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Where Does Spider-Man: Homecoming Rank in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Yesterday I wrote a review about Spider-Man: Homecoming and I absolutely loved the film but how does it stack up against the other Marvel films that have come before it? Well, this is what I’m going to find out and I hope you enjoy.

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier


I loved Spider-Man: Homecoming, it was a pretty flawless movie. There’s something about The Winter Soldier, however, that really makes me happy. I watched this film four times in the movie theaters and now, three years after it came out, it still reigns supreme in terms of what Marvel can do. The storyline is simple yet complex, Robert Redford’s portrayal of Secretary Pierce was spot on, Bucky’s arc throughout the movie was one of the better plotlines in Marvel so far, and this was the first movie that Captain America really shined in.

Another reason why the movie was so good is its lack of heroes with super incredible abilities. Captain America, while he retains superhuman strength, speed, etc, he isn’t as powerful as someone like, say, Thor, or even Spider-Man for that matter. And then Black Widow is only a Shield agent, she’s not a superwoman, and that gives the movie a grit that most of the Marvel films don’t have. And Falcon is also a rather regular human besides the awesome exoskeleton. That’s why I love this movie. I’m waiting for the day to come for a Marvel film to finally dethrone this one but it still hasn’t happened yet.

2. Spider-Man: Homecoming


Spider-Man: Homecoming is undoubtedly the second best Marvel movie ever made. It’s funny, it’s original, and it’s simply a great film. The plot twists were shocking, the characters were fun and engaging, the storyline was impeccable, and it all led to Spider-Man officially becoming an Avenger, which is so exciting.

There are other great Marvel films like Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War, the first Guardians of the Galaxy, but this movie was so cute and perfect that there was no way I wasn’t going to rank this as the second best Marvel movie made so far.

So, this is where I rank Spider-Man: Homecoming in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I thank you for reading and I hope you have an absolutely beautiful day.

My Favorite Part of The Last Jedi Trailer

It’s the last day of the week and this has been a great week for Star Wars fans. The Last Jedi trailer debuted this Monday and I’m still losing my mind over it. There were so many fantastic shots in that trailer that it’s pretty much a perfect trailer, but there is one section of the trailer that happens to always make my heart thrum with excitement and I am here to talk about it. Enjoy!

What I loved the most about this trailer is that it happened to surprisingly showcase a lot of footage involving Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren is such an interesting, complex character and I love that this trailer showed that this next Star Wars film is going to continue evolving his story.

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The Porgs Are Stealing Everybody’s Hearts in the New Last Jedi Trailer

I’m one of those Star Wars fans that doesn’t like Ewoks very much. Ewoks destroy my brain. They’re not cute. They’re just very annoying teddy bears with sticks and rocks. So when I heard that there would be these cute creatures called Porgs living on the planet, Ach-To, with Luke I was excited and skeptical. I’m totally cool with cute new creatures in Star Wars but the question was, would these Porgs be the new Ewoks.

When the behind-the-scenes clip debuted this July I got my first close up look at the Porgs and I was pleasantly surprised.


The Porg looked very, very adorable and I was confident that these new alien creatures wouldn’t be the bane of my existence like the Ewoks are. And so then Entertainment Weekly had a special spread on The Last Jedi back in August and it gave me another look at the Porgs.

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My In-Depth Analysis of The Last Jedi Trailer: Part Two

Yesterday I wrote a post about The Last Jedi trailer and now after seeing it eleven times I’m getting, even more, revelations for the film. In my earlier post I talked about Kylo Ren, Rey, and Finn but today I’m going into a little more detail about Luke Skywalker, Snoke, and just exactly what this trailer might be telling us about this new movie. So, with no further delay, let me get to it.

On October 9th Star Wars fans, including me, lost their minds momentarily over the new trailer for The Last Jedi due to all of the impressive money shots and the shocking end. But after two days and allowing the trailer to soak in I can look at the trailer with a clear mind and there are so many diversions and possible clues this trailer is providing it’s incredible. So, let me start talking about the new revelations I’ve gotten from this trailer.

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My In-Depth Analysis of The Last Jedi Trailer

So during the halftime of Monday Night Football The Last Jedi debuted a new trailer and it was absolutely…positively incredible. Now it’s the next day and after watching the trailer seven times, yes seven times, I have been able to reflect on the trailer’s many awesome clips and what they mean to the overall story of this movie. And, so with no further delay, I am going to talk about all of the trailer’s details. Enjoy!

So, I’ve seen this trailer I think three more times since I’ve started this post and I’m still discovering new tidbits and revelations. There are going to be countless theories coming out of this trailer but here’s what I took away from this trailer.

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The Last Jedi Is Shaking The World With This New Trailer!

It might be late but the night is alive with the debut of The Last Jedi trailer. First of all, here’s the official poster for The Last Jedi.

And it’s official now, the theme for this Star Wars film is red, red, red. I don’t know what that means but it’s exciting all the same.

And then here’s the trailer.

I’m not going to go into in-depth analysis about this film until tomorrow but I’ve already watched it four times, and I’m destined to watch it at least another two or three times, and all I have to say is this. OH, MY GOSH!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this trailer as much as I did and I’ll see you tomorrow. May the Force Be With You…The Last Jedi is going to be amazing!!!

These Teasers for The Last Jedi Trailer Will Get You Pumped

So, as you may know, the new trailer for The Last Jedi is going to debut tonight during the halftime of Monday Night Football and to get us all hyped LucasFilm has some pretty exciting teasers to satiate Star Wars’ fans excitement until tonight. Take a look.

There are so many things that are awesome about this teaser and it isn’t really showing anything! I mean, it’s just Rey training with her lightsaber but that’s the point. It’s Rey! When I see Rey I get so excited. And her practicing with her lightsaber means that when she sees Kylo Ren again she won’t be as unfamiliar with the ancient weapon as she was in The Force Awakens. And that means that the next lightsaber duel is going to be ten times as epic! Oh my gosh, I’m excited.

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