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The Latest Episode of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Lulls but Keeps the Series’ Momentum

Eight episodes in and Star Wars: Resistance is keeping afloat with its quality. The latest episode, ‘Synara’s Score’, leaves the topic of the First Order and the Resistance behind and moves toward an action-packed dispute with pirates. As the Colossus’s Ace Pilots leave the outpost defenseless and the Colossus’s cannons are down in need of repairs it is up to Yeager, Kaz, Tam to save the day.

While I enjoyed the last two episodes of the series a lot more this one managed to be engaging which is all I care about. Its action was riveting and its storyline was decent. The secret pirate that Kazuda Xiono rescued becomes a more integral part of the story which I was glad to see. But beyond that, the episode was, meh.

I’d give it 85 out of a 100 and 3.5 out of 5 stars. The very end of the episode, however, definitely seemed promising but with only two episodes left in the series it doesn’t look like this series will be surpassing Star Wars: Rebels or Star Wars: The Clone Wars anytime soon.

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The Newest Episode of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Amps Up the Fun

Four weeks ago I wasn’t exactly thrilled about Star Wars: Resistance. Its first four episodes were only a tad bit interesting and that made the cartoon seem like a waste of brain space. It wasn’t until three weeks ago (episode 5 ‘The High Tower’) for the series’ potential to begin to shine. Since then I haven’t been able to get enough of this show. And the latest episode is no exception.

‘Signal from Sector Six’ brings beloved Resistance commander Poe Dameron back into the picture and together he and Kazuda Xiono go on a brief but action-packed adventure that was so much fun to watch I watched the episode twice (and I may watch it again before the end of the week.)

This episode was riveting literally from beginning to end. The humor was spot on, the action was phenomenal, the suspense was, well, suspenseful, and even though I would love to keep this review light on spoilers I have to talk about a certain character that I loved SOOOO much in this episode. That character is a new droid, CB-23.

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‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Takes An Interesting Turn With Its Latest Episode

Star Wars: Resistance through its first few episodes was an underwhelming experience. The episodes’ situations were boring, uninteresting and it didn’t seem like this show was going to amount to much. But then with last week’s episode, ‘The High Tower’, everything seemed to change. The First Order finally started to come into the picture and my interest level for the show went up! And it seems that with this latest episode, ‘The Children from Tehar’, the momentum isn’t stopping.

In this episode, Kaxuda Xiono is trying to find a pair of runaway children to collect their 20,000 credit bounty but it’s not long before things become more complicated than it first seems. This episode has the right amount of comedy, it’s got some shocking moments, and it provides a tiny bit of suspense that makes the episode that much better.

Honestly, this show is getting more interesting by the week. I truly feel that this cartoon is leading to something very important and it’s only a matter of time before we figure out what that might be. *clapping my hands* Ooh, I’m so excited.

I’ll give this episode 88 out of a 100 and 3.8 out of 5 stars. I happened to like last week’s episode a tad bit more but this was definitely worth the wait. I absolutely can’t wait to see what happens next week! 🙂

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The Latest Episode of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Is Getting Me Excited!

Star Wars: Resistance began with a few episodes that were good but weren’t great and I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. So, last night I watched the latest episode but as you can suspect I wasn’t that interested. I figured it was going to be like all of the other episodes I had seen; semi-boring. It wasn’t.

With it being the fifth episode in the series so far The High Tower shines in ways that are very promising for the future. We’re finally getting a bit of First Order action in this latest episode and Kazuda Xiono delights as he takes us, the viewer, on a wild 22-minute adventure that is jam-packed with thrills and laughs to the end. Continue reading The Latest Episode of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Is Getting Me Excited!

Ranking the ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Characters; from Worst to Best

Star Wars: Resistance premiered last week and with two weeks passing and all of the main characters being presented fully I’m going to share with you who I think are the worst and best characters are in this show. Enjoy!

5. Neeku Vozo

Neeku Vozo

Neeku is a likable character, there’s no doubt about that, but his youthful naivety can be a bit…much at times. In the first episode, he kept saying the same thing over and over again until the point of exasperation on my part and the next two episodes didn’t make him any cooler. Neeku is sweet but there’s a line between sweet and a tad bit annoying that the show hasn’t figured out how to navigate just yet.

4. Tam Ryvora

Tam Ryvora

Tam is basically Rose from The Last Jedi novelization. She’s grumpy like Rose was supposed to be and she’s a great mechanic. Up to this point so far in this season, she hasn’t been given a chance to play a huge role in the show. Of course, the show is about Kazuda Xiono but I am interested in learning more about her in the coming episodes.

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