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I Didn’t Know It But Rey Has Already Gone to the Dark Side Once

One of the biggest aspects to a Jedi’s story in a Star Wars film is their struggle of resisting the temptation toward the dark side. Anakin tried to resist the pull of the dark side for two movies straight but ultimately failed. And Luke also was tempted by the dark side of the Force on numerous occasions but was able to suppress those urges. And now there’s Rey.

She’s the galaxy’s next hope of defeating Kylo Ren and the First Order but to do that she must remain, well, good. That seems easy right? Wrong. Rey isn’t your typical Jedi. She doesn’t exactly follow the Jedi “code” and she kind of just wings it rather than basing her decisions off of what the Jedi believe is right. Yeah, she fights with the good guys but she’s much more prone to turn to the dark side than you might expect. In fact, she already has turned to the dark side and it was right beneath our noses. Let me tell you how.

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If Finn Was a Jedi

One of the coolest things about being a Star Wars fan is theorizing the movies. Since The Force Awakens there have been a LOT of theories to pore over and enjoy but one of the theories that I have always been the most interested in is whether Finn was force-sensitive or not. If you may recall, I wrote a post about his possibility of being Force sensitive earlier this year and I’m still hoping that he does end up being a tad bit Force-sensitive in Episode IX.

And my sister shares my same imagination toward Finn. In fact, she has drawn a certain piece of fan art that imagines Finn as a Jedi and it turned out to be so absolutely incredible I wanted to share it with all of you. Here it is.

Jedi Knight Finn

Isn’t. This. Amazing?! Not only is it a beautiful drawing but it looks nearly identical to the actual John Boyega!

I’ve always imagined Finn as a Jedi but to see what it could possibly look like is even more fantastic. Who knows? Maybe it’ll become true and we’ll get to see him use the Force in an exciting way in Episode IX. Maybe he’ll turn out to be like Leia. She had the Force but she didn’t exactly become a Jedi. She was able to use the power for intuition and even, in dire circumstances, to save herself from death but she was never a full-blown Jedi knight. Maybe Finn’s Force-sensitivity will be on the same level.

Whatever the case, this painting is awesome and I’ve loved sharing it with you all.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.

Should Poe Have a Love Interest in ‘Episode IX’?

When you think of Star Wars romance may not be the first thing that comes to mind but it’s, surprisingly, one of the franchise’s greatest aspects. The reason why the original trilogy was such a well-rounded trio of movies is because every aspect of those films were perfect, especially the romantic side of things. Han and Leia’s love story is, in my opinion, the greatest romance in science-fiction movies and it helped make The Empire Strikes Back easily one of the best (or best) Star Wars films ever made.


Since then the aspect of romance in this franchise has been a little sub par. The love story between Anakin and Padme was straight down icky for a couple of reasons. One; Padme knew Anakin when he was a boy and she was a teenager so to think that she fell in love with him when he grew up is kind of weird. And two; their chemistry was so off watching them together just didn’t look right. You could tell Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman were acting like they liked each other and that’s bad.

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This Description of ‘Episode IX’ from Oscar Isaac Sounds Amazing

Episode IX is of course on top secret mode until it premieres next year in movie theaters around the world but that doesn’t mean the actors aren’t talking about it. As Star Wars star, Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) goes through publicity for his latest movie, Operation Finale, questions of Episode IX are sure to arise and this time he had a little bit to tell us. Here is what he said.

“It is a war movie. I mean, above and beyond, it is a movie about warriors.”

This next section is about his standing with his character, the Resistance leader, Poe Dameron.

“You want to get people [to question him] as opposed to have some sort of easy answer of like, ‘Yeah, yeah, he did the right thing. He was a hero.’ What’s the cost of this stuff?”

And this next section is easily the most interesting part.

“[The Resistance] are guerrilla fighters, adhering closer to something like the Revolutionary War fighters or even the guerrillas in Cuba with Che and Fidel and all these guys living in the mountains, coming down to do some attacks, and going back and trying to hide from the ’empire’ of the United States. It’s that kind of ragged at this point. 

You hear about stories with [George] Washington as a general, where lots of people died based on their orders, but that is part of leadership and that push-and-pull in the fight for figuring out what’s the way to move forward.”

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Should Kylo Ren Return In ‘Episode IX’ With A Beard?

With every Star Wars movie I love to imagine how the main characters’ wardrobe or look may change. In The Last Jedi Kylo Ren got himself a makeover with a new outfit and less groomed hair. Rey rid herself of the Three Knobs. Finn got a new look that fit more into the Resistance. And Poe obtained a leisurely Resistance captain attire for a majority of the film rather than his usual pilot outfit.

So yeah, there were a lot of changes to the main characters’ styles in The Last Jedi and that means it is imminent that there will be more new looks at these characters by the time of Episode IX. Especially with a supposed time jump. And that’s what leads me to this question. Should Kylo Ren return in Episode IX with a beard? Well, here are the reasons why he should have one.

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Matt Smith Is Yet Another Actor To Join ‘Episode IX’

A few days ago it was announced that Dominic Monaghan (The Lord of the RingsLost) was joining the cast of Episode IX in an undisclosed role and now more casting news has arrived with another big name actor also joining the fray.

Matt Smith, who you may know for his breakout role in Doctor Who and his Emmy-winning role as Prince Phillip in The Crown, has joined the enlarging cast of Episode IX for a, get this, “key role” in the upcoming Star Wars movie.


The idea of a “key role” could mean anything. He could have a role equal to that of Lor San Tekka’s in The Force Awakens because while Tekka was only in the beginning of the film he started off the entire adventure by giving Poe the first piece to the map that would eventually lead to Luke Skywalker.

And then again he could have a role as large as say, Admiral Holdo. She might not have gotten on the poster for The Last Jedi but she played a key role in setting up some interesting things in the movie. And she performed single-handed one of the coolest maneuvers in Star Wars by making that awesome hyperspace jump through the First Order fleet. She might’ve sacrificed herself for the Resistance but at least she went out in style.

Whatever the case, this is even more exciting news about Episode IX and I can’t wait to see which characters these new actors will be portraying. *squeal* I’m so excited!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

Dominic Monaghan Joins ‘Episode IX’

The filming for Episode IX is currently underway and yesterday it was announced that joining the cast was none other than Dominic Monaghan. You may know Dominic for his role as the hobbit, Merry, in The Lord of the Rings trilogy or his role in the hit show, Lost, which J.J Abrams, unsurprisingly, was a part of.

2009 American Music Awards - Arrivals

This is exciting news because first of all, Mr. Monaghan is going to be in a Star Wars movie. That’s awesome! Now he’ll have participated in two of the greatest franchises in the modern cinema era, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

Secondly, I can’t wait to see what his role in the film will be. Undoubtedly he’ll have a smaller role but I’m sure it’ll be somewhat significant. Maybe he’ll play a Resistance officer of ally or maybe he’ll turn to the dark side and be a member of the First Order.

Whatever the case this is super exciting news and I can’t wait to share more Episode IX news with you all.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.