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When Is The Teaser for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Going To Come Out?

It’s January 9. That means it’s only a few weeks ahead of four months before this movie comes out and there’s still no word or even inkling of a teaser coming out for Solo: A Star Wars Story and I have to admit, I’m getting nervous.

I was already skeptical when it was announced that they were going to make a young Han Solo film because why would we want that? Han Solo had just been killed off in The Force Awakens and the thought of a film featuring a young Han Solo without Harrison Ford playing the iconic role seemed daunting to say the least. But after Rogue One I grew a confidence for LucasFilm’s decisions, for even after countless last minute reshoots Rogue One ended up becoming one of my favorite Star Wars films.

And then last year the directors of Solo were fired and my worries about the film were stirred up again. But then I figured the decision LucasFilm made to fire those directors was a good thing and it was going to move this movie in the right direction.

Fast forward five months and it truly feels as if this movie isn’t even coming out this summer, that’s how much publicity they’re not giving to this film. And I know they had to focus on The Last Jedi and not distract from the highly anticipated sequel by bringing out a teaser for Solo but the movie is going to be here before we know it so where is at least a tiny sneak peek of this movie? There is, however, this promo image that came out a few days ago.

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