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The Best Lightsaber Duels in Star Wars Ranked from Worst to Best

I love Star Wars for so many reasons and one of those reasons is the lightsaber duels. When I was a little girl I remember watching Revenge of the Sith and The Phantom Menace and then taking my Star Wars toys and remaking those lightsaber battles in my own little way. It was so much fun to not only watch but to also reenact. And then I got a little older and I finally saw the original trilogy and those lightsaber battles were less flashy but all the more incredible. That’s why when Rogue One was coming out I was a little worried, I’m not gonna lie.

There had never been, up to that point, a Star Wars movie that didn’t have at least one Jedi or Sith and at least one lightsaber duel. Now, of course, Darth Vader did cause some serious carnage at the end of the film with a lightsaber but that doesn’t count. His victims were helpless, they had absolutely no way to defend themselves. This post is about actual duels between two individuals with lightsabers. I’ll also only be ranking the duels in the movies. So on that note, let me start.

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4 Star Wars Stories That I Would Love To See

When Disney bought LucasFilm back in 2012 I was skeptical. Star Wars is such an iconic, serious franchise that the thought of the company who’s known for making children movies like Cinderella taking it over was slightly worrying. And then when they announced that would be making Star Wars movies I was even more frightened. Would Disney ruin Star Wars forever? Fast forward five years and Star Wars has become the most exciting event of the year for me. The movies have been spectacular, the characters have been memorable and wonderful, and Star Wars is once again a franchise worth loving again.

One of LucasFilm’s genius ideas was to, this time around, create these Star Wars stories as sort of intermission movies between the new trilogy and so far it’s been a huge success. Rogue One seemed like an interesting idea and boy was it great. Never before has there been a Star Wars film as gritty and dire as Rogue One. It hurdled boundaries and was a great introduction to this new concept of Star Wars films. In fact, it’s my third favorite Star Wars movie behind The Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens.

Now a young Han Solo film is still in the works and it’s rumored that the third standalone Star Wars film will be an Obi-Wan centered flick (YAY!) that’ll come out in 2020. If so that would be great but this is the only problem with that. If there truly is an Obi-Wan Star Wars story I’m pretty certain it’ll be about his years after Revenge of the Sith. That would mean every one of these Star Wars stories will have been made in the timeline between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Either LucasFilm is just really fascinated with that time period or there’s a serious lack of imagination going on. So, on that note, here are four Star Wars stories that I think would be fun to watch and would shake up the content that’s being provided right now.

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Who Has The Best Outfit in Star Wars?

There are a lot of different characters in Star Wars, I mean a whole lot of them. There are new characters, old characters, famous characters and background characters, and every single one of them has a unique style about them that makes them memorable, whether it’s good or bad. So, on that note, in this post, I’m going to see who reigns supreme in the realm of fashion in the galaxy. Enjoy.

10. Luke Skywalker

luke-skywalker-main_5a38c454_461eebf5From the sandy deserts of Tatooine to the mountainous islands of the new planet Ach-To, Luke Skywalker has always been cool. Now after years of his absence on the big screen the infamous Luke has returned and his wardrobe has gotten surprisingly better since we last saw him. I remember when I first saw him at the end of The Force Awakens. I expected him to be wearing a black cloak and maybe a dark brown robe but when I saw him in a slightly dirty, old tan, hooded cloak with a robe underneath to match I was amazed. He really looked like a master now, not the young Jedi that he was in Return of the Jedi. So, because of that alone, I have put him as tenth on my list.

9. Jyn Erso


I like Jyn’s outfit a lot. First of all, the outfit she wears throughout the entire film looks very logical for her field of work. I love that there aren’t any low necklines or ultra tight leggings to try to sexualize her. And I love the dark brown. There haven’t been any main female characters in Star Wars, so far, who have worn dark colors. Padme was always in something vibrant or colorful except for a few times. Princess Leia (not General Leia) was always in white or if not that color at least green. And even Rey’s clothing is a sandy color. Jyn was the first female protagonist to wear some dark clothing and I love it. And by the way, are her pants for sale anywhere because they look so comfortable?

8. Rey


What makes Rey’s outfit stand out is the loose fabric draped over her like a curtain. It kind of gives the illusion that she’s wearing a robe or maybe a tunic yet really all she’s wearing is a tank top and a pair of capris. It really differentiates her and gives her that scavenger look that makes Rey so special. I also love love, love the makeshift sleeves on her arms. It keeps her from being too exposed and that’s important in this new age of representation for women and girls.

7. Jango Fett


Despite the many flaws of The Attack of the Clones Jango Fett did manage to stand out, and one of those reasons was because of his beautiful silver and blue suit. One of my favorite toys as a child was Jango Fett because he was so cool. He definitely was going to earn a spot on my list.

6. Director Orson Krennic

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Director Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) Ph: Jonathan Olley �Lucasfilm LFL 2016.

Director Krennic is a villain. That’s why when I first saw him in that first teaser over a year ago I was so shocked. He was an Imperial behemoth yet he was wearing white! No one in the Galactic Empire dons any colors other than the usual gray or black. It made him stand out and actually made him a little more frightening. And his cape was simply stunning. I really wished he had been a better character than he was.

5. General/Princess Leia


Princess Leia’s most famous white dress has always been stunning to me, even since I was a little girl. Its beauty provides all of the elegance for this outfit but the designers provided a toughness to her from the flat footed boots she wore. Absolutely perfect. This outfit will go down as one of the most iconic outfits in cinema history. And her style, according to The Last Jedi, hasn’t diminished in the slightest.

4. Darth Vader


Darth Vader is scary, plain and simple. He could’ve looked corny back in 1977 when he made his debut in the public’s eye but I mean look at him! He embodies the essence of a villain. And yeah he’s got those red and green buttons on his chest. It’s because he’s basically a robot! What an ingenious creation. And his cape is so perfect and his armor is so shiny, he was undoubtedly going to be in the top five on my list.

3. Kylo Ren


Kylo Ren is cool, cool, cool, and did I say he was cool? His short cape that goes over one shoulder, the gloves, the silver lined mask, the belt, I mean his entire outfit is perfect. And what’s even better is the fact that his wardrobe is getting even better in The Last Jedi! I know he’s, or at least he used to be, a Darth Vader wannabe but his style is so impeccable I can’t not have him in the top three.

2. Captain Phasma


Need I say more. This picture tells it all. Just like Kylo Ren she’s rocking that cape over one shoulder look. And then her chrome armor is so stunning and gloriously shiny that all I can do is shake my head in appreciative awe. When I had finished watching The Force Awakens I was bummed to think that she died after having such a minimal part. I’m glad to know she’ll get a little more justice in the next installment. And by the way, one of these Halloweens I am totally dressing up as Captain Phasma. She’s too cool not to.

1. Padme Amidala


And the owner of the best outfit…or outfits in her case, is Padme Amidala. I’m not a fan of her character, at least in the second and third episodes of Star Wars. She was turned into a sappy love interest who became infatuated with a young man she knew when he was nine-years old, (super yuck,) and lost all of her cool points. One thing, however, that never did diminish about her was her wardrobe, especially in the second one.

From her flirty yet still elegant attire in Naboo, hairstyles and all,


to even her deathbed at the end of Revenge of the Sith.


Every one of her garments is something I would actually wear if I could, and that’s why she is number one on this list. I hope there will eventually be another main female character in Star Wars with a wardrobe as extensive and gorgeous as hers.

So, that’s my post. It’s been really fun to write and I thank you for reading it. I hope you have a beautiful day.


What I Think About the Bonus Features of Rogue One

I loved Rogue One. It was and still is a fantastic addition to the Star Wars universe. When I got it on DVD I immediately rushed to the bonus features because who doesn’t want to know how this beautiful movie was made? Some of the features were really fun to watch and gave me some incredible insight into how the movie was made while others were just okay. On that note let me talk about these features.

My Favorite Bonus Features

There were a few features that I really loved.

Visions Of Hope: The Look of Rogue One


One of the reasons why Rogue One was such an amazing film was because of the visuals. From Krennic’s shuttle flying over the black sand beaches of the planet where the Ersos were hiding to the Death Star eclipsing the sun over Jedha. It was an incredibly stunning movie that still has me shaking my head in wide-eyed wonder so of course it comes as no surprise that this was my favorite feature. I loved learning the inspiration behind the movie’s gorgeous designs and how they created the classic Yavin 4 base.

The Princess and the Governor


One of the biggest surprises of Rogue One was the CGI revival of Governor Tarkin and the digitalized young Princess Leia. Yes they weren’t perfect but they were good enough to pass as human around real people. It was fascinating learning how they digitally recreated these iconic characters. First of all, for Leia to have only one scene in the entire movie it took months of work for them to have her look perfect for the film. Secondly watching them CGI Tarkin’s face onto the actor’s face was jaw dropping. It’s truly amazing what people can do these days with computers. I have a feeling this is the beginning of a new era of boundaries for where these Star Wars stories can go.

The Empire


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Death Troopers Ph: Jonathan Olley �Lucasfilm LFL 2016.

The Empire are really frightening in this movie. This is the one Star Wars film that displays their incredible menace at the fullest. One thing behind their scary demeanor is their look. It was fun to learn how they came up with designs for the Death Troopers as well as other things. That was another interesting feature.

The Not-So-Great Features


The seven other features were enjoyable but not memorable. I came away from the bonus features wishing I would’ve learned so much more such as how they created the Battle on Scarif. There was so much work that went into those final forty or so minutes of the movie there’s no way they didn’t have behind-the-scenes footage of it. I learned more on Flipboard about how they made Rogue One than the bonus features which is very unfortunate. And don’t get me started about the missing deleted or extended scenes.

In comparison The Force Awakens’ bonus features were wonderful. They gave a lot of information I would’ve never known. Their features were all over seven minutes long. They did have deleted scenes, all of which were really fun to watch. Their bonus features were so good in fact that I have watched them more than once and I’ll probably watch them again in the near future.

It still is nice to have Rogue One on DVD to watch over and over again. It’s a gorgeously made film that has raised the bar impressively high for any Star Wars stories that follow it. Whether or not the bonus features were that great you should still watch them. It’s an hour and two minutes of decent information that only makes the movie that much better.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. In a few days the Star Wars Celebration will start and the teaser for The Last Jedi will be released. I am so excited! Be sure to read my post about the new teaser trailer. You won’t want to miss it. Thank you and May the force be with you!


My Ten Favorite Moments In Star Wars


Star Wars is one of the greatest movies in film history and what makes this sci-fi flicks so beloved are the iconic moments in these movies. I have watched every single Star Wars film many, many times and each movie, even the prequels, have some scenes that are simply fun to watch. There are of course instants that are better than others and this is where my post begins.

10. When Rey Force Pulls Luke’s Lightsaber (The Force Awakens)


This is definitely one of my favorite moments out of all the Star Wars movies. Rey, throughout the movie, was already an incredible heroine. She was tough, resourceful, didn’t need anyone to save her, and she was starting to realize she had the force. I remember when I watched The Force Awakens for the first time I didn’t truly realize she was a Jedi until she pulled Luke’s lightsaber towards her instead of Kylo Ren. That moment was and still is, so powerful. It’s a fantastic part because she’s just as dumbfounded as Kylo Ren when she’s holding that lightsaber. I love the petrified look on her face because she remembers what happened the last time she held that weapon. When she turns it on though she’s ready to fight and it’s such a goosebump-inducing moment. This was definitely one of my favorite moments.

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The Top Ten Star Wars Villains

I love Star Wars for many reasons. I love the characters whether they’re significant or not, I love the vast array of interesting planets, and I love the stories throughout all of the movies (maybe not so much for Attack of the Clones but that’s another topic.) Throughout all of the Star Wars films there is always a villain or villains and these notorious bad guys are part of the reason Star Wars is so great today.

Take the Star Wars merchandise for example. When I walk through Target and I see something affiliated with Star Wars who is the person usually on the products…Kylo Ren. His hooded masked face and his red lightsaber are so easily recognizable you don’t even have to look twice to know that the product has something to do with Star Wars. That’s how memorable the villains are in this sci-fi goliath. Now of course some aren’t as prominent as Kylo Ren and that’s where my list of the top ten Star Wars villains begins.

10. Director Orson Krennic

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Director Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) Ph: Jonathan Olley �Lucasfilm LFL 2016.

Director Krennic barely made my top ten for a very valid reason…he’s kind of lame. If weren’t for villains like the corny General Grievous or the posh Count Dooku he would definitely not be in this list. Let me explain my reasons a little further.

Krennic does possess a very beautiful outfit. That white cape of his is so illustrious and gorgeous it’s really the only reason why he’s on my list. If you think about his role in Rogue One he really didn’t do anything that special. Yes he ordered for Jyn Erso’s mother to be killed as well as Galen Erso’s assistant scientists but besides that he wasn’t very villainous. The real villain of the movie was Tarkin and that makes Krennic the white cape wearing lacky that he was. If you think about it, were he not to have that grand white outfit would he even be memorable…no! And that’s why he’s tenth on my list.

9. Captain Phasma


Captain Phasma is an awesome villain for a couple of reasons. First of all she’s the first and only (for now) female villain in Star Wars. That already makes her very special. Then she’s the first stormtrooper with chrome armor and a cape making her only that much cooler. The only reason why she’s not higher in the list is because she, unfortunately, was in The Force Awakens for only about six minutes, and that’s being generous. I’m pretty sure after The Last Jedi she’ll be higher in the ranking.

8. General Hux


General Hux probably wouldn’t have made my list if he hadn’t had that wrathful, thunderous speech about annihilating the New Republic before watching Starkiller Base shoot its ginormous red laser into space with a look of stone cold pride upon his face. That scene right there is why he’s number eight in my list of villains.

7. Snoke


Snoke is very mysterious. Every time I watch The Force Awakens I think to myself, “Who is Snoke?” He seems like somebody who’s been around for a while but what really makes him puzzling is the fact that Leia, Han, and probably Luke know who he is yet they didn’t try to stop him converting Ben Solo to the dark side. Who is this evil mastermind of the First Order who sits on a throne and tells Kylo Ren stuff? I don’t know and I can’t wait to find out. His mystique is what puts him at seventh place. If he’s as frightening as I think he has the potential to be he’ll definitely rise in the ranks of infamous villains.

6. Jango Fett


Jango Fett is so cool there was no way I wasn’t putting him in my list. His silver armor, his jet pack, his two blasters, that’s everything someone needs to either be a tremendous hero or an astounding villain. The Attack of the Clones could’ve been so much better if it had just been about Obi-Wan and Jango Fett because they had the best scenes of the entire movie. Jango Fett was another one of those characters who died too early in the prequels. Why introduce a character that impressive only to kill him off. That’s like if Kylo Ren had actually died in The Force Awakens. That would’ve been a waste of character development. Jango Fett will always be one of the coolest villains in Star Wars despite the fact that he was so underused.

5. Grand Moff Tarkin


Grand Moff Tarkin is one of the most conniving villains in Star Wars and after Rogue One his status as a merciless mastermind of the Empire has been reinforced. Tarkin is a very memorable villain for his stone cold visage and his determination to make the Empire the most powerful faction in the galaxy. He absolutely deserves the fourth spot in my list of Star Wars villains.

4. Emperor Palpatine


Emperor Palpatine is pure evil. I mean look at his picture. I shudder just looking at him. And his plan to wipe out the Jedi and take over the galaxy was so immaculately planned it’s terrible. He knew everything that was going to happen before it happened. The entire fate of the galaxy was wrapped around his little finger from when he became the Supreme Chancellor to when he was Emperor. If it wasn’t for Luke Skywalker’s resolve and Darth Vader’s sudden decision to become a good guy again the galaxy would’ve probably never torn itself from his tyrannical rule.

3. Darth Maul


Darth Maul is definitely one of the most ingenious characters of all the Star Wars films. He’s still the only force wielder to have a lightsaber with two blades on each side of the hilt making him extra special in the long list of Sith and Jedi in the movies. His fighting style is rooted in a martial arts sort of vibe that’s really astounding and memorable. His look with the red and black face, yellow eyes, and the spikes spouting from his head give him a frightening appearance. He’s unfortunately another one of those grand characters whose use in the prequels was under utilized. And even though he’s a character in the Star Wars: Rebels show and made an appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars I don’t watch the cartoons so he’s still dead to me. It’s such a shame and really unfortunate.

2. Kylo Ren


Kylo Ren is beyond awesome. His outfit is frighteningly beautiful, his rugged lightsaber is unlike any other in the films, and his story is very, very intriguing. The only reason why he’s not number one is because he’s literally a Darth Vader wannabe. If it wasn’t for Darth Vader he wouldn’t be as cool as he is. I am very excited to see him in The Last Jedi. Maybe he’ll be even better than in The Force Awakens and if so he’ll definitely give Darth Vader a run for his money as the coolest villain. Until then he’ll remain a close second.

1. Darth Vader


And, unsurprisingly, Darth Vader is my favorite villain in Star Wars. His breath is one of the most iconic things in film history. I didn’t know how petrifying that sound can be until I watched Rogue One. That last scene with him was so mind blowing no other villain in Stat Wars so far can surpass him.

So these are my ten favorite villains in Star Wars. Maybe in the upcoming films there will be new baddies to rise in the ranks but until then this is my list. I hope you’ve enjoyed my post.



My Top Ten Star Wars Characters

I love Star Wars and part of the reason why I love Star Wars so much are the characters. When there are awesome characters like Darth Vader or Rey I can’t help but love this franchise. Still there are some people I like more than others and that’s where I begin this post.

10. Emperor Palpatine a.k.a Darth Sidious

emperor-palpatine_7ac4a10e Palpatine is one of the most evil villains in film history. How he managed to hide right beneath the Jedis’ noses even though they were desperately looking for him is amazing. And he was so crafty. He waited patiently like a spider for his prey for a little over two decades before he overturned the Republic and created the evil Empire. Not only did he do that and wipe out nearly all of the Jedi but he took one of their strongest Jedi, Anakin, and with some serious manipulation turned him into a Sith. Emperor Palpatine is to me the most evil villain in Star Wars. He doesn’t have the swagger of someone like Darth Vader but he definitely is a true Sith Lord. And to top off his incredible power he can summon lightning without even thinking. He definitely deserves a spot in my top ten list.

9. Chirrut Imwe

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Donnie Yen (Chirrut Imwe) Behind the Scenes on set during production. Ph: Footage Frame ©Lucasfilm LFL 2016.

Chirrut managed to grace my top ten list because he is so, so very cool. He’s the first character in the Star Wars films to be one with the Force as well as he was without being a Jedi. I remember watching Rogue One and thinking to myself what if he was a Jedi? That would have been pretty awesome. The fact that he wasn’t however was what made him really special. He’s also the first blind character which added to his originality and made me like him that much more. If there is a Star Wars story in the future that’ll explain Chirrut and Baze’s story I would be so happy. Until then I’ll enjoy him in Rogue One.

8. Captain Cassian Andor


Cassian was my favorite character in Rogue One so of course he would be in my top ten list. I loved that when I saw him in the commercials and trailers they didn’t really show anything with him so his story in the movie was a complete surprise. I liked his accent because it made him different and added a sort of grit to the movie other Star Wars films haven’t had. He is another character in Rogue One whose story will hopefully be explored a little further in future anthology Star Wars films.

7. Han Solo


Han Solo is a great character. He’s funny, pretty talented in terms of his flying and shooting skills, and he’s rather heroic in his own Han way. When I watched The Force Awakens the first time I was so glad to see him back in a Star Wars film and he was just as great as he was in the original trilogy. When he was killed by Kylo Ren I was so distraught I cried like a baby. I still can’t watch that scene without getting a little teary. As great as Han Solo is (and he is awesome) the next six characters are to me better than him. There was no way he wasn’t going to be in my list though.

6. BB-8


BB-8 is definitely my favorite droid because he’s so cute. K-2SO was great in Rogue One and C-3PO and R2-D2 are the classics but I really love BB-8. I can’t wait to see what new gadgets he might use in the next Star Wars and what he’ll be up to. I didn’t expect it but yes, he’s my sixth favorite character in Star Wars.

5. Obi-Wan


Obi-Wan is the coolest Jedi in Star Wars. He was great in the prequel trilogy. In fact he made the prequel trilogy worth watching. I loved how he would go on clandestine missions, he was very wise, and he was awesome. There’s a reason why he was, besides Yoda and a few others, one of the last Jedi remaining. And not only did he survive the horrible massacre but he taught Anakin a hard lesson in that epic fight on Mustafar. That’s pretty cool because Anakin was and still is so annoying.

Then in the classic trilogy he was just as great. He was older, wiser, but still the same Obi-Wan. Yes he is part of the lamest lightsaber duel in the history of Star Wars but it doesn’t degrade him because he’s still awesome. I really, really hope that in the near future Obi-Wan will get his own movie because since I was a little girl I have always wondered what he was doing between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. It’s also perfect because Ewan McGregor has gotten older as well so he could easily reprise the role as Obi-Wan. And after seeing Rogue One I am even more excited for there to be a standalone Obi-Wan film. It would be perfect if Gareth Edwards directed it.

4. Luke Skywalker


Luke Skywalker is one of the most iconic characters in film history. Luke is great. His story in the original trilogy was fantastic and his story nowadays is even better. I didn’t realize just how magical Luke’s presence in a Star Wars film was until I watched The Force Awakens and I saw him at the end. I still get goosebumps and grow teary eyed every time I see that scene. After the next Star Wars he might end up higher on my list.

3. Kylo Ren

kylo-ren_fa163069 This was very, very difficult for me to decide. Kylo Ren is so ridiculously cool, I mean look at this picture. This picture emanates awesomeness. Still he’s third on my list just because the next two characters are a little cooler but he’s third only by a smidgeon. Now that the title of the next Star Wars has been announced I know the teaser will be coming sooner rather than later. I am so excited to see Kylo Ren again. I remember when I saw him for the first time in the teaser for The Force Awakens I about lost my mind. He was and still is the first person to have a lightsaber with a crossguard. And the sound of his lightsaber is awesome because it’s not made correctly so it emerges from the hilt with this sort of electric noise. Who knows what he’ll be doing in The Last Jedi but I’m so excited.

2. Rey


Rey is one of the coolest heroines of any movie. She’s powerful, independent, and simply awesome. The fact that’s she a Jedi only solidifies her greatness. I can’t wait to find out the mystery of her parents. I think Luke is her father but I might be wrong. If she is Luke’s daughter that would be so cool! Come on December 15th! So she’s definitely second on my list. Maybe after The Last Jedi she’ll be my favorite Star Wars character. Who knows.

1. Darth Vader


Yes, as great as the other nine characters are (and they are great) no one, at the moment, can top the one and only Darth Vader. Ever since the first time I saw Darth Vader I have been fascinated by his shiny black armor and his muffled voice. He was already legendary from the original trilogy but after Rogue One I love Darth Vader even more now. If there is ever a Star Wars story about Darth Vader I will be the happiest person on Earth. He is definitely my favorite Star Wars character and probably will be for a long time.

Who knows, maybe after The Last Jedi comes out there’ll be new characters in my top ten list.