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The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-SEVEN)

Jokes and pleasant chattering aside, Blake Lively had a job to do. The Commissioner’s funeral was arriving in a couple of hours and that meant Lynx would be exposed as she proceeded with the unfortunate occasion. He needed to be there as a silent guardian to ensure her survival and that meant he couldn’t stand around continuing to frolic with these newcomers.

And he relayed his concerns to everyone who had made their way into the eating room as they spoke over a quick brunch.

“Can I come with you?” Gloria asked him.

He shook his head. “Not this time, I’m afraid.”

She seemed upset by this answer, that is until he ensured her that she would still be a part of the mission as they would communicate with one another over two commlinks. And, apparently, she would be able to see everything as he would through a camera in the visor of his mask.

The woman, Katherine Waterson, would join the proceedings under her true disguise; herself. Donning the Batsuit would take the focus from Commissioner Gordon’s funeral and that would be selfish.

“Are we ready to get out of here?” Blake asked.

Katherine nodded. “Yes.”

And so, they left the cave to go to the funeral.

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-FIVE)

Katherine was still furious that Lucius Fox had been attacked so viciously by this teenager in a dark blue suit but as he and the older gentleman, a man named Alfred, talked as if they were best buddies she could only follow along with the shenanigans.

Robin seemed shocked to see her.

“Kate, once again, what are you doing here?” he asked her.

“Lucius brought me,” she replied bluntly, crossing her arms.

“And what’s so special about you?” he asked.

She smirked. “Everyone has their secrets. I won’t tell you unless you tell me who you really are.”

Robin scoffed. “Like that’s going to happen.” He stepped toward her. “You’re intruding, by the way. I could ask you out.”

Katherine stepped toward him in turn. “I’m not going anywhere.”

The teenager, whoever she was, placed her hands on their shoulders in a calming manner.

“Chill, chill, we’re all friends here.”

Katherine shrugged off her embrace. “We’re not friends. Just because you’re Robin doesn’t make you special.”

“I just met you,” Robin continued. “What gives you the right to think you understand everything more than I do? I’ve been fighting on the streets of Gotham for years. You just showed up.”

Fox, aware of the argument taking place several feet away from him and Alfred, approached, the butler trailing his footsteps.

“Let me clear this up,” Lucius began.

Everyone turned to look at him.

“I know this unconventional but I wasn’t expecting guests here,” Lucius began. He looked at Robin and the masked teenager. “You might as well reveal yourselves, for you’re standing in front of the one responsible for the Bat-signal that caused all of the ruckuses last night.”

Robin and the girl looked at Katherine in clear confusion.

“Wait a minute.” Robin turned to her. “You’re…Batman?”

Katherine smirked, once again crossing her arms. “Batwoman. The name’s Batwoman.”

The teenager’s jaw dropped before bouncing on the balls of her feet in sheer excitement. “Damn, you’re Batwoman? Oh my gosh, I think I’m fangirling right now.”

Robin seemed just as shocked. “Batwoman, huh? Well…” he took off his mask, “I guess since we’re not keeping any secrets, I’m Blake Lively.”

“The former cop?” Katherine said. “Never would’ve guessed that.”

Gloria took off her own mask, extending her hand to shake Katherine’s. “Gloria…Gloria Ramirez.”

Katherine shook her hand. “Nice to meet you.” She glanced at Lively who suddenly seemed older without the mask. “The both of you.”

He smiled.

The butler chuckled. “Well, this is different.”

Lucius chuckled along with him. “If Bruce Wayne could see us now.”

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-TWO)

Katherine Kane didn’t know where Lucius Fox was taking them but she was excited nonetheless.

He took her in his black car through Gotham before heading to the outskirts of the city. The outskirts where she figured Wayne’s manor resided.

They were driving in between rolling hills that were covered in the brittle grass brought on by winter’s slow arrival until Lucius Fox changed direction, taking them down an unbeaten path that was leading…somewhere. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-TWO)

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-ONE)

Lucius Fox removed his glasses and his feet from his desk as he heard the elevator doors open. A smile came to his face as he beheld Katherine Kane walking toward him purposefully.

“So, what’s new young lady? Looking for a new toy?”

She stopped, placing her hands on the desk and gazing at him expectantly.

“I’m looking for a base.” Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-ONE)

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY)

Gotham was abuzz after the jaw-dropping return of the Batman. Katherine Kane was sitting in the living room of her apartment, watching the news with soaring amusement.

She was relieved to see that she had brought so much joy to everyone in the city with the return of such a beloved hero. No, they hadn’t met her yet. They still believed it was The Batman who had returned to rescue Gotham from the growing darkness but she was fine that they didn’t know the full truth. One day, they would know.

For now, she was as anonymous as she could be. No one would expect a woman to don the mask or to take the responsibility of such an important figure to Gotham. It made her feel good as she sat back in her apartment, knowing no one knew the wiser.

Suddenly, an idea came to her mind. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY)

The Dark Knight Lives (FORTY-EIGHT)

Charles Putton wasn’t expecting visitors. Or at least, not so soon.

He was lying in a medical center, unable to move as every inch of his body, except his face, was wrapped in thick swaths of bandages. He felt like a mummy. An alive mummy. He couldn’t move. He could only stare at the ceiling and wonder what had happened.

He wanted to believe it was all a bad dream. That his encounter with The Batman, or the Batwoman, as his assailant had corrected, was just a figment of his imagination and that he was really assaulted by some nutcase in a mask.

And yet, it all seemed too real, the threat too powerful, the enemy too mysterious. He saw the ears of the mask, he had heard his men gunned down with raw fear in their voices. What had transpired wasn’t fake and no matter of self-convincing could change that fact.

He was staring at the ceiling, his eyes wide with the memory of the Batwoman’s grasp releasing, allowing him to plummet to his death when he heard the door of his hospital room opening and closing. Seconds later, he heard footsteps approaching. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FORTY-EIGHT)