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My Review of ‘Nightcrawler’

I’ve been hearing about this Nightcrawler movie for quite a while now. After watching Prisoners, which was another film that starred Jake Gyllenhaal, I found myself really intrigued to watch this movie. My impression, due to the film’s poster, was that Gyllenhaal’s character was some creepy guy who goes around killing people. I was way off.

Instead he is what is called a “Nightcrawler”; an individual who goes to crime scenes and films those scenes before selling the gruesome footage to news channels for a good sum of cash. And that’s all the movie was about.

A young psychopath who transitions from being an unemployed thief who will kill you if you happen to have a nice watch to becoming a nightcrawler entrepreneur.

I have now seen Gyllenhaal in four different roles.

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