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That Episode of ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Was Pure ‘Star Wars’

Again, this will be more of a reaction piece than anything because my mind is still processing the Sheer greatness we saw today but I will say this.

Over the past weekend I’ve been watching the Star Wars saga on TNT. Last night I finished watching The Last Jedi for the first time in two years.

So…it’s no surprise that today’s episode actually managed to make me shed some happy tears. It was magical what they did and honestly, I couldn’t be happier right now.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day. May the Force be with you.

I Have One Gripe About ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Trailer and It’s Major

The trailer for The Book of Boba Fett came out yesterday and it was definitely surprising. I am not going to day the trailer blew my mind because it didn’t. In fact, if I’m being honest, it was kind of boring. But I am confident that the spin-off will be fun to watch for the duration of v is nine episodes. However, there was one thing I noticed that bothered me and I’m here to share my reservations with you.

The trailer’s main goal was to remind us that Boba is, in fact, the new boss of Tatooine and that he will apparently be a fair/ benevolent ruler but that’s where the problem of this trailer lies.

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Why Am I Happy ‘The Bad Batch’ Ends Tomorrow?

The Bad Batch. It’s been quite a ride hasn’t it? In fact, this series began four months ago on Star Wars Day with the best premiere for a Star Wars series I had ever seen. Then everything went downhill from there.

I wanted to love this series. I really did. But with every exhilarating ascent came an equally crushing descent the very next week to just crush my soul. This show had so much potential; Crosshair going on interesting assassination missions with the first Death Trooper squad, Wrecker turning evil, a never-ending barrage of awesome bounty hunters to hunt for Omega, I mean the possibilities of a truly great and unique series was there for the taking. But these were just fleeting storylines in the massive hodgepodge of a story that never understood what it really was.

Is this a familial space adventure with a few hiccups on the way or is this a riveting dark drama revealing to us the early machinations of the Empire? A bit of both, I suppose.

Because this series never found a solid footing I have found this series to be mostly uninteresting and honestly quite irritating for the past few weeks. Now, the finale drops tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier. The weekly anguish will be over.

Next year we’re getting a (hopefully shorter) second season but for now, I am going to enjoy this break from the clones and their all-over-the-place storyline. But, because I don’t want this post to be entirely negative, I will acknowledge that this series has undoubtedly some of the best animation for an animated series that I have ever seen. I’m talking absolutely sublime. Imagine if we got a Clone Wars-esque series set between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker with animation like this? It would be incredible!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force be with you.

‘The Bad Batch’: I’ve Given Up

After thirteen episodes and a storyline that seems to yank me every which way each week, The Bad Batch has finally completely lost my interest or investment. Don’t worry. I’ll finish the season because I’m a loyal Star Wars fan but my feelings for this series has been annihilated.

The problem with this animated series (that no one wanted in the first place, might I add) is that it hasn’t managed to carve its identity in thirteen weeks! For its first four weeks, it felt like The Mandalorian; a bunch of tough guys have to take care of likable kid. Then it strayed into side quest-ville with a few moments of drama along the way (Wrecker’s inhibitor chip fiasco) and an unnecessary cameo appearance by Rex.

Then there’s a side story with Crosshair and what was a rather fascinating storyline; the decommissioning of the clone troopers and the Empire’s slow but deliberate annihilation of the Kaminoans’ livelihood. That got highlighted for maybe a couple of episodes and hasn’t been revisited since.

Honestly, I’m not going to even delve into the other storylines this series has been dabbling with in the past few weeks because it’s just too much to keep track of and it’s annoying.

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‘The Bad Batch’ Bored Me to Death This Week

I’m not expecting every episode to be as action-packed and thrilling as last week’s episode but this tenth episode was hard to watch.

It felt like a typical episode of The Clone Wars but with no Anakin, Obi-Wan, or Ahsoka I found myself finding it hard to stay awake or invested.

The 24 minutes or so flew by like a breeze and when it concluded I wanted to yawn. The Bad Batch has had its moments but with only six episodes I’m going to need these episodes to start getting better quickly or my investment is going to drop to an all-time low.

Every interesting storyline has been diverted by some convenient answer to the problem. Now we’re back to square one, the boredom, and honestly, it’s kind of tiring.

I want to love this show and it is a decent first season but honestly…I’m only still watching every week because I’m a Star Wars fan.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.

We finally Got a Great Episode of ‘The Bad Batch’!

If you’ve been following my blog and my weekly reviews of The Bad Batch you will notice that I have become more and more frustrated with this show, mainly its narrative structure.

To be fair, the series isn’t awful. Far from it. Compared to the first seasons of The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, it is a step above in terms of storyline and enjoyment, and yet for the last five weeks I’ve come away from each episode feeling more and more peeved.

Last week’s episode gave us a surprise return of a beloved fan favorite in Cad Bane (btw, he’s my favorite bounty hunter) and that was exciting but ultimately, once again, I came away from the episode feeling a little letdown. The episode itself wasn’t bad but it felt like everything got to where it was because of some convenient twist that could’ve been avoided if it wasn’t there to drive the story forward.

Hence, this week I watched the episode with little expectation and ended up having so much fun!

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