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I Want To See Another Thor Movie

Thor. Oh, the mighty Thor. At one time he was my least favorite Avenger. He was always too serious. He never cracked a joke. He never fit in right with the team. And he was made out to be epic but he felt the exact opposite for me.

I guess Taika Waititi realized that no, Thor isn’t exactly epic, but he’s really funny and actually has a great personality behind that austere facade. And so, he revamped the God of Thunder in Thor: Ragnarok and my view of Thor has been changed ever since.


Now when I see Thor he makes me smile because he is all kinds of awesome. He’s hilarious, heroic, powerful, cool, etc. I’ve love Thor.

Thor is so great in fact that I would be kind of sad if the Russo Brothers killed him off in Avengers 4. I get it, we’re going to see some of these classic Avengers perish in this next film but Thor’s so cool now. I’d be a shame to get rid of him just when he became really awesome.

And besides, I’d LOVE to see at least one more Marvel film with Taika Waititi as the director featuring another wild adventure with yours truly; Thor. It could be so much fun. It could once again star Tessa Thompson as his newfound Asgardian buddy, Valkyrie. Maybe Bruce Banner could come along again for the ride. And then maybe we could see some other new characters that could make the movie a complete blast.

I’m not familiar at all with the Thor comics so I don’t know which new villains he could face but I’m sure it could be really cool.


Like I said before, Thor is awesome, and I definitely think he needs at least one more film. What do you think? Should Thor return for another movie or should his story end in Avengers 4? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.


The Evolution of Thor

Thor was, for a long while, one of my least favorite Avengers simply because he was kind of lame, if I’m being honest. I knew Thor from the cartoons and the God of Thunder was quite epic in those cartoons but when I saw the live-action version of the character he just didn’t seem very cool to me, at all. First of all, he was too pretty to be the character in my opinion and he just didn’t ooze that stern epic quality that I had grown accustomed to knowing when it comes to Thor but throughout the years I’ve grown to like him more and more and now when he returns in Avengers: Infinity War I am legitimately excited to see him. So, as I count down the days until the release of the epic blockbuster, here’s the story of his evolution throughout the years. Enjoy!

Thor (2011)


I remember going to go see Thor in theaters back in May of 2011 and I was excited to see it then but when I walked out of that movie theater I was extremely disappointed. The story of Thor becoming, well, Thor wasn’t what I expected and it just wasn’t a great movie. Now I did highly enjoy the first part of the movie when Thor was still in the other realms of the galaxies but as soon as he crashed to Earth the movie slowly began to turn upside down for me. After a while I was just waiting for the film to end. But in terms of Thor’s story this film presented him with one of his greatest challenges as he had to discover what it meant to eventually become the king of Asgard. Still, unfortunately, this movie was pretty boring and it wasn’t a great debut for the God of Thunder.

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Here’s A New Look At Thor

Yes, Thor Now Has Short Hair

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This is so exciting! I’ve been waiting paitently for some news about Thor: Ragnarok since I heard it was coming out. There was an incredible tease at Doctor Strange joining Thor in the mid-credit scene for Doctor Strange which was great news but that was all. What was Thor going to be up to in this next movie of his? The last time we saw him he was going to search for answers after his vision in that pool. This past week Entertainment Weekly released the first pictures of Thor: Ragnarok (this was one of them) and I was stunned. Not only did Thor have a completely different hairdo (which I think looks much better) but as you can see on this photo he doesn’t have his hammer. Now I know why he doesn’t have his iconic weapon but I won’t spoil the surprise for you. If you would like to know just go to Entertainment Weekly.com and you’ll find out all you need to know about this installment into Marvel.

I was already excited about this new Thor movie but after this week it’s truly become the Marvel film I’m really anxious to see. I think it’s going to be very entertaining but of course I won’t know for sure until the teaser comes out. Hopefully that’ll be sooner rather than later.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and like I said earlier, if you would like to know more about Thor: Ragnarok go to Entertainment Weekly. They have lots of other cool pictures of characters in the movie that’ll have you even more excited. Until tomorrow, have a great day.