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The Coolest Weapons in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

With every new Star Wars movie comes new weapons and that’s a blast for avid Star Wars fans like me. And Solo was filled with intriguing aliens, worlds, clothing styles, and yes, weapons, that made this newest adventure in a galaxy far, far away that much more special. So, on that note, here were the five coolest weapons in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Grapple Gun


Val was only present in Solo for a short while but what I found the most impactful from her involvement in the film were her incredible smuggling skills and this gun helped achieve those skills.

Its range can go farther than 600 meters! Isn’t that amazing? That provides an entirely different look at how tough smugglers and bounty hunters truly are in the galaxy with their various gadgets and specific skills. And that’s why I loved this film. The Clone Wars showed a glimpse of the criminal underworld and this movie only took that look a bit further.

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Where Does Dryden Vos Rank Among the ‘Star Wars’ Villains?

When I think of iconic villains the first character that comes to mind is Darth Vader. His bravado, his baritone voice, the black cape, and the iconic “I am your father” line makes this antagonist memorable for all of the right reasons. Ever since then there have been Star Wars villains that have tried to dethrone Darth Vader from his top spot and it took forty years but that finally was achieved with Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren has been such a joy to watch in this current trilogy as his story has grown more complex and made the movies so much more enjoyable. Now with Solo a new villain has arrived and it’s time to find out where he ranks among all of the antagonists that have come before him.

1. Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren

There aren’t a lot of characters that I can’t imagine being played by anyone else because the actors have taken a certain role and made it their own but I honestly can’t imagine anyone but Adam Driver playing this emotional character. He brings such an intimacy to the role that I feel like I can understand the guy even though he’s just a fictional character. He’s also hilarious too. I can’t wait until Episode IX.

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Dryden Vos, the Debonaire Gangster

The role of Dryden Vos was previously being played by another actor (I forgot his name) but after Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were booted from the production of the movie and when Ron Howard was brought on board they gave the role to Paul Bettany. Now this made me really excited because I love Paul Bettany as both Jarvis and Vision. For years I thought Iron Man had the coolest AI sidekick in Jarvis and then when he was brought to life through Vision I couldn’t have been more excited. And I know for a fact Paul Bettany is going to bring a compelling villain to the Star Wars universe that we’ve briefly seen before in Jabba the Hutt but to the next level.


We haven’t really been given a glimpse of the criminal underworld that is just as much a part of Star Wars as the concept of the Jedi and the Sith. In this hidden underworld are smugglers, bounty hunters, and gangsters, like Dryden Vos, who this movie will be introducing is to and I honestly couldn’t be more ready to see this film. Not only does he look really cool because of his scars but I love that LucasFilm is keeping his character throughout the marketing of Solo mysterious. That means I will be able to fully enjoy him without feeling like I’ve seen a whole lot of footage of him when I watch the film in theaters.

All in all, the countdown is growing less and less until the movie officially premieres in movie theaters around the country and I can’t wait to see it.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a magical day. May the Force be with you.