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‘Hawkeye’ Ends With a Muted Bang

I’m just going to say it bluntly; this finale wasn’t very good. It had some fun moments…basically every good scene had Yelena in it but there was just something unbelievably underwhelming about this episode.

The MCU has found a way to get so many things right but they’re still struggling big time with these finales. And the post-credit scene is not cool at all. You’ll know why when you see it.

All in all, that finale just made Hawkeye the worst MCU show of the year…unfortunately.

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Oops! ‘Hawkeye’ Is Boring

Well, the first two episodes of Hawkeye dropped today, I watched them this morning at 3am which has become my ritual with the new Disney+ series I’m excited for, and unfortunately, I was bored out of my mind.

The first two episodes of this series aren’t gripping at all. I love Hawkeye but his gruntled nature doesn’t help the series as he goes around grumbling about everything at every turn in a way that does, at least, feel totally warranted. And Hailee Steinfeld looks like a carbon copy of what Kate Bishop should look like in live-action but unfortunately she isn’t really engaging me either.

Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) in Marvel Studios' HAWKEYE, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.
Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) in Marvel Studios’ HAWKEYE, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

The script, so far, is weak, the humor isn’t really there, and the plot is SO BORING. I gave the first episode a pass because it’s basically the pilot. It set up the characters, their stories, what’s going on, and it ended decently. But the second episode only continued to drag the boredom instead of becoming this absolutely fantastic rollercoaster ride.

The second episode was so boring, in fact, I kept tapping the screen to see how many minutes I had left.

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Could ‘Hawkeye’ Be the Best MCU Series This Year?

What’s the famous saying? “Save the best for last.” Well, Hawkeye is coming out in nine days and I think Marvel Studios may have done exactly that: saved their best for last.

The first reactions to the show’s first two episodes arrived last week and the response was overwhelmingly positive, with some already stating that the series was their favorite of the Marvel series so far this year. And judging from the tiny clip we got on Disney+ Day I’m not surprised. It looks fantastic!

Hawkeye has always been one of my favorite characters but for some reason he was never given much of a storyline. Now his time to shine has come and not only are we getting him but we’re also getting Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. This actually does feel like a holiday gift actually and I can’t wait to see this show next Wednesday.

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I Love ‘Arrival’!

I just watched Arrival yesterday after not having seen it for a while and wow, I really love this movie. In fact, it’s one of my top ten favorite movies of all time. I just can’t get enough of the brilliant screenplay and the outstanding performances of Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner in this visually masterful handling of a sci-fi film. Denis Villeneuve is a master of this genre.

Considering how much I enjoyed the film last night I wanted to revisit this review I wrote celebrating the beauty of this one-of-a-kind film. Enjoy!

I went to see Arrival roughly five years ago when it sprung into theaters around the country. I went to watch it because it was garnering immense praise from critics and it seemed like an interesting science fiction film to watch. After seeing it I, for the most part, enjoyed it but its plot was confusing and I didn’t fully understand what was going on. It ended up being nominated for Best Picture that year, showing that the praise it received was somewhat legitimate. I, however, hadn’t watched the movie since…until a couple of days ago.

I was bored and looking for a fun movie to watch in the middle of the day. I came across Arrival and considering that I had only seen the film once about a year and half ago I figured I might as well give it a go again and see if I’ll understand it a little better the second time around. As soon as it came on I knew that I was going to enjoy the movie immensely.


The cinematography was beautiful and immediately sucked me in with its dark tones. The music, composed by the recently deceased Jóhan Jóhannsson (Sicario,) is perfectly alien and it works brilliantly with the overall film. But what struck me the most about the movie wasn’t the colorful tones of the movie’s scenes or the way the music gave me chill bumps but rather the originality of the story.

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‘Hawkeye’ Drops a Very Jolly-Yet-Awesome Trailer

Well, the trailer for Hawkeye just dropped and Marvel Studios has gone full-throttle with the holiday season vibe for this series. Check it out.

This trailer was just…awesome. Like any great trailer, it gave us enough story to understand what’s going on but not enough information to ruin all of the fun surprises this series will undoubtedly deliver.

First off, I already thought that casting Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop would be perfect casting and this trailer just reiterated that fact. I just know she’s going to be hilarious and such a bad*** all at once.

Secondly, this show is going to have some of the best action in the MCU. Mark my words.

Third, I love the music and the Christmas theme. It really feels like we’re getting an end-of-the-year present and I am here for all of it.

Four, I loved this trailer. It was fun, funny, and yeah, quite a bit entertaining. I can’t wait to see this story and how it connects with the wider MCU.

All in all, I’m excited for yet another fantastic Marvel Studios live-action series.

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The First Image of ‘Hawkeye’ Is Here!

Hawkeye is coming and finally we’ve got an official image plus a date for the next live-action MCU Disney+ series. Here it is.


Our Hawkeye comes face to face with his protege, Kate Bishop, a character who in the comics later takes on the mantle of Hawkeye herself.

I’m so excited to see how their stories unfold and connect and to see why they’re even meeting in the first place. And now we have an official release date: November 24.

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