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Fan Art Wednesday

This week my sister has created some truly outstanding pieces that I cannot wait for you to see. So, with no further delay, here they are.

A Comic Cover for a Praetorian Guard


The Praetorian Guards were an awesome addition to The Last Jedi and for a series where she’s creating comic covers suggested by her followers on Instagram she created this cover. In short, it’s amazing. Continue reading Fan Art Wednesday

A Cool Concept: Rey and Finn as Jedi Knights

Rey and Finn are undoubtedly some of my favorite characters in the Star Wars franchise. Their stories would end up being yo-yo’d all over the place as different creative minds came together to create a trilogy that sometimes doesn’t feel that cohesive. Such as Finn’s Force-sensitivity.

It seems pretty blunt in The Force Awakens that Rey and Finn both had the Force, only Rey was more powerful than he was, but that doesn’t mean he’s supposedly weaker. He was just where Luke was at the beginning of his journey in A New Hope.

The Last Jedi completely eliminated Finn’s potential chance to grow in the Force-sensitive realm which Abrams had to pick up in The Rise of Skywalker, leading to what felt like a wasted opportunity for Finn’s chance to be a Jedi alongside Rey. Continue reading A Cool Concept: Rey and Finn as Jedi Knights

A Cool Concept: Bo-Katan and Ezra Bridger

As fans of pop culture, my sister and I are always on top of the latest Marvel and Star Wars news and sometimes we like to conceptualize certain actors as certain characters or versions of our favorite characters that we’d like to see in the future. Such as Captain America with a beard. I had been waiting for the moment when our perfectly-shaven Cap would finally head into the rugged department with a beard and sure enough he finally got one in Avengers: Infinity War. I still remember seeing Cap with a beard for the first time in the teaser trailer. To say I was elated was an understatement.

So now, we’re taking our concepts to life in the form of my sister’s ever impressive art for this brand new series of mine, A Cool Concept.

Last week, there was news that Katee Sackhoff (the voice of Bo-Katan Kryze in both The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels) would play Bo-Katan in live-action for the second season of The Mandalorian. So, naturally, my sister had to paint an idea of what that could look like. Here it is. Continue reading A Cool Concept: Bo-Katan and Ezra Bridger

Fan Art Wednesday

It’s Fan Art Wednesday and it’s time to share two new pieces that are utterly mind-blowing. Enjoy.

1. Gandalf and the Balrog of Morgoth


Spoiler alert, I’m a The Lord of the Rings fan. I have been since I was a kid. I can definitively say I’ve probably seen The Fellowship of the Ring over a thousand times in my lifespan. That’s how much I love these movies, particularly this one, and this scene is one of the best in cinema. So epic, so emotionally incredible, so well-acted…just amazing.

My sister brought this scene to life in such an imaginative way, providing a different perspective to what was already an incredible moment.

2. Approaching Darth Vader’s Castle


Kylo Ren is one of the best characters conceived in Star Wars, even despite his lackluster conclusion in The Rise of Skywalker. And yes, the final film in the Skywalker Saga failed to deliver what would’ve been one of the greatest moments in the movie; Kylo Ren going to his grandfather’s castle, Darth Vader’s castle.

My sister brought this missed opportunity to life in a way that wowed individuals, including me. I can’t get enough of this piece. It’s simply stunning.

Make sure to follow my sister on Instagram at UzuriArt where you can see more of her impressive pieces on a daily basis.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have an amazing day.

Yes, There Is Yet Another Marvel Surprise

Apparently, Disney wants to make our heads throb with a neverending headache with all of this Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney news to try to digest and yes, another Marvel surprise has just arrived. So, because it just dropped, I had to share it with you.

Black Widow Concept Art


This morning I shared a post with you highlighting Black Widow’s stunning new all-white costume and it appears that concept art for the design has just been released at D23 Expo. But wait, that’s not all.


Boom! The first official Black Widow movie poster has been dropped at, you heard it, D23 Expo. And now my brain is officially fried…

This poster is expectedly awesome. Black Widow looks fierce and ready to kick butt in a brand new suit. Yelena Belova (and what appears to be a bunch of other Black Widows?) are to the left of her. On the right, we see the first look at David Harbour as Red Guardian and Rachel Weisz as Melina/potential-Iron-Maiden. And above Black Widow looms Taskmaster who clearly looks super-duper cool.

And just when I thought I couldn’t love Marvel anymore this weekend this just dropped. Wow.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day.

This Concept Art for ‘Eternals’ Is Freaking Me Out

Last month during San Diego Comic-Con we got our first official look at the cast who would be bringing The Eternals to life in the highly-anticipated dive into more cosmic weirdness next November in the form of the film, Eternals. With A-list stars like Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, and Kumail Nanjiani one can only get excited about what to expect.

Yesterday concept artist Rodney Fuentebella revealed concept art featuring the Celestials, who in turn created The Eternals and, if I’m not mistaken, the Infinity Stones, and it is some freaky looking stuff. Check it out.

Our first delve into the cosmic universe was via Guardians of the Galaxy and while that was fun and energetic this is just straight down odd. Eternals is going to be unlike any other superhero film brought to the big screen and I am both excited and totally weirded out at the same time.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a phenomenal day.