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‘Mulan’ Features Six Amazing Posters

I cannot fully express to you how EXCITED I am for Mulan. I already loved the cartoon but the trailer for the live-action version has utterly blown me away. And now six fascinating character posters have arrived. Here they are.

The Emperor


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‘Hero’ Is One of the Most Beautiful Movies I Have Ever Watched

As you can tell from my blog, I love movies! I watch at least one movie every day and I love finding new films to watch. Kung fu movies are some of my favorite films and Hero, which was nominated for Best Picture in 2004 and has a 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes, is clearly one of the best movies of any genre that I have ever seen.


Hero is basically an epic brought to life, highlighting a Chinese story that has been told over thousands of years that signifies the birth of China as we know it. It is told in a poetic fashion, giving four different versions of the same story with each version displaying a new color tone.

The most deceitful version has the characters and the surroundings cast in striking red colors and tones but by the final version, which is the most truthful, the characters are adorned in white and their surroundings are pure of striking tones and are just more natural looking.

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