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‘Ms. Marvel’ Is a Reminder of the Beauty of Diversity

Yesterday I watched the third episode of Ms. Marvel and among its intriguing revelations and fun moments, there was something that stood out: its beautiful representation of the Pakistani culture.

As a young African-American woman, I know very little about this lovely culture. American media has painted Muslims in an overwhelmingly one-sided way. In nearly every movie or television show, I have ever watched Muslims are either terrorists or doting sidekicks to a white protagonist. To see this show every week has left me happier and happier.

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‘Ms. Marvel’ Has an Official Trailer!

It’s Kamala Khan’s time! Here’s the trailer for her upcoming show which I am SO EXCITED to see. Check it out.

I truly believe Iman Vellani is about to become as iconic as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man with her MCU debut in Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel has always been a fantastic character and now that she’s officially part of the MCU I’m freaking out a little bit.

That last shot especially…so many chills! This is going to be a great show, I can already tell.

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