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‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Is Almost One of the Best X-Men Movies Ever Made

Well, I have now watched every X-Men movie with the name X-Men in the title and honestly, from all of the atrocious things I’ve heard about X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I thought it would be the worst film. To my great surprise, this movie had my attention from the get-go.

Is X-Men Origins: Wolverine a bad movie? Well, yes it is. The CGI is beyond dismal, there are a lot of obvious plot holes and convenient setups to make this film feel connected to the previous movies, and it gets kind of corny in some areas. And yet, I came away from the film mildly shocked.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a surprisingly really good origin story for the claw-wielding character as it reveals to us his evil (and really scary) brother, Victor a.k.a Sabretooth. The love story he has in this film feels more real and connected with me more than the hot romances he usually has with Jean Grey or that lady in The Wolverine.

The supporting characters were actually pretty cool and had me thoroughly surprised and whoa, Ryan Reynolds ACTUALLY plays Deadpool in this movie. I was not expecting that. Of course, it doesn’t connect with his role as Deadpool in his standalone films at all but still, it was an unexpected surprise.

As someone who thinks X-Men: Dark Phoenix is pretty good and despises X2, I felt that X-Men Origins: Wolverine–with a tidier script–could’ve easily been one of the best movies of the franchise. In short, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I’ll give this movie 83 out of 100 and 3 out of 5 stars. It wasn’t anywhere close to perfect but hey, that was a fun ride.

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What’s Your Favorite X-Men Movie?

I’ve, lately, been on a serious X-Men binge-watch session and with two of the recent X-Men titles dropping on Disney+, it seems that Disney is starting to highlight the heroic mutants and their stories in the vast universe that encompasses Marvel Studios, Star Wars, the Avatar franchise, and now even the Peter Jackson franchise.

There have been plenty of X-Men movies over the last two decades but of these films which is your favorite? Here’s the list.


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In 2000, the X-Men were brought to the big screen in rewarding fashion, delivering a story and ensemble cast that felt true to the characters and the comic book material. Plus, with Ian McKellen playing Magneto and Patrick Stewart playing Professor X, it was destined to be awesome. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite X-Men Movie?