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The Fifteen Best Duels in ‘Star Wars’: Ranked from Worst to Best

I love Star Wars for so many reasons and one of those reasons are the lightsaber duels. When I was a little girl I remember watching Revenge of the Sith and The Phantom Menace and then taking my Star Wars toys and remaking those lightsaber battles in my own little way. It was so much fun to not only watch but to also reenact. And then I got a little older and I finally saw the original trilogy and those lightsaber battles were less flashy but all the more incredible. That’s why when Rogue One was coming out I was a little worried, I’m not gonna lie. The thought of a movie with no lightsaber duels seemed bogus. Thankfully the film didn’t need one because it was that good.

Now, when I wrote this post last year it was all about lightsaber duels but after The Last Jedi my idea of what a duel is had to be updated and so here is the new version of that post.

15. The Attack of the Clones: Escaping Geonosis

Hayden Christensen in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)

This is hands down the worst lightsaber duel out of all of the Star Wars films. The duel between Obi-Wan and Count Dooku is okay. It’s when Anakin joins the party that it starts becoming ridiculous. Who decided let’s let Anakin cut off the power and have a slow motion fiasco of a red and blue lightsaber flashing by the camera while all you can see is the two duelers’ faces in the shadows? That’s so dumb! And then after that terrible duel comes super CGI Yoda ready to tangle with the former Jedi, Count Dooku. It’s laughable watching them hurl fake rocks at each other, throw lightning, and then finally start fighting with their lightsabers. I don’t know how many times Yoda flips in that one sequence but it’s very, very annoying to behold. In fact, the last time I watched it it was so bad that I vowed never to watch The Attack of the Clones again. That’s how terrible it was.

14. A New Hope: On the Death Star

Alec Guinness in Star Wars (1977)

There’s nothing particularly wrong with this duel, it’s just ancient. The lightsabers look fake, the movements are slow, and it’s just boring. There’s nothing more I can say.

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The Ten Coolest Weapons in ‘Star Wars’: The Updated Version

Late last year I wrote a post about the ten coolest weapons in Star Wars and now that The Last Jedi has come out its time for this list to receive an update. Enjoy!

10. Jyn Erso’s Blastech A-180 Blaster


There are many different types of blasters in Star Wars but this blaster really differentiated itself from the rest of the pack because of its versatility and the fact that it can turn into a close-range weapon. I still remember my immense surprise when I saw this blaster become a short baton of sorts. It was very cool. I still haven’t seen any other blasters like it and so that’s why this is one of my favorite weapons.

9. Rey’s Quarterstaff


To live in the desolate junk world of Jakku you have to be resourceful and Rey is every bit of that. I love her quarterstaff because it’s such a crude looking weapon and yet, it’s perfect. The strips of cloth keeping parts of it together, the metal pieces, it’s utterly fascinating and it kind of shines a light on who Rey really is; a survivor, and this weapon speaks that in volumes.


8. Chirrut Imwe’s Staff/Lightbow


First of all Chirrut is already one of the coolest characters created in Star Wars and so the fact that he has such an awesome weapon isn’t surprising. The main reason why I love his staff so much is simply because it is such a versatile weapon.

I remember the first time I saw him transform his staff into a crossbow. It was during the skirmish on Eadu. There were all of these Tie fighters flying around chasing Rebel X-Wing pilots and he took his staff, hit a button or something turning it into a crossbow, and then shot down a tie fighter. I was shocked. It was undoubtedly one of Chirrut’s greatest moments and it instantly placed his weapon in my top ten list.

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The Ten Coolest Weapons in Star Wars

From lightsabers to crossbows to sniper rifles and handheld blasters Star Wars has a vast array of different weapons throughout the films. So I’m here to write about my ten favorite weapons in Star Wars and I hope you enjoy.

10. Electrostaff


One thing I loved from the prequels were the weapons General Grievous’s Magnaguards used. I’m a fan of staves and so these electrostaves were incredible to me, especially with the fact that they were able to repel attacks from a weapon as powerful as a lightsaber. These are definitely some of my favorite weapons in Star Wars.

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The Last Jedi Has Incredible New Photos

It’s less than three months until The Last Jedi comes out and some new photos have surfaced and they are simple but magnificently brilliant and exciting. Here they are:

A New Image of Poe Dameron


The literally dashing Poe has a new image and this showcases him in the midst of some dire scenario. This is definitely part of the same shot that we saw in the trailer with him running down a hall only to find his beautiful black X-Wing being blown up. I can’t wait to see what happens.

A New Image of Captain Phasma


In my latest Star Wars post, I talked about how much I enjoyed reading Phasma and now she’s got a new photo. Captain Phasma has an absolutely gorgeous suit, does she not? I’m really hoping she’ll have a bigger role in this next film but if the trailer is anything to go by, she will.

A New Image of Finn and Rose


First of all, this photo happens to showcase one of the casinos in the glamorous Canto Bight which is already fascinating. It really looks like some sort of retro hangout that totally has a Star Wars feel yet it’s completely unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in the Star Wars universe. And secondly, ooh, I think Finn and Rose are going to have a little romantic thing going on if this picture has anything to say about it. I knew it…I think. This is, of course, just a picture. They just might be friends. *shrug*

A New Image of the Incredible Dreadnought


This picture is amazing. It shows an X-Wing about to attack the Dreadnought, and I’m just going to go off a whim here, but do you see those asteroids in the background? Well, that reminds me of the asteroid belt that surrounds D,Qar, the Resistance’s secret base. If that is true then that means there is going to be an epic battle over the planet involving the Dreadnought, which also means that massive gun on the bottom will probably see some action. I am soooo excited.

A New Image of Luke Skywalker


And finally, there is the infamous Luke Skywalker. This is an absolutely wonderful photo. First of all, it’s Luke so that is already awesome. Secondly, I love the dark poncho and the dark clothing. It’s not black like the clothes he wore in Return of the Jedi but it’s rather a lovely dark brown. Luke is so cool. I can’t wait to see his new story unfold in The Last Jedi.

Well, these are all the new photos. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force Be With You.


My Review of Phasma

Captain Phasma is one of the coolest characters in the Star Wars universe. First of all, she’s a female stormtrooper which already makes her unique. And then, her chrome armor and blaster are absolutely beautiful. I was so excited to see her in The Force Awakens but alas, I was ultimately disappointed by her utter lack of involvement in the film. She was used as just a poster child for the movie and barely had a role despite her obvious importance. And then, it seemed like she wasn’t even going to make it to the next film because Finn, Han, and Chewie dumped her in a trash compactor. Thankfully, she escaped, a scenario that will be explained in the near future through the Captain Phasma comic.

Lucasfilm, however, realized their huge mistake by not incorporating her into the film more and now it looks like they’re going full steam ahead into revealing everything about Phasma leading up to The Last Jedi.

So, because I love Captain Phasma so much, there was no way I wasn’t going to get a book all about her. And so, this is my review.

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It’s Force Friday!

It’s the first day of September and it’s finally Force Friday!!! Now, I thought Force Friday was just a marketing campaign focused solely for children by bringing out toys based on the upcoming Star Wars film. I have never been so happy to be wrong. Force Friday isn’t just about bringing out toys and other children’s products. There are also new books to read that are vital parts of the new canon and I am so excited! This is truly the beginning of the countdown to The Last Jedi and I’m kind of shocked at how quickly everything is happening. Here are the books I can’t wait to get.

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Who Has The Best Outfit in ‘Star Wars’?

There are a lot of different characters in Star Wars, I mean a whole lot of them. There are new characters, old characters, famous characters and background characters, and every single one of them has a unique style about them that makes them memorable, whether it’s good or bad. So, on that note, in this post, I’m going to see who reigns supreme in the realm of fashion in the galaxy. Enjoy.


10. Jyn Erso


I like Jyn’s outfit a lot. First of all, the outfit she wears throughout the entire film looks very logical for her field of work. I love that there aren’t any low necklines or ultra tight leggings to try to sexualize her. And I love the dark brown. And there aren’t a lot of main female characters in Star Wars, so far, who have worn dark colors. Padme was always in something vibrant or colorful except for a few times. Princess Leia (not General Leia) was always in white or if not that color at least green. Jyn was the first female protagonist to wear some dark clothing and I love it. And by the way, are her pants for sale anywhere because they look so comfortable?

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