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Here’s the Final Excerpt of My New Novel, ANNABELLE

It’s only one week until ANNABELLE is available! This is such an exciting moment, this last stretch of marketing which leads to the release of my second book, a story I’ve worked on for many years. With my last two excerpts, I wanted to provide a sense of the story and its characters. Today, I wanted to share an excerpt delving into the story’s darker, more dramatic aspects. Enjoy!

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My Review of ‘Nightcrawler’

I’ve been hearing about this Nightcrawler movie for quite a while now. After watching Prisoners, which was another film that starred Jake Gyllenhaal, I found myself really intrigued to watch this movie. My impression, due to the film’s poster, was that Gyllenhaal’s character was some creepy guy who goes around killing people. I was way off.

Instead he is what is called a “Nightcrawler”; an individual who goes to crime scenes and films those scenes before selling the gruesome footage to news channels for a good sum of cash. And that’s all the movie was about.

A young psychopath who transitions from being an unemployed thief who will kill you if you happen to have a nice watch to becoming a nightcrawler entrepreneur.

I have now seen Gyllenhaal in four different roles.

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