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Who’s Your Favorite Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Obi-Wan Kenobi is one of the most beloved Star Wars characters for one simple reason; he’s awesome. He wowed fans when he was introduced as the Star Wars version of the Wizard Merlin in A New Hope. And he was easily the coolest character in the often harangued prequel trilogy. So, on this week’s segment of Who’s Your Favorite I’m tackling one of the greatest Jedi that has ever lived; Obi-Wan Kenobi. Enjoy!

Classic Obi-Wan Kenobi


Obi-Wan Kenobi might’ve died in A New Hope but he lived on in ghost form throughout the classic trilogy, randomly delivering Luke wisdom and being awesome. One of my favorite scenes in The Empire Strikes Back is when Obi-Wan Kenobi visits Luke in Hoth. It’s the first time we see Obi-Wan in physical ghost form and it’s always fascinated me seeing him standing in the snowy gloom telling Luke to go to the Dagobah system. Old Obi-Wan is awesome.

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‘Christopher Robin’: Why Can’t I Finish This Movie?

I’m a movie lover. If there’s a new movie I’m going to watch it. Last year Disney made a live-action version of the classic Winnie the Pooh story starring Ewan Mcgregor in Christopher Robin. As a Winnie the Pooh fan when I was a child it seemed pretty obvious that I was going to enjoy this film but that soon turned out to not be the case and there’s a very simple reason: Winnie the Pooh.


As someone who loved the super cute, cuddly, bright yellow version of the character in the books I find this live-action version, voiced by Jim Cummings, a tad bit disturbing. His soft voice is creepy and his dingy yellow look makes one feel like this is the Winnie the Pooh of my nightmares.

As I tried to get invested in the story I could not stop feeling troubled by this teddy bear who loves honey and talks…so…slowly. This wasn’t the Winnie the Pooh of my childhood, hence I couldn’t continue watching the film.

I’m sure for others this movie can be enjoyable to a certain extent but I just couldn’t get over Winnie the Pooh who transitioned from creepy to annoying real fast.

So, for me, A Wrinkle in Time and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, both poorly reviewed by critics and audiences, were way more enjoyable than Christopher Robin. Maybe it’s my bias against Winnie the Pooh (actually, I know it’s my bias against Winnie the Pooh) but if the film was better maybe I could’ve looked past the teddy bear.

Hence, I’m giving this film 80 out of 100 and 3/5 stars.

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Is the ‘Birds of Prey’ Trailer Worth the Wait?

After Suicide Squad in 2016, it was very clear that fans were delighted by Harley Quinn’s big-screen debut, despite the fact that the film was practically garbage. Now, arriving in 2020, Harley Quinn is returning with a plan to cause chaos and she’s got some girlfriends to join her. Here’s the film’s first teaser trailer.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of this teaser trailer. It’s too much stuff going on and I guess that’s fine, considering that Harley Quinn loves the chaos but it feels like the teaser is focusing too much on Harley Quinn and not enough of the other characters. What I will say was interesting about this trailer was there will be plenty of action in this film. PLENTY of action. Does Ewan Mcgregor convince me as a DC Comics worthy villain? Not really. But then again, the teaser was so chaotic I couldn’t comprehend what his villainous storyline is supposed to be.

Warner Bros. is trying to distance themselves from Marvel by delivering R-rated comic book flicks that truly are trying to widen the comic book envelope but unfortunately, this teaser trailer didn’t excite me. Boo.

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‘Doctor Sleep’ Looks More Like a Scary Thriller Than a Horror Movie

In case you don’t know the incredible significance of this story, Doctor Sleep is Stephen King’s follow-up novel to a horror classic, The Shining, and Warner Bros. has adapted that story, which focuses on a grown-up Danny Torrance, and turned it into a movie.

While the first teaser had me silent in mute horror (well, really suspense) this trailer wasn’t nearly as scary but that doesn’t take away from the trailer’s quality because it actually was pretty good.

The movie takes the story left behind by The Shining and modernizes it, adding more women, good and bad, to the equation and revisiting the mansion that made the first film so scary. This trailer was so intriguing in the fact that I actually kind of want to see this movie. And even though I know it will be scary, with plenty of jump scares along the way, I have a feeling this film could turn out to be a worthy sequel to one of the greatest horror movies of all time.

Here’s a poster for the movie.


That’s somewhat creepy looking…

How did you feel about the trailer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Recapping the Disney+ Panel From D23 Expo

The Disney+ panel revealed some exciting news for its streaming service last night and I’m here to share all of the festivities. Enjoy!

A New High School Musical Series

The hit Disney film of the last decade that had everybody talking was the Emmy-winning High School Musical. Even as someone who wasn’t a fan there was no denying that the musical wormed its way into my life and now, fans of the musical will surely jump out of their seats to see that a new series is coming to life exclusively for Disney+.

Get ready to dance and sing along with more songs and enjoy more highschool drama with this new imminent sensation.

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The Force is Strong With This Rumor

For all of you fellow Star Wars fans, I have some VERY exciting news to share with you all. Yesterday the rumors began to mill about that Ewan Mcgregor had signed on to return as the beloved Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi for a Disney+ series.

There have been rumors before that he would return to the Star Wars universe but I think it’s real this time, with big-name entertainment sites like Deadline and The Guardian even getting in on the news. So yeah, it’s an unofficial official announcement.

It’s suspected that we will hear the announcement next week during the D23 Expo.

How do you feel about this news? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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