against Dormammu on Blu-Ray.

Well those are my ten favorite Marvel superheroes…for the moment. I can’t wait until May to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. Who knows. Maybe there’ll be another new hero from that movie who breaches my top ten list.