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The Top Five Scariest Villains

It’s time to talk about some scary antagonists. Enjoy!

5. Jack Nicholson in The Shining


The Shining is a disturbing movie, through and through, and Jack Nicholson’s performance as the crazed father/eventual ax murderer is legendary. He doesn’t have a horrifying mask or a terrifying makeup job to make him scary. He’s just scary by himself with those arched eyebrows and that horrifying face. I watched this movie in complete horror and it wasn’t because of anyone except for Jack Nicholson (and the twins but that’s another story.) He’s definitely one of the scariest villains I have ever seen.

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‘No Country for Old Men’ Is The Western I Was Looking For

Growing up I was the biggest Country Western fan. I was (and still am) a HUGE fan of Gunsmoke and I loved Bonanza. Every weekday I would turn on my television around noon, watch a few episodes of Gunsmoke, watch a couple of episodes of Bonanza, and I was in bliss.

Recently I have veered away from Country Westerns but my love for the genre hasn’t faded in the slightest. So, on Thanksgiving night, after a day of feasting, watching sports, and spending time with the people that I love, my family and I all watched on No Country for Old Men for the first time. I was looking for a good movie that would end the evening with a bang and I ran across this film which I had heard was really good.

For two hours my family and I were sucked into a film so dark and completely riveting that by the end of the movie we couldn’t help but herald the movie’s quality. It was way better than I could’ve ever expected and its story was utterly captivating, in a slightly traumatic fashion.

(SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! Read no further if you want to avoid spoilers. Thank you for heeding this warning)

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