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‘A Christmas Story’ Has a Sequel…and It’s Actually Really Good!

At this time of year, the holidays bring so much joy; decorating the interior/exterior of your home, seeing the beautiful decorations around town and in the neighborhoods, listening to or singing Christmas songs, enjoying holiday-inspired beverages at Starbucks…you know, the memorable stuff. One of my personal favorite perks of this time of year is watching Christmas movies.

There are only a handful I make sure to watch every year: Home Alone, Die Hard, and A Christmas Story, with the latter being my favorite of them all. (I’ve now added Hawkeye as a fun yearly rewatch thanks to its Christmas theme.) And only recently, I’ve learned that A Christmas Story literally has a sequel on HBO Max right now and to my great surprise, it wasn’t bad.

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‘The Batman’ At Home

A little over two months ago I watched one of the greatest superhero movies I’ve ever seen in theaters. It was, of course, The Batman. From the first minute to the last the film gripped me and never let go. The dank, darkness of Gotham’s world sucked me in and for nearly three hours I was riveted by the journey “Vengeance” had to take to officially become “The Batman.”

It was mind-blowing, intense, horrifying, romantic, stirring, basically everything you’d want a Batman origin story to be but there’s always that question. Was the movie really that good or was it heavily aided by IMAX? Well, I can confirm that The Batman really is that good.

This morning I logged into my HBO Max account and revisited my favorite film of the year so far, a movie so beautiful in its storytelling and visuals that it’s like a feast for a cinema lover. This is no regular superhero film. It is an experience. A moody reimagining of a character we know so well it’s almost shocking a director found a new way to tell this hero’s story.

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It’s Christmas Eve!

I’m excited everyone. I’ve finished Christmas shopping with my family and now I’m sitting back, relaxing, and binge-watching all six episodes of the second season of His Dark Materials while preparing for Soul, Wonder Woman 1984, and lots and lots of (hopefully fantastic) NBA games.

And that’s while still participating on my The Clone Wars marathon, which leads into Star Wars: Rebels, and then The Mandalorian, and I probably won’t even be finished with that marathon before WandaVision hits on January 15.

There’s so much going on and I am just elated. It’s been such a boring year when it comes to entertainment but now it seems I just can’t keep up with all of the awesomeness.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. Happy Holidays!

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Is Coming to HBO Max!

As we all know, it’s been a hot mess for cinema this year! Movies haven’t been able to enter theaters and the ones that have haven’t done well. Just think about TENET, a film that was on many peoples’ highly-anticipated lists this year and even that movie was only able to make just north of $350 million and only $55 million domestically. That’s not nearly good enough to enthuse production companies to let their films enter theaters this year, hence all of the delays, but we’ve gotten ourselves a Christmas miracle.

It seems that Warner Bros. has come to an agreement; Wonder Woman 1984 will play in theaters but it will also stream on HBO Max for no additional cost to subscribers on Christmas Day. I know what the heck I’m doing then!

I’m sitting at home with a cup of hot cocoa on a beautiful, crisp Christmas morning and turning on Wonder Woman 1984 to start the day. Woo! Thank you, Warner Bros.

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‘His Dark Materials’: A New Show to Binge-Watch

Oh man, this is just the type of entertainment I was looking for. Fantasy is a near-impossible genre to pull off on the big or little screen because the worlds and characters can be so fantastical that it’s hard to translate or the stories can be dumbed down and turned into utter disasters.

Just look at films like Warcraft, Eragon, or The Chronicles of Narnia sequels (I happened to like the first one.) Each of these movies could’ve been great but they lacked heart, good storytelling, and great world building.

And then there’s those two great series like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter movies which are absolutely breathtaking in scale, storytelling, and casting. Even their sequels, The Hobbit/Fantastic Beasts, were disappointments.

After enjoying the heck out of Sherlock I’ve been looking for a new show to sink my teeth into and ran into His Dark Materials, a show on HBO that swept me away in two days. (I happened to watch the last five episodes of the first season yesterday alone!)

Now, I have to let you know, I’ve no knowledge of the Philip Pullman trilogy this series is based on other than the film The Golden Compass which my father and I watched a few years ago and didn’t finish.

There are some who are loyal to the books and don’t like the casting for the series or the way the story is being handled but dang! I enjoyed this show so much.

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‘Gone With the Wind’ Is Momentarily Taken Off of HBO Max

Last week I attempted to watch Gone With the Wind and quit the movie five minutes into the film due to its highly insensitive material that had me practically seething and in genuine shock. I wrote a post sharing my experience (I Tried to Watch ‘Gone With the Wind’ but I Couldn’t Do It) and how baffled I was that a film with such racist themes could be still available to stream.

Well, apparently, HBO Max realized the insensitivity of having such a movie on their streaming service at such a time in America and decided to (temporarily) remove it. I was thrilled at the service’s decision to do that and even though it will be returning to the service at least it will have a disclaimer ahead of time.

I understand those who would hate for these classics to be removed from society, for if HBO Max starts removing films like Gone With the Wind does that mean movies like Lawrence of Arabia, a film that has white men portraying Muslims, should be banned as well? It easily could be a neverending spiral of deletion but hey, the world is changing. Maybe it’s time what we show future generations should change too.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.