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My Review of ‘Superman’

Well, this was my second time watching Superman. The first time I watched it I had to have been about seven or eight-years-old. My father showed it to me and I watched it with gusto. I honestly remembered practically nothing about the film except the traumatizing scene when Lois gets buried by an earthquake. That stuck in my psyche.

So yesterday, after a botched attempt to watch 2011’s Green Lantern my sister and I decided to sit back and visit an all-time classic, Superman. My feelings toward this movie are…mixed. I perceived Superman in a sort of reverse emotional basis that I did with the Captain Marvel film.

I find the first half of Captain Marvel unexciting and ultimately a bore. It is the film’s third act, however, that leaves beaming and exhilarated. For me, I found the first two acts of Superman charming, well-written, and overall fantastic. It was heartwarming, fun, and funny. In fact, my sappy self could barely contain tears as I watched Clark Kent and Lois Lane flying romantically in the sky over and through the clouds. However, it was the film’s third act that left me underwhelmed and very disappointed.

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‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’ Is the Best Western I’ve Seen

My two favorite television shows of all time are Avatar: The Last Airbender and Gunsmoke. My sister and I have been fans of country westerns since, I’d say, 2006. We used to watch on TV Land Gunsmoke and Bonanza every week day, we never missed it. We eventually started collecting DVDs of Gunsmoke‘s earliest seasons, accumulating over two hundred episodes’ worth (and that was only six seasons in!)


We especially loved Gunsmoke because of its grittiness. There was nothing exceptionally attractive about Dodge City or its inhabitants. James Arness was the stern sheriff, Matt Dillon who didn’t allow criminals to mill about his city. Amanda Blake, was for a while, my Princess Leia in terms of inspiring heroines to cheer for, as she played the ever-classy yet unwavering tough broad, Kitty, who just so happened to own the city’s most popular saloon. And then there are all of the other characters to love; Doc, Festus, Chester, Newly, I love them all throughout the seasons.

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My Movie Classics Binge-Watch Session

It was a beautiful Saturday yesterday and my family did something that we don’t usually we do; watch classic movies all day. It was SO MUCH FUN! We watched four new movies that we had never seen before and because of that I had to share my experience and four tiny reviews of each film. Enjoy!

All the President’s Men


We began our movie marathon with Oscar-winning All the President’s Men which blew my mind by how good it turned out being. As someone who watched The Post a couple of years ago and was very underwhelmed political movies have a chance of being really interesting or really boring.

All the President’s Men was fascinating from beginning to end, specifically when noticing the disturbing parallels between Nixon’s administration and the very administration we’re enduring at the moment with President Trump. Will I ever watch this movie again? Maybe. I definitely enjoyed it enough to perhaps sit down and enjoy it again for a second time.

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