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Have You Seen ‘Washington’?

I’ve grown a love of reading American history after delving into the riveting and absolutely fascinating nonfiction book, John Adams, written by two-time Pulitzer-winner, David Mccullough. Recently I finished¬†1776, which features the story of the crucial year in the Revolutionary War. I tried to read the book two times at first, couldn’t get through it, and then I finally sat my butt down and started to delve into this important period in my country’s history and I was sucked in.

The book was one of the best I’ve read, unsurprisingly, and I quickly discovered the true and courageous spirit of America and why I love the United States so much. After reading the book I actually began to wish someone would remake the Revolutionary War in a movie sort of fashion and low and behold, the History Channel did just that with a three-episode series simply titled,¬†Washington. Continue reading Have You Seen ‘Washington’?