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Three Movie Reviews: ‘Malignant’, ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’, and ‘Police Story’

Well, I’ve seen three new movies in the past few days and it’s time to share my thoughts on these films. Enjoy!


Malignant' Twist: Critics Are Freaking Out About Crazy Third Act - Variety

I tried to watch James Wan’s latest horror film, Malignant, after I noticed it trending the other day on Twitter due to its surprise-twist ending but the movie was terrible. I’m talking next-level bad.

The acting was C-list, the story already didn’t make any sense, and the movie wasn’t even scary. And that’s coming from someone who is the ultimate scaredy-cat.

My sister and I decided to turn it off approximately twenty-five minutes into the film because it truly was that absurd and one thing I’m not a fan of is an absurd horror flick.

0.5/5 stars (And that’s only because the movie kind of made me laugh.)

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Who’s Your Favorite ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Character?

The Harry Potter movies are some of the most popular films in the world with millions of fans who know the movies (and the books) back and forth. Now J.K Rowling is sharing with us a new story, one that’s set several decades before Harry Potter’s time and those are the Fantastic Beasts movies. Only two have come out so far and neither has risen to the exact mystique and storytelling level that the Harry Potter films achieved with such ease but there is certainly enjoyment one can find with these movies.

I personally like the films because of the characters. They’re engaging and have interesting enough storylines to keep me holding on to the overall story by a thread.

Because I like these characters so much I decided to make them part of this week’s Who’s Your Favorite? Enjoy! Continue reading Who’s Your Favorite ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Character?

It’s Only Four Days Until ‘Captain Marvel’!

By the end of this week, people will see Captain Marvel all around the world and I can’t wait to be one of those excited individuals. 🙂 Very, very exciting indeed.

Picture of the Day:


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‘Captain Marvel’ Has Some Exciting New Character Posters

One of the exciting things about a movie coming out is the marketing campaign leading to the film’s release and that means character posters. Not only can you now pre-order tickets for the movie but today a bunch of awesome character posters was released for the film. So, on that note, here they are.

Agent Coulson

Clark Gregg in Captain Marvel (2019)

Agent Coulson returns to the MCU with his role in Captain Marvel and I can’t wait to see how important that role will turn out to be.

Monica Rambeau

Lashana Lynch in Captain Marvel (2019)

Monica Rambeau, an Air Force pilot buddy of Carol Danvers before her accident, gets a character poster, highlighting her importance in the movie.

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Who Is Jude Law Playing in ‘Captain Marvel’?

Captain Marvel is coming out next year and with its recent teaser a whole lot of questions have been raised about its story and the characters within this movie. We know that it’s going to tell the origin story of Carol Danvers becoming Captain Marvel in a way that hasn’t been achieved in the MCU yet but it’s the characters around her that will also help bring this story to life. One of those specific characters that I’m very excited to see is Jude Law’s role.

In Entertainment Weekly‘s article of the highly-anticipated film little was said about his character other than he views Carol Danvers as a mentee and is very interested in her. They, however, wouldn’t say what his name was. Why is that? What’s the secret behind his identity? Well, today I’ve done a bit of research and I’ve come up with my own hypothesis of who he is. Let me give you a rundown of the possibilities of his identity before I give you my full conclusion.

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