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Who’s Your Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Heroine?

Star Wars heroines are some of the coolest heroines in cinema. They come equipped with independent personalities, beautiful outfits, off-the-chain powers, and undeniable leadership qualities. There has never been a bonafide damsel in distress in Star Wars and that is truly awesome. So, for this week’s segment of Who’s Your Favorite I’m focusing on the incredible women of this galactic franchise. Enjoy!

Jyn Erso

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Jyn Erso didn’t want the rebellious life she ended up living. As a child she was perfectly happy, playing with her toys and learning the ways of life through her mother and father. She didn’t know about her parents’ tension with the Empire but as she grew older the seriousness of the Empire’s threat grew stronger.

It wasn’t long before the Empire came knocking on her door and her world was thrown upside down. She was taught the feisty ways of the rebel from Saw Gerrera and she grew up a fighter. The skills he taught her would become tantamount to her success in leadership later in life and she managed to help orchestrate one of the greatest victories in the Rebellion’s history.

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