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It’s Batman Day: ‘The Dark Knight’ Is Hands Down the Best Superhero Movie Ever Made

Have you ever seen a perfect movie? A movie so undeniably brilliant and spot on that the more you watch it the better it gets? A movie that’s so good that you kind of can’t believe it’s that incredible? The Dark Knight is that movie for me.

I don’t watch The Dark Knight often. But every so often I get the unshakable desire to see it. And so last night with that fervor upon me I decided to watch it.

For two hours and 32 minutes, I was sucked into the dark and demented world of Gotham where a man as horrifically twisted and brilliant as The Joker resides to wreak havoc on Gotham’s citizens for no reason other than pure amusement. And as the story slowly builds upon The Joker’s madness the movie gets better and better and better until one can only stare at the screen in appreciative awe.


The Dark Knight is unlike any other superhero movie that’s been created. In fact, can we even say it’s a superhero movie? Batman isn’t exactly a hero, as the movie made clear. He’s just a man in a cynical world and sometimes the right choices mean you have to become the villain. Simple as that. But I guess that’s the reason why he’s a hero, right?

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‘TENET’ At Home

Okay, so I have now seen Tenet a total of three times and I plan to watch it again today one more time just because. Christopher Nolan is an ambitious filmmaker but his latest project feels just a bit too out there.

I have tried my hardest to understand this plot and all of its machinations but what I have learned, thanks to someone who did all the hard work for me and then wrote they had discovered on Esquire (read the full post here) is that Tenet is like one of those unwinnable games of Solitaire.

If you don’t want to give up and start a new game you can undo over and over again, create every combination you can possibly think of, and still end up stuck somewhere. So basically, Tenet introduces the theory of the grandfather paradox; a theory in which people interested in time travel wonder what happens if you kill your grandfather does that mean you don’t exist anymore.

It’s an intriguing theory that has no answer, leading in an endless loop with no answer. So, that basically is the premise of Tenet. It’s clues lead to an endless paradox that has no answer but a bunch of hidden meanings within its context. So now that I know there is no right or wrong answer to this confusing pile of what-the-heck! my new mission is to understand just exactly what is going on with the whole inversion thing.

I am still having a hard time comprehending just exactly what the whole inversion thing and how it affects the stories of Neil, Sator, Kat, and The Protagonist. Once I’ve figured that out, I think I’ll enjoy this movie a whole lot more.

Despite the obvious confusion, Tenet still has its appeal. The cinematography and classiness of the film makes it stand out among Nolan’s movies who doesn’t often go for the fancier stories that ooze Bond-like charm. Plus, the action scenes are still spectacular, even at home. But once again, I still feel the same way about Tenet that I have since the beginning; it’s got charm and bluster but it’s incomprehensible storyline is inexcusable.

4/5 stars.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Biggest Flaw is Its Overbearing Goal to Be Complex/Dark

(This is a repost.)

I’ve just participated in a marathon of The Dark Knight Trilogy spanning a week long and today I finally finished The Dark Knight Rises. It was fun but it was nowhere near as entertaining as either The Dark Knight (which is one of my favorite movies of all time) or even Batman Begins. Why? How could the finale of an incredible superhero trilogy fall just a little flat compared to its predecessors? Today, after watching this film for the fourth time in my life, I think I finally have a definitive answer.


The Dark Knight Rises is a great superhero movie which is apparent with its 8.4 out of 10 star rating on IMDb but what it lacks that The Dark Knight has in such abundance is an easy-to-follow, simplistic storyline.

The Dark Knight follows the growing madness of The Joker and his schemes which takes Batman on quite an emotional journey. There are stunning plot twists and fantastic character developments that leave the viewer riveted.

The Dark Knight Rises tries to build on The Dark Knight’s perfect storyline with an equally complex one and ends up becoming a movie that’s too morbid for its britches. We get it. Christopher Nolan wanted to end the trilogy with a bang but it’s swallowed up in an overly long film that takes its complexity too seriously, leaving one bored and slightly disinterested. Continue reading ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Biggest Flaw is Its Overbearing Goal to Be Complex/Dark

The Musical Score for ‘Tenet’ Should Be Nominated for An Oscar

TENET is a strange masterpiece that takes a lot of brain power and concentration to understand but the one thing that blares into one’s senses and announces itself from the very get-go is the music.

Sticking to Hans Zimmer’s distinct and broody musical theme, Ludwig Göransson brought a flavor to this film that felt unlike anything I’ve heard before. Filled with synthesized beats that vibrated your senses in IMAX and a vague Western-sounding theme for The Protagonist, this movie never lets up. Just listen to this piece here for the very beginning of the film and you’ll understand why this score deserves an Oscar nomination.

It sticks into the soul, becoming as much a piece of the movie as the characters and plot. And like the film, it never lets up. It doesn’t apologize for its occasional assault on your neurons or its constant presence. It is a powerful piece of music that feels so perfect with this film and yeah, I love it!

I’ve already saved a few pieces on my Spotify because I love it that much.

If you’ve seen TENET do you think it should be nominated for an Oscar? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Watching ‘TENET’ For the Second Time

Okay, TENET is officially Christopher Nolan’s most mind-numbing film. I watched it for the second time yesterday and as I left my local movie theater with yet another headache there was a sense of glee considering that I was able to understand about 65% of the movie this time around. However, the film’s convoluted plot and brain-shattering sound still left crucial plot points vaguely comprehensible, leaving me still scratching my head and wondering just exactly what the heck just happened.

I honestly feel the exact same as I did last time, even with more information lodged in my brain. The Protagonist and Neil are still my favorite movie duo of all time, the movie is still a jaw-dropping spectacle that is worth the price of admission, but Nolan’s inflated genius for this one is ultimately what keeps it from being a legendary blockbuster.

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I’m Getting Ready to Watch ‘TENET’ a Second Time

Okay, about a month ago I watched TENET for the first time and my immediate response was…“WHAT THE HECK?!”

Christopher Nolan is a genius filmmaker, bringing complex stories like Inception and Interstellar to life in brilliant fashion while upgrading simple movies like The Dark Knight Trilogy to legendary status. However, his latest film was such a doozy that it left me scratching my head wondering whether I really loved his latest cinematic endeavor or was overwhelmed by his bloated ego. (And I was one of those moviegoers who understood Interstellar on my first viewing.) Sometimes less is more and TENET is nothing but more, more, more.

Well today I discover the truth. I will be going to see the two and a half hour time-inversion espionage flick this afternoon for the second time and I approach this fun activity with excitement and a bit of nervousness. Will this movie be the film that I expect it to be; a freaking brilliant masterpiece. Or will it devolve into that overly stuffed sandwich that’s got a lot of toppings but no flavor? I am very excited to share my thoughts with you later on this afternoon and I hope I will have great news.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.