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The Top Five Coolest Guards in ‘Star Wars’

The guards in Star Wars are downright awesome in so many ways…and there are so many types as well. There’s the classic Imperial Royal Guards, the newest members, the Praetorian Guards, and so forth. So today, I’m going to share with you my five favorite guards in the galaxy. Enjoy!

5. Senate Guard

Senate Guard

These were the Republic version of the Royal Guards and they are positively awesome. The dark blue robe, the feathered plume helmet, everything about these guards screams regal warrior. That’s cool!

4. Imperial Death Troopers

Imperial Death Troopers

Rogue One is my favorite Star Wars movie because of incredible creations like the Death Troopers. I mean come on. Stormtroopers clad in all-black armor?! That sounds pretty awesome if you ask me. And not only did they look and sound cool but they also were the deadliest stormtroopers I had ever seen because they could actually hit their targets. Even though they probably won’t appear in any other Star Wars movies unless there’s a cameo from Krennic I still love them.

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What’s The Most Awesome Stormtrooper?

Stormtroopers are a staple in Star Wars. You could say they’re more popular than the lightsaber. Throughout the Star Wars films there have been tons of different versions of these white clad soldiers and I’m here to discover which rendition of the iconic stormtrooper I think is the greatest. Enjoy!

The Kashyyk Clone Troopers


These are my least favorite troopers because they don’t look that great to me, simple as that.

Scout Troopers


These troopers have never really stood out to me. Their style is frankly kind of ugly, if I’m being honest. But they’re okay, I guess.

Clone Troopers


While I do love the Clone Troopers the reason why they’re my least favorite is because they’re mostly CGI. There is, of course, the actor who played Jango Fett who wore the clone trooper armor but instead of getting extras to make a more believable clone army they took the lazy approach and just CGI-ed the army. It’s disappointing and it is the unfortunate story of the prequels.

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