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The Ten Characters That Should Have Their Own ‘Star Wars’ Story

When Disney bought Star Wars and announced they would be making new movies I could’ve never imagined the concept of Star Wars stories. With the addition of these new standalone films in LucasFilm’s repertoire they can tell stories in even greater detail by focusing on certain characters and events and bringing those personal tales that normally wouldn’t have been told to life. Rogue One was the first of these Star Wars stories and it showed me how versatile the Star Wars franchise has truly become as it conveyed a story that had been hinted to us but never fully realized until now. Now Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming out in little over a month and that movie is going to provide us an in-depth look into how Han became the charming rogue that he was by the events of A New Hope. Yay? And it seems that Obi-Wan Kenobi will be getting his own standalone film in the coming years.

But there are so many more fascinating stories that can be told, stories that transcend just the timelines that we know and move beyond our recollection of Star Wars knowledge to tell brand new tales waiting to be seen. Of course, those stories probably won’t be portrayed anytime soon but there are a bunch of characters in this stretch of the Star Wars timeline that need their own movies to tell their stories. So, here are ten characters who I think LucasFilm should definitely consider taking a crack at in the near future. Enjoy!

10. General Hux


Okay, I know it sounds a little odd imagining a Star Wars story involving General Hux, a character that I’m pretty sure isn’t an ultimate fan favorite, but just hear me out. Hux isn’t a major character by any means in this current trilogy but he does have a rather interesting back story that conveys how he became the ruthless General that he is in the first place.

His father, Brendol Hux, had an illegitimate son (baby Hux) with a mistress and as a result he treated his son poorly. Younger Hux grew up with immense disdain for his father as he slowly grew higher in the ranks of the First Order. By the time he was a young man he ended up having Captain Phasma, his newfound ally, assassinate his father, Brendol Hux, and in the process obtained the rank of general. Hux looks like someone who can be manipulated and easily run over but there is a lot more calculation and ruthlessness to the young officer than meets the eye. (I learned all of that interesting stuff about the First Order general through the book, Phasma.)

I think it would be fascinating to see his story in greater detail because of a couple of reasons. One, it’ll be an excuse to bring Phasma back into another Star Wars movie. 🙂 And two, there’s never been a Star Wars movie that has focused on the political inner workings of an organization. That could provide a refreshing change of tone in what we’ve come to expect from a Star Wars movie. There probably will never be a Hux Star Wars story but it’s still an interesting idea.

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Is it Bad That I’m More Excited To See Lando In ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Than Han Solo?

When I heard that Disney was going to make a Star Wars story about a young Han Solo I was skeptical but also a tad excited as well. And then when they announced that a younger Lando would also make an appearance in this film I was definitely worried. Who could possibly replace Billy Dee Williams as the cool, smooth talking smuggler, Lando Calrissean? Well, I am no longer worried because Donald Glover has taken the character of Lando to the next level! Ever since I saw his version of the suave smuggler in the first teaser I knew I was going to like this new Lando a LOT but after this latest trailer it’s pretty much confirmed that he’s going to be the coolest character in the movie. But isn’t that bad? The last time I checked this movie was called Solo: A Star Wars Story, not Lando, the Coolest Dude in the Galaxy: A Star Wars Story and that’s terrible because I feel like the only reason why I’m excited to see this movie is because of Lando, not the main character.


I mean, he’s got himself one of the coolest droids I’ve ever seen in L3-37, he’s the rightful owner of a rather clean and pristine Millennium Falcon which is really cool, he’s got the finest outfit of the bunch, even Qi’Ra, and he’s just downright really awesome looking.


I think another reason why I’m so excited to see Lando in this movie is because he was such a small character in the original trilogy and yet he was so intriguing. I’ve always wanted to know a little more about him but until now that wasn’t possible, from a movie standpoint anyway. With this film I’ll finally get a crash course on who Lando was before we find him as the governor of the Cloud City and I’m SO excited!

Now, I don’t know how heavy his involvement in this movie will be and that’s saddening because I’m really digging this character WAY more than Han Solo. But maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe Disney will see all of the positivity surrounding this new Lando and give him his own standalone film asap because he totally deserves one already. Whatever the case, I’m just hoping he’ll remain in the movie for at least an hour of the film’s time because that will make me very happy. 🙂

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force be with you.


A New Trailer and Poster for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Has Arrived

Last night during American Idol the second trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story finally debuted and for the most part, I enjoyed it. Check it out:

So, here’s how I feel about this trailer and what it means for the movie.

The Negatives

I LOVE Star Wars as you can probably tell from my blog but I’m also very picky as well. I love Star Wars when it’s great and I only like Star Wars when it’s kind of mediocre. This movie seems to revolve in the realm of being great and mediocre at the same time and this is why.

1. The Music


Music is highly important for movie trailers. Music mainly illustrates the tone of a film but it also can make or break a trailer. I feel that the music for this trailer both made and broke this trailer. In the teaser the music was my favorite aspect of the trailer, along with the visuals of course. In this trailer I like the music at first with that country-western tang at the beginning and then it gets a little, well, fast paced and regular. I’ve seen many trailers with this action-based music and for the most part those movies usually turned out to be alright but not great. Now this is Star Wars we’re talking about and I know this won’t be the actual music of the movie but the fact that they put it to the trailer is a tad bit worrying.

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The Characters I’m Most Excited To See in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’: In Increasing Order

Solo: A Star Wars Story will be coming out in nearly three months and after an exciting article from Entertainment Weekly last week featuring the movie my knowledge of these new, and old, characters has been broadened. So, today I’m going to share with you the character’s stories I’m most interested in seeing in Solo. Enjoy!


Thandie Newton in Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

In the Entertainment Weekly article I discovered what this character’s name is as well as her involvement in the film. She’s an accomplice of Beckett’s and that makes her super interesting. I know for a fact just from briefly seeing her in the trailer that she’s totally shady. She looks like she’ll backstab you so fast. Awesome! In Star Wars we’ve never fully been introduced to the criminal underworld and the shady inhabitants of its enterprise and, like Rogue One, it’s going to be fascinating seeing another side of Star Wars that hasn’t been shown before.

Tobias Beckett

Woody Harrelson and Alden Ehrenreich in Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

When I heard that Woody Harrelson had been cast in the movie as Han’s mentor I already knew he was going to play a crooked character and after seeing him in the teaser he practically screams swindler. I don’t exactly know, of course, how he’s going to betray Han but I have a deep feeling in my gut that he is at some point in the movie. In my last post about Solo I wrote about how exciting it was not seeing who the villain of the film was but maybe I did. Maybe Beckett is the villain. The cool thing is I only have a couple of weeks from three months before I find out the truth.

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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Wows Again With This Full Teaser

Last night during the Super Bowl (by the way, GREAT JOB EAGLES!!!!!!) a teaser for Solo debuted and I kind of lost my mind for a second. The teaser was everything that I was hoping for…and more! And just now on Good Morning America they debuted the official teaser and I have to say, it is amazing!!!!

Okay, like I said before, this teaser is amazing. I was skeptical about this movie since it was announced and I thought Disney had finally bitten off more than they can chew. Well, this teaser dissuades this fact in every way possible and now I’m going to tell you all of the things I liked about this trailer. Enjoy!

1. The Music

One of the things I was interested in seeing for this teaser was the music. The music tells the tone of a Star Wars film and I wanted to see what the tone for this movie was going to be. Well, I’m glad to say that this movie is going to have a serious tone rather than a more comedic vision that maybe the old directors were looking for. I also liked that the music, while it felt like Star Wars, it felt unique as well. This isn’t going to be your normal Star Wars flick and I love that!

2. The Characters

Oh my goodness, these characters look amazing. Alden Ehrenreich doesn’t look like Harrison Ford’s Han Solo but I don’t even care because he’s still cool. He embodies the spirit of Han Solo and that’s what is important.

Donald Glover also doesn’t look like Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Calrissean but once again I don’t even care because he looks so cool that it doesn’t even really matter.

Then there was Chewbacca. Oh my goodness, I love Chewbacca. He’s the greatest Wookie ever!

Heh, maybe we need an updated version of these characters. *shrug*

And then the other new characters already interest me in the best possible way. There are fabulous, beautiful women,


a new uber-cool droid,


and a crooked looking mentor in the form of Woody Harrelson’s Beckett.


What excites me are incredibly different and exciting looking characters in Star Wars and this standalone film is going to highlight a new side of Star Wars, the criminal world of the galaxy and that’s super interesting.

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When Is The Teaser for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Going To Come Out?

It’s January 9. That means it’s only a few weeks ahead of four months before this movie comes out and there’s still no word or even inkling of a teaser coming out for Solo: A Star Wars Story and I have to admit, I’m getting nervous.

I was already skeptical when it was announced that they were going to make a young Han Solo film because why would we want that? Han Solo had just been killed off in The Force Awakens and the thought of a film featuring a young Han Solo without Harrison Ford playing the iconic role seemed daunting to say the least. But after Rogue One I grew a confidence for LucasFilm’s decisions, for even after countless last minute reshoots Rogue One ended up becoming one of my favorite Star Wars films.

And then last year the directors of Solo were fired and my worries about the film were stirred up again. But then I figured the decision LucasFilm made to fire those directors was a good thing and it was going to move this movie in the right direction.

Fast forward five months and it truly feels as if this movie isn’t even coming out this summer, that’s how much publicity they’re not giving to this film. And I know they had to focus on The Last Jedi and not distract from the highly anticipated sequel by bringing out a teaser for Solo but the movie is going to be here before we know it so where is at least a tiny sneak peek of this movie? There is, however, this promo image that came out a few days ago.

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