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Who’s Excited for the Golden Globes?!

It’s award season and tonight the 75th Golden Globes will be coming on NBC at 8pm est. I can’t wait to watch it for many reasons such as seeing Seth Meyers host the special event. I love his hilarious late night show and I’m glad that he’s going to be the one hosting this Golden Globes. I’m also loving this year’s nominees for every category but I am, of course, mainly excited to see how the movie categories end up shaking out.

In terms of who I want to win the Best Motion Picture-Drama category the only movie I have seen out of the nominees was Dunkirk but while it is a fantastic film I feel that it’s against some stiff competition in the likes of The Shape of Water and possibly The Post. 

Now I truly believe that Christopher Nolan should win a Golden Globe for Best Director because his visual eye for Dunkirk was absolutely magnificent. Simply the scenes with the fighter pilots was enough to win a Golden Globe award. If he doesn’t win I would be positively livid. I mean what does he have to do to win an award for his fabulous director skills?

In terms of the other categories I’m just excited to see what’s going to happen. One of my favorite things to do is watch the Golden Globes and the Oscars and this year is going to definitely be one of the most interesting of the award seasons.

I hope you’re as excited as I am to see the Golden Globes and I thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day.


The Movies I’ve Seen of 2017; Ranked from Worst to Best

It’s been a year full of movies, good and bad, and while I haven’t seen all of the films this year I have seen a whole lot of them and so because it’s the last day of the year I figured I might as well rank them. So, here’s my list. Enjoy!

14. The Mummy


When I heard they were remaking The Mummy I was kind of skeptical at first but then I heard that Tom Cruise was playing the lead and I got excited. Tom Cruise has been making fantastic movies for decades. There was no way he could star in a film about some explorers who run into real life mummies and the movie end up becoming a fail. How terribly wrong I was. From the first trailer I saw I knew this film wasn’t going to be as good as I had hoped but this movie wasn’t just boring or corny. It was poorly written, the plot was terrible, and it was painful watching Tom Cruise and Russel Crowe, who are both great actors, stoop down to the level of this horrid film.

I was hoping I was going to enjoy this movie but I ended up disliking nearly everything about it. This is undoubtedly the worst movie I’ve seen this year.

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A Spoiler-Free Review of Dunkirk

Okay, so the first word that comes to my mind when I think of this movie is wow. I watched Dunkirk for the first time last night and I can honestly say it will go down as one of the most incredible movie experiences I’ve ever had. First of all the movie is very loud so just be prepared. Secondly, it’s very psychological, like all of Christopher Nolan’s movies are. When I left that theater everything I heard, from cars driving by to literally a refrigerator in Target, sounded like the motors of those planes in that movie. Yeah, I was losing my mind for about an hour. Third, it’s official now, Christopher Nolan is my favorite director of all time. He has surpassed the legendary Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Ridley Scott, Alfred Hitchcock, etc. The way he makes movies is mind-boggling. He pours so much thought and effort into making a movie perfect that when you eventually see the result it looks like Dunkirk. If he doesn’t get an Oscar for best director for the stunning job he did on this movie I’ll be utterly flabbergasted.

Now I’m going to talk a little bit about the movie without going into too much detail which is going to be kind of difficult. There are so many things I want to talk about but I’ll have to wait until my post chock full of spoilers to do that. So on that note let me say what I thought about this movie for you folks who haven’t seen it yet.

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